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  1. Regular Items are showing up in inventory.

    Like what the title said, my game is showing the regular items 10x in the inventory when I play test. I want to remove them but nothing I’ve done is working. I’m wondering if it’s the Yanefly plug-ins I’m using.
  2. Artomes

    Where do you find Play-testers?

    I am looking for Gamers though just pure gamer. Dev to Dev feedback is good but its not the same and someone who is a pure gamer. I was wondering if anybody knows of a website or tips how to find your audience.
  3. Artomes

    FREE Playtesters needed. Major decision point.

    Lyfis Chronicles is a Tactical RPG made in RMMV. Inspired by games like XCOM, Darkest Dungeon, and Divinity Origin Sin. As a gamer, I have always enjoyed DEEP RPG mechanics and the power of player choice! SYNOPSIS Playtesters Also, if you want to know how I did something let me know! I am...
  4. Ozmahunter

    FREE Playtesters wanted for early RPG concept (Tower of Ten)

    Hi! I have been working on an RPG in my spare time for over 2 years. It's taken over 400 hours to get this far and still the game is an extremely early phase. It uses almost exclusively default assets and I've done nothing yet to spruce up the art, sound or menus. It is at this stage that I...
  5. Wizorrd

    Game freezing when I try to Play Test

    I honestly don't know where this should get posted, I looked for some sort of RPGMMV specific support thread. I suddenly began having an issue lately that freezes my game when I go to load it or play test it. It seems impossible to troubleshoot, as it happens randomly, from what I can tell...
  6. Cant make game updates.

    Im not able to actually make any game updates to my game. If I set a chest down on the ground and save and test play it isnt there.. I need some help.
  7. Setting Controls for Playtesting

    I searched the forum and the Help for this answer, but I haven't been able to find it. How do I set up controls for play-testing? I'd like to try using different keys on the keyboard for the controls.
  8. FaithinQuinn

    RPG maker VX ACE playtesting doesn't work

    I've been working on a project for a while and the past two months I wasn't able to use my computer, when I finally had the time to, when I tried to play test the game, the window opened, stayed black for a while then shut itself off again. no message. nothing. just that. I tried to open it...
  9. Battle Test not working

    Hi there! I have a problem with the battle test feature. Everything just worked fine, but suddenly, when i clicked "Battle Test" and inserted all the information such es actor level, what armor they wear etc., it doesnt run the battle, it is just a normal play test. Any idea what i could do...
  10. AceOfAces_Mod

    Playtest an MV game with BrowserSync

    Sometimes, you need to play-test an MV game in a browser. However, trying to run the game through the index.html file will result in crashes. Using BrowserSync (a Node.js module), we can set up a local server in seconds and test it, without having to set up server software (unless you need to...
  11. Play Test Does Not Work

    Hi! I'm new to RPG Maker, and currently I'm doing some project on RPG Maker MV ver 1.4.0. I have created characters, classes, skills, items, and enemies. But when I try to play test it, the box pops out but it's all black. And then the stop working message comes out. I have reinstalled it, but...
  12. Servidion

    MV Play test not working.

    So now that life is beginning to settle down (moved to another country) I decided to brush the dust off RPG Maker MV and continue my project. The maker itself works fine, but even when I started a brand new project when I do a playtest the title screen music starts but the screen stays black. If...
  13. Davlamin69

    RPG Maker MV Play Test Issues

    Hello (new to the whole system, and site, hope right location) So I recently downloaded "RPG Maker MV" from Steam after hearing/reading about it online and wanted to try it for myself. (on a laptop with windows 10) My issue is; I got in, made a map and I made my first few events, I then...
  14. Iliketea

    Play Test Crashes after 1.3.3 Update

    Hi everyone, after updating to 1.3.3 my game crashes when I try to play test it :( This is the error massage and the log: Yes, I did try turning ALL my plugins off and the problem still is there. To duplicate the error just open up the game file and try to play test it...
  15. Iliketea

    Play Test Crashes?

    Greetings everyone!   I hope you can help me with this problem I am having... I just started working on my game again after some time and when I play test it it crashes after a minute or two and closes together with the error log before I can even see whats wrong. I tried it a few time...
  16. Nick Horizon

    Black Screen in Play Test

    Hello there. I just joined this community because I truly am desperate. I just bought a new computer, and I moved my game's project here (older pc's OS was WIndows7, this one is Windows10). I tried this on many computers, with many OSs, but, for some reasons, when I try to Play Test (or...
  17. jjbones123

    Why does RPG Maker VX Ace not respond when I try to play test in full screen?

    So, I am operating on windows 10 and my graphics card is a NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti. When trying to play test the game i'm making in RPG Maker VX Ace, I attempt to make the game full screen so I can see the small details in the game better. But when I push Alt + Enter at the same time, the...
  18. McTone

    Playtest functions

    So in VX I remember you could press F8 to destroy all the enemies in a battle, but I can't seem to figure out this function in MV. Does it still exist? Are there any other functions that have been changed that might be good to know about? Thanks!

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