player input

  1. pickledylans

    Portraitless Name Input

    Hey y'all I wanna make the player able to pick their name at the beginning of a game but I don't want a portrait to show up. How would I do that
  2. Aloe Guvner

    Player Notepad (In-Game Text Editor for the Player)

    Player Notepad (In-Game Text Editor for the Player) by Aloe Guvner Download DEMO ( 18MB ) Download Plugin Note: This plugin is not under active maintenance. Introduction This plugin creates a new scene where players may type notes using their keyboard with a fully functional text editor...
  3. Sarlecc

    Checking unknown player sentence input

    So I am trying to expand my knowledge on regexp's by programming a script that takes a sentence that a player types, and then gives a response based on what words makes up that sentence. i.e: I know how to get the player's input however I am having trouble with the match data. For example...

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