1. Problems with the wait event

    First off, sorry if this is the wrong thread. I'm new to the site. Second, I need some help, whether it be an simple fix or a script. I'm making a game strongly based off gathering resources, and I want them to respawn over time using the wait command, but I've noticed an issue. Once you've...
  2. Bug People and Flower People

  3. jorgewaggoner

    Character Set Farming Plot & Plants (RMMV)

    Resource Type: !Character Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP or Origional Description: I need a !character.png made for this, sixteen across by eight tall (Using the standard MV sized squares, which I believe are 38x38. I need these to be made so the different stages of growth of the...
  4. Chiara

    Chiara's MV Resources

    These are some edits and in some cases/when it happens, things painted from scratch. Note: Most of the files here are not in the necessary tileset format unless I have enough things to fill one whole Tile sheet. Terms of Use: Credit: Chiara; below every resource is a short description, and if...
  5. petschko

    Petschko's Resources

    Hello, i've edited some parts of the RTP-Tilesets ( Outside_B, Dungeon_B ) of the RPG-Maker-MV, so I decided to share my changes.^^ Licence -> (LINK) -> You can use anything in this Post in EVERY RPG-Maker-MV-Project even Commercial (If you credit me)! -> You can edit my work but please share...
  6. Valkyriet

    Faceset Help (Optional : Plants)

    Hello everyone! I'm working on my first game using RMXP, and one of the characters in the game has cat ears. I'm using the Lovelymoro faceset generator though, which sadly does not provide a cat-ears add-on. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me add white cat ears to the faceset, as...
  7. guinevak

    Nooby Edity Things

    Okay, I'm actually not a total noob, just a serial lurker. I've done pixel art for years and messed around with the RM demo a couple of times in the past.  But then I got the Humble Bundle and now I am having a small fit of obsession. So I made some RTP edits.  Some of them have undoubtedly...
  8. Water Plants and Rocks

    Hello all! I've spent a few days looking through various tilesets for water plants that would fit this tileset color: I'm trying to do a horror game on VX Ace and can't seem to find a mix of both regular water plants (such as reeds) and some darker themed (such as floating logs). I'm also...
  9. Kes

    Small crop plants

    I'm looking for something to replace the small crop plants that are on Outside Tile B.  There are 4 of them on row 14.  Sadly, things like the Rural Farm tiles don't match; it needs to be more RTP palette and style. I thought I had seen some somewhere, but a lengthy search has failed to locate...
  10. Archeia

    ReStaff June 2013

    Welcome everyone to the June 2013 ReStaff Release! This month features a wide variety of music and plants! Thanks to our lovely Guest Contributors and ReStaffers, for making this month a success! Information about Commercial usage can be found here. If you want to be a Guest Contributor, go...

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