1. TMJumpAction plugin off I need to turn off this plug-in because my game has to go back and forth between Quarter View and Platformer. Is there any possible way or modification? (If not, I want you to say no.) here a last version(google drive)
  2. Ceiphyr

    RMVXA Centauri

    CENTAURI (v1.8) 06/13/19 - v1.8 final update - good luck ! Synopsis Screenshots Known Bugs Download
  3. Macbeth

    RMMV Timothy and the Tower of Mu - Hardcore action/platformer (IGMC 2018)

    DEMO DOWNLOAD ~~ THE STORY ~~ Timothy's grandfather is dead. But legends tell of a tower so high that disappears above the clouds, built by a god. If someone manages to climb it to the top, a wish is granted. Timothy, armed with hope and courage, decides to face this deadly test and bring...
  4. Ace of Spades

    RMMV Odyssey - Action Adventure Zelda-esque RPG

    SYNOPSIS A shipwrecked bounty hunter on a quest to slay the mighty Blight Demon seeks shelter from a storm after their ship is struck by lightning. With no civilization in sight, the castaway climbs their way from the wreckage, only to stumble upon an ancient crypt. Venturing deep into the...
  5. 162

    RMMV IM.mortal (Puzzle/Platformer/Horror)

    A personal project I've been fiddling around with. I'm (once again) at the "Which project I should do?" phase of production and wanted to know if this would interest anyone. I'm also curious to see if people think it would work in MV (might use an ABS system), or if some ideas don't quite work...
  6. Platfomer + mobile Pad

    I want plug-in platform style. Jump , run + mobie Operation attach the file mobie Operation plugin and Jump plugin

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