1. Jonforum

    Rmmv Noise filter

    Hi guy who know a plugin filter to make some animated noise. ? This is a example a map theme am trying to do. I wish I could apply a very very light animated noise, to give an effect similar to a movie. I would also like to play with different option for some experience. If a...
  2. brunobay.g

    Animated Odometer for Window_BattleStatus

    I've been working on an odometer animation which I intend to substitute by the original Window_BattleStatus in order to track information about HP and MP during battles. The odometer is working fine, but until now I've been debugging it on an html page. I am also using Pixi for the...
  3. Kimimant

    Parallax Mapping: Crashes because of pixi.js

    Hello makers, I have a problem with game crashes when my game loads the pictures I need for my "parallaxmaps".   A week ago I started to use this technique for my maps and it looked beautiful so I began to rework all my maps. I use these following plugins for my maps: TDDP_PreloadManager (by...
  4. How to change hue and saturation of events/screen?

    I would like to know how to change an event hue/saturation, or the entire screen hue/saturation. Instead of creating endless tilesets and variants of trees and everything, it would be infinitely easier if we just changed the hue and saturation of objects we see on the screen. I'm sure this must...
  5. jet_black

    What is needed to learn JS development for RPG Maker the best way?

    Hello guys, I´m asking myself what would be the best roadmap for learning JS-development for the MV? Would it be enough to just learn the vanilla JS (After a good foundation I want to head for CoffeeScript), or will it be a huge improvement for MV-relevant JS-Skills when also learning Pixi.js...

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