1. Hyddan

    RMMV Bit Escape - [2D Platform Game]

    - Name: Bit Escape - Genre: Platform, 2D. - Under development by: André Holtz - Engine: RPG Maker MV - Situation: 50% - Language: Portuguese (Brazil), for now. - Commands: Shot (Z), Jump (X), Dash (C) - Objective: You are a prisoner of Lord Bit. He gives you a single...
  2. Chef


    A 2D and 3D Puzzle Adventure Collectathon filled with clever puzzle solving and collectables. Story You travel through time, new worlds, and multiple dimensions to save your brother from the evil Spirit. Main Characters Joyce (You, the Hero) Bruce (The Princess) Evil Spirit (Bad Boi)...
  3. ShapeshiftIdentity

    IG cross compatibility?

    Can IG be used in tandem with MV? I'm trying to do something strange with MV- I want to have mini levels that are platformers and IG seems to be the only maker with platforming abilities- is that even something that is possible? Or at least using IG entirely and just moving my tiles and...
  4. Cassoss

    Arc Engine for MV

    Hey, I think somebody here had listen about the arc engine plugin of arcthunder for sidescroller. The problem is, that it is in VX ACE, so you can't use it in MV. Can somebody here recode it to a MV plugin? That's the code:
  5. Canini

    Designing a action-rpg using platformers as a template [intermediate]

    Hello and welcome to this guide to level design for a rpg/platforming hybrid. It is my hope that this guide will work as a sort of workshop for building maps suitable to the genre, as I have not seen too many examples here on the forums. The guide is marked intermediate since it is meant for...
  6. Master100000

    RMMV Mega noble

    Now available! Download Link: Dear members. If you would be so kind as to answer the poll when visiting this thread it would be super helpful and very much appreciated as i am also marketing this game in other locations...
  7. chaucer

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Starfall

    Story : Follow a young Star Seeker named Atlus to a distant planet to collect fallen stars. The world is treacherous and filled with Golems, statue-like creatures that are not fond of outsiders. With the half encouraging words of Maia in your ear, who sits million of light-years away, join Atlus...
  8. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV Block-Jump【Template】|#| Block-Jump&Run (Template-Version)

    Post will be updated soon!... Template-Version is ready for release! It only needs a "Help-File" and a new Post.
  9. 8bitstarfox

    Moving platforms

    I'm making a platformer/RPG in mv and need moving platforms for a level, could somebody please tell me how to do this?
  10. Hisao Shou


    KONEKO. made by Capră Studio [for 10 Days Challenge]       About: KONEKO. is a short platformer game made in RPG Maker VX Ace by our team for our annual "10 Days Challenge". (this is the first year)           In a world of cats, there's a...
  11. Rpg maker Mv platformer

    Was wondering if anyone has used this have figured out to make a map, pretty cool stuff,trying to figure out how to make spells and alternate bullets and just open ideas?
  12. HexMozart88

    Game Jam - A Story of Rubrik's Cubes

                         A Story of Rubrik's Cubes So, I'm scrambling to finish this (was over ambitious), but this is a game that basically makes fun of school (though I have nothing against it, it's just for comedy purposes). It's a platformer with elements of beat-em-up and puzzle. The goal of...
  13. pEcOsGhOsT

    2D Fixed Direction (Horizontal & Vertical)

    Introduction: This plugin forces the player to only face left/right (or up/down depending on your preference) while still allowing full directional movement. Similar to player movement featured in Platformers, Brawler/Beat'em Ups, Adventure games and even retro racing games...
  14. Totally_Fandom

    Im having several problems regarding IG maker

    I'm trying to make a jumping action game on IG maker and everything was going fine until the tittle screen, when I put the tittle in I just staid unnamed file and I could find were to change it and I had to set if where if you clicked it would start the game, also this isn't as important but I...
  15. Rikifive

    Super Coolstory Bros!

    BETA 1.0 This is a NES-like Platformer Shooter similar to Contra.   Two brothers are 'kidnapped' to the Game World by The Virus. It asks them to gather data from various games, which would grant it more power. Once the request will be fulfilled, the brothers will be brought back...
  16. machogrubba14

    Pixel Oscar: The Pixelated Door

    What Lies Beyond The Pixelated Door? Your Average Paper Mario Rip Off ;) "Its leveling system, ... cute graphics, and ... fairly original story line make it worth playing."- Just Sarah (Pixel Oscar Review)...
  17. AFDC98

    Paperstory - Version 0.2.0 (Demo)

      Synopsis You appear in a strange world made out of paper, but you don't know what to do or even what you are. There you'll find enemies who want to kill you, so you have a few options: escape or face them with the power to shoot magic bullets. Why are you in that world? What is your...
  18. chaucer

    Shave The World

    It's another average day in Retro City, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and people are being transformed into hairy creatures and going on a rampage?! For some reason people are being taken over by the hair on their head, they seemingly are driven by a single goal, find and infect...
  19. LeoHeart

    The Long Road

            The Long Road is a heartwarming RPG Adventure title in development for PC, iOS, and Android using the new RPG Maker MV engine! The game's lighthearted and whimsical presentation is complimented by a story about the pain of loss, the joy friendship, and the...
  20. Make a parallax background scroll in a loop

    I want to make a circular city that's a short, wide map that loops horizontally and is played as a 2-D platformer. Is there a way to make a picture of the city's "skyline" on the other side of the city scroll in a loop so it always looks like you're in circular city instead of long city that...

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