1. Nerine

    Has anybody updated their pixi.js to 6.2?

    I'm just wondering, because I'm trying to upgrade it myself, but I can't find the breaking point in rpg maker. It just says Uncaught TypeError: texture.castToBaseTexture is not a function and that doesn't help much. So I'm wondering if anybody did it already, so I don't have to spend hours on...
  2. RMMV Moving and event by $gameMap.event(eventId)._x ignores script call ignores collisions.

    I was trying to make a pixel movement for one of my mini-games (since I had a compatibility issue with QMovemetn and apparently you can't turn off Altlimit plugin) using $gameMap.event(eventId).x = (next coordinate with decimals) script call but unfortunately it ignores collisions. Any way to...
  3. Drakkonis

    RMMZ Drawing limit in PIXI?

    Ahh, graphics code, how I despise thee. I've encountered an issue that, because I don't really "get" graphics code and barely understand what I AM doing, I can't seem to trace, let alone resolve. I'm essentially "faking" an old-school graphics setup using what little PIXI-related methods I've...
  4. Karbonic

    RMMV Implementation of Color Map Filter with Pixi Filter Controller

    Hello! Right now I'm trying to make a custom script to run Pixi.Filters.ColorMapFilter using Tsukimi-Neko's Pixi Filter Controller. Following the guide in that thread, I have made the following script to attempt to run Color Map Filter. var newFilterName = "colormap"...
  5. PIXI - simplify or complexify the matter?

    Hi, i've just found out about Pixijs for RPGMV recently. I wonder that use PIXI will simplify the problems or just make it more complex compare to use functions MV has offered? Can you give me examples of how simpler (more complex) when solve a same task with PIXI compare to MV functions?
  6. Amarok

    need a way to display graphics without the default show picture command

    Hello there! i hope everyone is doing well and safe in these times. Since the quarantine prevents me from working i went back to coding and rpgmaking, kept experimenting with js and made my own roguelike system, everything works fine except one thing. Performance is terrible, most probably...
  7. Indsh

    Resize PNG

    I have managed to create a system that copy and pastes PNGs whist the game is running for effects I have coded successfully, now what I would now like to do is resize those PNGs. Any advise between Canvus and Pixi to make this happen?
  8. Hisao Shou

    Using canvas to add Blur effect on specific area

    Hello everyone! Recently I have tried some PIXI Filters plugins around the community (Mog's and Tsukimi's) since I needed a plugin for zoom blur or blur overall. In the end my graphic card didn't work well with PIXI (it displaced the game camera. I confirmed this is a graphic card issue as the...
  9. Poryg

    #10 - pitfalls of PIXI

    Part 10 of the tutorial series is up! In the past videos you may have seen me use PIXI. Sprite.fromImage instead of MV's default sprite stuff, but I've always said you shouldn't use it unless you want to deal with the pitfalls of PIXI. So I explain some of them in this video. If you don't intend...
  10. Poryg

    #5 - MV's rendering engine, Sprites, ZIndex

    Hello, fellow RPG makers, Part 5 of the series is now up. We're stepping one layer deeper and when we previously learned about canvas blitting, this time we'll learn straight about sprites and in which order they are rendered, what's below and what's above. But before that happens, I'll talk...
  11. Forleafe

    Recommendations for Plugins that probably exist

    Hello there~! New to RPG Maker MV and its community. Feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed and was looking for some guidance! I'd like to make a game with a painterly style; For this I imagine I'll need a plugin that increases the maximum tile size, and lets me run my game in full standard resolution...
  12. Jonforum

    next PIXI v5 bench demo

    See here and compare next performance from pixi version run in rmmv core. the `dev` branch is the last v5 update. github source: https://github.com/themoonrat/webgl-benchmark test bench https://themoonrat.github.io/webgl-benchmark/?library=Pixi&version=dev&scene=0&objectCount=10000 10000...
  13. SrOscuro

    Drawing image into specific layer? [solved]

    Hi, I am trying to draw a image into the screen, with PIXI. Currently using: var img = PIXI.Sprite.fromImage('./img/pictures/logo.png'); SceneManager._scene.addChild(img); That works, but the image is on the top layer, and I need to draw the image on the 'floor' layer, between tileset <->...
  14. PesadeloDoEspantalho

    CTR_Engine v2.4(now with DEMO) for 3d or just isometric tilemap

    CTR_Engine by Jogo v2.4: Camera Translate Rotation ENGINE : "Rotate Camera in 3d Tilemap or just isometric for example :" Author Jogo | Version: 2.4 | Date: 19.02.13 /!\ Require WebGL (ShaderTilemap) /!\ /!\ Sorry but the player can't start to column 8 and row 6 I'm don't know why /!\...
  15. standardplayer

    Making PIXI shapes clickable in RPG Maker MV

    As this question is about PIXI, this is obviously concerning RPG Maker MV. So I'm having a difficult time getting shapes I've created with PIXI to respond to Events such as mousedown. Here's an example of what I've tried/know I've researched a lot on other sites, and on here. I found a...
  16. Lakaroth

    Water distortion Pixi.JS

    Hello there, i have found this on codepen https://codepen.io/pierrinho/pen/wrEaEV Is based on Pixi.js there's a way to use it on a picture or background in RMMV?
  17. Oscar92player

    [MV] Using older versions of PIXI

    I have a question regarding the use of older PIXI JS files in projects with newest versions of RPG Maker MV. Because I'm now creating my project in v1.5.1 of RPG Maker MV, I'm 'forced' to use the PIXI version of 4.5.4. The problem here, is that I want to use the previous version of PIXI on that...
  18. Jonforum

    Games Optimisations Tips

    Some good tips here for optimise your project. absolutely essential to memorize. Performance Tips rmmv *Global Only optimize when you need to! PIXI can handle a fair amount of content off the bat. The WebGL renderer is way faster than the canvas renderer. Use WebGL where you can! Be mindful of...
  19. Grandro

    PIXI can't use encrypted images

    Is there any way that a PIXI graphic object can use an image which got encrypted by the RPG Maker?
  20. Jonforum

    RMMV Pro Map Editor

    RPG MAKER MV PRO MAP EDITOR Credit (jonathan Lepage, jonForum, djmisterjon) License Agreement: ©M.I.T, ©Pixi, ©spine Dependency Dev WorkFlow: *pixi.js *pixi-display *pixi-spine *pixi-light *pixi-heaven *izitoast *bootstrap *node v8.6> (rmmv1.6) WorkFlow Compatibility: *texturePacker Pro...

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