player name

  1. applechoirs

    [Solved] $ and loop breaks help, please?

    First is an apology if I'm not clear with my problem because English isn't my mother tongue. So what am I trying to do here is to let players name their own character, but some names aren't allowed because they overlap with NPCs. Then, I want the name input prompt to be looped if players keep...
  2. Pooky

    Capitalize players chosen name

    Hello everyone, it's me again! I'm back with another question. So in my game you are able to name your character. I want a character to call out for the player in one event, so to create that effect, I want to capitalize the player's name. However, MV doesn't really give the option to...
  3. FactionZero

    Displaying player customised name in dialogue

    I've worked out how to let a player input a name but I have no idea how to then get the rest of the game to recognise this as the PC's name. One of the first things the PC is going to do is introduce themselves which means the PC's chosen name needs to appear in the message box (preferably in a...

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