1. Zackh

    RMMZ VALLEDI - A game about grief and superation

    Hi Everyone! Here is Zackh, me and my wife have been working on a game for some time, and we would love to get some feedback. Valledi is a top-down platforming game focused on the story of Diana and her companion Drone : A.N.G.E.L. (Automated Neuro Guided Experiment in Legacy), in a journey...
  2. PixelatedBree

    RMMV Dreamtrotter (Demo Now Available!) - Action Platformer Meets RPG Maker Horror

    Welcome to Dreamtrotter -- a game that attempts to combine the action of a platformer/Metroidvania game with the story/gameplay of classic RPG Maker horror games....AKA the first game I've dedicated myself to finishing that isn't a fan game! :kaopride:) (See 'Download' spoiler below to try out...
  3. Thund

    RMMZ Quisk! (Touch the Stars Game Jam)

    I'm a bit late but I want to share Quisk!, a puzzle-platformer adventure game with squirrels and mysteries! Explore this wonderful world in which you play as Quisk, a nimble squirrel greedy for acorns! It all started one night when his friend Ronk woke him up to share some unexpected news...
  4. nio kasgami

    RMMZ Stargazers

    Synopsis : Tucked away near a remote village, a massive stone tower juts into the sky above. Each year, during the festival of the stars, stories passed down from the village elders tell of the tower reaching up into the stars themselves. Rumors abound, but no villager has ever beheld the...
  5. Micihn

    RMMZ Need to convert Khas Arc Engine for RPG Maker MZ

    Hello, game makers! Well, I'm new here and my English is not really good, sorry for that. So, basically, I really need Khas Arc Engine for the little game that I've been working on now. I loved the features of the plugins because it's really suited to my idea to make a platformer game. But, the...
  6. thenerdmansion

    RMMV [RSE] Meganoble 2

    Following the events of Meganoble, one third of the angels in the sky begin to fall from the sky after the betrayal of a powerful rebel. You are tasked with hunting down the falling stars in order to retrieve heavenly valuables that belong only in the right hands and that if left in the wrong...
  7. RMMZ Need PLATFORMER plugins and scripts.

    Hello folks, I'm new to making games and I want to make a platformer with melee combat on MZ. Can anyone show me scripts or plugins to do this? I found Moghunter's RMV – LMBS but it's for MV and I have no idea on what to do (I don't know how to code).
  8. RMMV Platformer falling

    I'm used this plugin(), but I don't know how to make a crash. Obviously this game( / It's Japanese, but it's like Super Mario anyway.) allows players to fall off the map as I wanted, but I can't implement it while using the same plug-in, so can...
  9. RMMZ Luke Daimont: Absolute Mayhem

    Luke Daimont: Absolute Mayhem Synopsis This game has been created over the course of roughly a week for the Trials of MZ event. As such, it doesn't use any plugins and only RTP assets (with self-edits). Available for Windows and also playable in a browser HERE!. When the evil Dr. Psyko...
  10. Hyddan

    RMMV Bit Escape - [2D Platform Game]

    - Name: Bit Escape - Genre: Platform, 2D. - Under development by: André Holtz - Engine: RPG Maker MV - Situation: 50% - Language: Portuguese (Brazil), for now. - Commands: Shot (Z), Jump (X), Dash (C) - Objective: You are a prisoner of Lord Bit. He gives you a single...
  11. Chef


    A 2D and 3D Puzzle Adventure Collectathon filled with clever puzzle solving and collectables. Story You travel through time, new worlds, and multiple dimensions to save your brother from the evil Spirit. Main Characters Joyce (You, the Hero) Bruce (The Princess) Evil Spirit (Bad Boi)...
  12. ShapeshiftIdentity

    IG cross compatibility?

    Can IG be used in tandem with MV? I'm trying to do something strange with MV- I want to have mini levels that are platformers and IG seems to be the only maker with platforming abilities- is that even something that is possible? Or at least using IG entirely and just moving my tiles and...
  13. Cassoss

    Arc Engine for MV

    Hey, I think somebody here had listen about the arc engine plugin of arcthunder for sidescroller. The problem is, that it is in VX ACE, so you can't use it in MV. Can somebody here recode it to a MV plugin? That's the code:
  14. Canini

    Designing a action-rpg using platformers as a template [intermediate]

    Hello and welcome to this guide to level design for a rpg/platforming hybrid. It is my hope that this guide will work as a sort of workshop for building maps suitable to the genre, as I have not seen too many examples here on the forums. The guide is marked intermediate since it is meant for...
  15. thenerdmansion

    RMMV Meganoble

  16. chaucer

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Starfall

    Story : Follow a young Star Seeker named Atlus to a distant planet to collect fallen stars. The world is treacherous and filled with Golems, statue-like creatures that are not fond of outsiders. With the half encouraging words of Maia in your ear, who sits million of light-years away, join Atlus...
  17. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV Block-Jump【Template】|#| Block-Jump&Run (Template-Version)

    This project has been discontinued... for now. Here's the Tech-Demo:
  18. 8bitstarfox

    Moving platforms

    I'm making a platformer/RPG in mv and need moving platforms for a level, could somebody please tell me how to do this?
  19. Hisao Shou


    KONEKO. made by Capră Studio [for 10 Days Challenge]       About: KONEKO. is a short platformer game made in RPG Maker VX Ace by our team for our annual "10 Days Challenge". (this is the first year)           In a world of cats, there's a...
  20. Rpg maker Mv platformer

    Was wondering if anyone has used this have figured out to make a map, pretty cool stuff,trying to figure out how to make spells and alternate bullets and just open ideas?

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