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    Play a simple video? help plz (SOLVED)

    Hello i just try to play a video to test, but i can't not succeed. Do i miss something. Here is approximately the basic code var vidTexture = PIXI.Texture.fromVideo('video/01.mov'); // load file path rmmv as texture var vid = vidTexture.baseTexture.source; // shortcut to...

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The three if us sat to watch "The day India Burned" to take notes. 10 minutes in, one went to sleep. I wanted to finish it but I couldn't stop tearing up (yawning makes me cry) so after 40 minutes I gave up. But now I'm not sleepy anymore :0
OH... OKAY... Well, VX Ace certainly never did THAT before. :mad:
Been busy with non-RM stuff, can't wait to get back into making a game.
i'm not only drawing girls tbh
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I have deleted your profile post as our Rules are quite clear that you may not use them to advertise non-RM products, nor may you give a link to anything that solicits payment for you.

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