1. Jonforum

    PIXI SpriteSheets Animations Core V1.0 [TexturePacker]

    RMMV PIXI SpriteSheetsAnimations TexturePacker CORE credit (jonForum,dimisterjon) SpecialThanks: to codeandweb for free pro life licenses under M.I.T licence Required: * pixi.js v4.5.6 or upper *TexturePacker or texturePackerPro(*recommended) *a Sequencing PNG maker *a JS reader and editor...
  2. Oscar92player

    Implement Pixi.loader and Pixi.sprite in a project

    Hello everyone. I need some help doing this because I don't have so much experience with this, and it's related with what @Jonforum told me in this post where we were talking about the BGM delay, lag and frame drops when you play a game made with MV. The thing is I would like to implement...
  3. Jonforum

    how play video with alpha ( vp9 alpha encoding .webm ) PIXI.Texture.fromVideo

    ps: I do not know if it's my javascript code, so i post this issue in javascript support. hi everybody, I can not play a transparent video with pixi. do you have any idea why i have this issue ? i see here we can do it withy chromius add the support FFmpeg/FFmpeg So i use the FFmpeg .webm...
  4. Jonforum

    Play a simple video? help plz (SOLVED)

    Hello i just try to play a video to test, but i can't not succeed. Do i miss something. Here is approximately the basic code var vidTexture = PIXI.Texture.fromVideo('video/01.mov'); // load file path rmmv as texture var vid = vidTexture.baseTexture.source; // shortcut to...
  5. Ganzimaro

    Pixi.Container to Bitmap

    Hello. I decided to try other ways of creating an interface. Question! How to turn "PIXI.Container" into "Bitmap". It is known that when you use "cacheAsBitmap", "Bitmap" is obtained from the container, but how to interact with it now? How to transfer it in a "Sprint"? Who has any ideas?
  6. Ganzimaro

    RPG MV add Pixi.js Plugins

    All the good times of the day. Need help with the introduction of additional features. Since the engine uses PIXI.js, it became necessary to connect the 3d container "link". Can anyone suggest how to connect this plug-in?
  7. Jonforum

    ☯◦ MASTER PICTURES DEBUG TOOL ◦☯ 2017-07-12||v.0.9.3

    ABOUT THIS AWSOME PLUGIN:↓↓↓↓↓↓ ? [lastUpdate][alpha][v.0.9.3] (2017-07-12) Here is an exceptional plugin for all developer who develops a project based on an picture and pixi sprite engine. I lose more than 5 minutes to position some of my picture in my game engine, so I decided to remedy the...
  8. Jonforum

    my debugMode PixiMultiStyles Plugins

    I work on a debug mode to facilitate the use of my pixiMultiStyle plugin. This will allow you to work efficiently on word wrap and line break. It also takes the frame, with or without wordwrap. to easy positioning the pixi.text. with your game design. and now can see custom linebreak inside or...
  9. Sarlecc

    Changing over from PIXI v4.0.0 interactivity to PIXI v4.4.1?

    So in one of the plugins I am making I am adding a command window to the map scene. I want it to be inactive until the mouse hovers over and then become inactive again when the mouse leaves. I had this working in version 4.0.0 of PIXI: As of v4.4.1 the above method simply does nothing. Now I...
  10. Kino

    PIXI vs Bitmap Text Pros & Cons

    Introduction Today PIXI text and RMMV's bitmap text go head to head, going through the pros and cons of both. We're going to be more technical today and lay out the pros and cons of both choices. We're going to see when and where they're useful. PIXI Text PIXI text is an awesome solution for...
  11. Jonforum

    PIXI Text STYLE Generator

    EDIT: NOW RELEASED : https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-text-style thank to bigtimebuddy from http://mattkarl.com/ ORIGINAL POST ISSUE: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/4071#issuecomment-305371049
  12. RicoRob

    Changed the font... Stuck on "Now Loading..."

    I'm trying to change the default font on MV, but the ones I choose don't work for some reason (e.g. PF Ronda Seven). The game gets stuck on a endless loading screen. On version 1.3.0 the console says: WebGL: INVALID_VALUE: bufferData: size == 0 On 1.4.0... The console says nothing. The game...
  13. Arisete™

    How to do this with Pixi?

    So back in 2015 when MV was almost out, RPGMakerWeb did a video about Pixi called The RPGMaker Channel Episode 3a Current time: 1:35 I do I edit the battlebacks to do that distortion effect so I can make different trippy battlebacks? I haven't messed with RMMV since it came out due to doing...
  14. masterlobo

    Getting parent of Sprite_Enemy returns nulls

    Hello! If I log within Sprite_Enemy console.log(this); I can see it has a parent object. But when I try to access it, it returns null! console.log(this.parent); That logs null. Any idea why?
  15. Jonforum

    PIXI.Text plugin $gameScreen

    HI, I am looking for a plugin for create and use PIXI.Text  in the $gamescreen Sprite_Picture.prototype of rmmv It would be really great to be able to exploit the PIXI engine to display text and exploit all the parameters that PIXI offers. I do not know if it is possible, but ideally I...
  16. Kogemashita

    Spine to Rpgmaker MV

    So I've been trying to implement animations I've made in Spine 2d as actors in my MV game but I just cant seem to figure out how to do it. If i export my actor to a spritesheet then the game lags intensely as each action I've made has 20+ frames, and if I try to use multiple of these high frame...
  17. Jonforum

    Pixi.js and GoogleBlockly Fun javascript auto maker

    Hey guys i juste find this on google. Was very funy easy puzzle script maker . !!! try it is fun tool for javascript maker. https://developers.google.com/blockly/
  18. Jonforum

    PIXI. Circle

    this will be displayed circle This is a little example representative, i find on google . I would like the plugin operates,with the Pixie engine, with radius variable. thank you https://pixijs.github.io/docs/PIXI.Circle.html
  19. gmestanley

    How do I use pixi.js

    In RPG Maker MV, pixi.js is a JS Library that can apply effects to the screen, such as inverting colors, making it blurry, etc. I've seen this on the RPG Maker Channel Episode 3a.  But, how do I use pixi on my project? I've seen that the video explains what it does, but not how we use...
  20. Jonforum

    PIXI.BLUR Pictures Layer ? (for space navigation)

    Hello, I' would like embellished my navigation space map of my project. I want. to know if exist any plugin or CallScript technique to put a blur in image layer? In my example, when choosing a planet, I would put a gradual blurring of the background planet. Ideally I'd like to have some...

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