1. TheDrifter

    Need help fixing Playtime Window with SRD_MenuBackgrounds

    Hi, I've created a brand new Test project with only two plugins in it: Playtime Window from JGreene found here. and SRD_MenuBackgrounds from SumRndmDde found here. I've set up the Menu Backgrounds correctly: As required, in the Test project's image folder, I created a folder called...
  2. ovate

    Trb - Tile Passability Visualization (for Playtest)

    VisualizationPassable - 2016/10/24 (ver. 1.01) Creator name: Trb Overview For Playtest purpose / Tile passability visualization When this plugin is on, a red filter means impassable on the map. Feel free to check for tile passability errors during Playtest. Press ctrl key to show / hide...
  3. Publish my game play store more than 100MB?

    apparently I have to make an expansion file? I do not know how to use that ... That I have to do? Is it the only option to be able to publish my game?
  4. EseQueL

    Ascendants of the East (Mobile Game)

    DOWNLOAD HERE - Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quelgames.ascendantsoftheeast Price: $0.99 Hello everyone, I am back with a new mobile game. This time, it is a 4v4 turn-based battle arena! My focus in this game is to have unique characters with complex...
  5. Sharr_Zeor

    Playtest/Deployment white screen

    -Before I begin, I should mention that I have read and searched through other white screen/playtest issues and mine does not seem to match any that i have found- My game was running fine, it's very bare-bones at the moment, but it was working as intended. I'm only using two plugins...
  6. AdamSakuru

    Reset "Total Play Time" While In Game?

    I evented a custom title screen and have it so that the default title screen is skipped over (it goes straight to a map where my title scene plays out.) The thing is, if the player wants to return to the title screen mid-game or through a game over, it'll go to the 'default' one (hitting 'New...
  7. Leon Kennedy

    Leon Kennedy's 1.7mil views 1.8k subs let's plays

    Let me know if you would like me to post a let's play of your game either here or via pm. My channel has 1.7 million views and 1.4k subs so you will instantly gain some exposure to your game. Not all of those views and subs are purely from rpg maker content so keep that in mind. The most...
  8. Manny Gogh

    RMMV Manny's Game

    Manny’s Game This is a game Manny made. You will not enjoy it unless you enjoy to psychologically confront your galbladder amidst the bog that is this tinted glass we see the inanimate realm through. The gallop amongst the trot is the apple amongst the orange. The game is one with adventure...
  9. Jack_Gram

    Entire Game Crashed

    I lost power while I was working on my game, I cannot find my back up hardrive I didn't lose anything but When I try to boot up a playtest of the game, all it says is Now Loading... I really really don't want to start from scratch.......any help would be much appreciated..... EDIT: I also...
  10. Nebuerys

    Nebuerys' Let's Play Thread

    Hi all! I'm a let's player currently looking for a few side series to play for my channel. That's pretty much it. Before making a request, please read the entirety of this post. To make a request: - Post a link to your game/thread here. I won't accept requests through other means. - You may...
  11. jjbones123

    Why does RPG Maker VX Ace not respond when I try to play test in full screen?

    So, I am operating on windows 10 and my graphics card is a NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti. When trying to play test the game i'm making in RPG Maker VX Ace, I attempt to make the game full screen so I can see the small details in the game better. But when I push Alt + Enter at the same time, the...
  12. Playing Animation on Map in Javascript

    How would you freeze the player, player an animation, and once it's done either set idle (if it doesn't do it on it's own) all on the map? I'd prefer to understand how instead of being referred to a plugin if possible, as I'm still learning a lot of the API. I've noticed this:  ...
  13. Googleplay wont publish my game

    So, I published my game to google play using only the included RTP, plug ins etc from the Trial RPG MAKER MV software then they rejected my game they said I am using copyrighted material, then I show to them the rpg maker webpage in the part that says that I have permission from rpg maker...
  14. JeffPAWA

    RPG FRIDAY, the official topic

    Well hello there! My name is Jeffpawa and you can call me Jeff. So i've been a let's player since like forever but recently I took interest in game made in RPG maker because of their originality and also because i used to make a few «back in my days» So if ever you're interested here's the...
  15. HeroofTime123

    Pausing BGS while an ME plays.

    So what I'm trying to do is have a BGM and a BGS play at the same time, while staying perfectly synched with each other. Each one is a different version of the same song and I found out that the BGS will play before the BGM after a battle because of the ME. Is there a way to make it so the BGS...
  16. wrigty12

    Play with Gamecube Controller?

    I am wondering if anyone has successfully used a Gamecube controller with VxAce to play games. I know vJoy causes the player to move by itself, and I have not found any solution to this. I have the controller and am using the WiiU Adapter (I have vJoy and everything downloaded). Thanks!
  17. brooksjack

    2 Pokemon related new games - indie - browser based - totally free to play - multiplayer

    2 Pokemon alike new games - indie - browser based - totally free to play - multiplayer Ok first one is called as Monster MMORPG it has more than 1900 monsters : yes you heard it right - 1900 monsters to play capture battle etc the game url is : http://www.monstermmorpg.com check out its...
  18. Geoff Moore

    Have heart, fellow entrants!

    Hope this isn't TL;DR.   There's a lot of exhausted people hurting at the moment. You've poured a month worth of spare time into your game, and often not just time but blood, sweat and tears. Now it seems like nobody's playing it, you're not getting votes in the People's Choice and it looks...
  19. shiori4me

    How to condition for testplay?

    Is there a way to test to see if you're testplaying on the field or in a battle in order to excecute different things only if in testplay, other than turning on a switch "Not Testplaying" at the beginning of the game? It's a bit long-winded to explain so I'll skip that.
  20. Keegan988

    Playtest lag

    Hey guys i got this program 1-2 days and so far i am loving it :) . When i first got it i created a test to start learning about how to program works and see what problems i might encounter and how to fix it. but today i decided I am gonna scrap the test one and start the official first game so...

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