player touch

  1. Event on floor activated by player touch?

    I'm trying to create a simple event that is triggered when a player walks on a certain tile in a row of tiles. However the event will not trigger no matter what the priority or trigger is set to. I also want the whole row of events to be made inactive after one is touched. So I have two...
  2. Mary

    【solved】Player touch event

    i want my npc to chase the player and trigger the event when they touch the player. but the problem is the event won't trigger when it touch the player but the player move toward the event. I tried a method that change the priority of the event, it work better sometimes but my...
  3. Sausage_Boi

    Fleeing Event: Disappear on Touch, or Disappear With Timer

    more questions: (I swear I will contribute something besides more questions, soon....) Is it possible to have an event that appears when certain conditions are met, that the player must chase and contact before the event disappears via timer?  Say, I pull a switch, which opens a door, and a...
  4. Zethian

    Complex event with multiple NPCs need help

    Hi. I'm a beginner with VX Ace. Basically, I want my player to pass over event tiles without them activating yet, be forced to turn back by other event tiles, and THEN for the first event to occur when the player steps on a certain tile. I can't figure out how to do this. Then for the...

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