1. Mawichan

    Copy of PK8 Move during messages?

    Hello, does anyone have a copy of PK8's move during messages script? If you do, could you send me a link please? The original links are down and I can't find it anywhere else. I know Galv has a similar script, but I'm using a different script to show busts while displaying text and Galv's script...
  2. Rafael_Sol_Maker

    New Picture Properties with Calls 1.1.1

    Great! I really liked this, Enterbrain really missed these, so cool functions that are not even available by defalut, sad. And without reasons, these features are lying there and weren't properly introduced and shown on Ace! Lemme give it to a friend of mine who is a eventer. He surely will...
  3. AceSax

    Database Limit Breaker 1.1

    Hey^^ For me, it's showing an error after the first event says - "Welcome to the demo of Database Limit Breaker!" Then an error saying - "NameError occurred while running script. uninitialized constant Game_Interpreter::PK8_DLB." That comes up :/ Your quote - " Depending on how far into...

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