1. Soyer

    RMMZ Vimeo Player on RPG Maker MZ

    Hello someone can help me on the basics how i can made a plugin to play videos from Vimeon inside MZ ? Maybe similar to this https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/youtube-player.64810/ but with plugin parameter for Video ID to play video on event. I started from here...
  2. Parallax Panda

    RMMZ Visustella_EventMoveCore - Sync/Chase problem

    I tried out Visustella's "EventMoveCore" plugin for syncing the movement of an event to the player. In detail, what I've done is I've put this "notetag" in the events notebox: <Move Synch Target: Player>, and yes - it works. But, when I try to set the move route to either "Approach" or a custom...
  3. Execution skill call

    Hey guys, i want to make an "execution" skill for the enemy boss. I want it to trigger once the player is at 10 Hp. But at Action Patterns i can add only enemy Hp as condition. Does anyone know how could i manage this? Thanks for the answers :)
  4. Kurtkakes

    How to change sprite (player) collision?

    i cant find out how to change collison of a character ive searched with as many different words i could describing it, all it shows up is EVENT hitbox which i dont want ill explain what i need help with so for example default character sprite's collison is 1x1 tiles but when I make the...
  5. Kong

    Is there a (RNG) step sound plugin for players and events?

    Hey there, since MV is breathing its last breaths plugin vise I'm struggling to find a plugin for players and events to play a soundeffect when walking on a certain region. I know Yanfly has a stepsound plugin that also works with NPCs but it sadly only plays one specific soundeffect without...
  6. Journey_Sticks

    Modern Soldiers

    Moved to: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/tilesets-animated-stuff-v2-2.128841/#post-1134187
  7. EmmaB

    Turn Player Towards Mouse Pointer on Click - Script Call

    Does anyone know if there is a script call that makes the player turn towards the mouse pointer when you click the screen? Any help would really be appreciated!
  8. Black Pagan

    RMMV Guiding the Player along an Intended Direction

    Hi, In my survival focused game, I am planning to guide the Player along certain routes and towards certain objects, While avoiding certain routes and certain objects. Now my issue is this - Although the Plot of the Game is quite Linear, I don't want to make it appear Linear, I want to make it...
  9. Devildimos

    Player Jump to pos variables [VX ACE] (Solved)

    Hello. Not sure if this is the correct board. I am a noob in this. I am trying to make a player jump to a stored variables [X,Y] without using transfer_player. What I am trying to create is a Warp skill that stores the player's X and Y and when using the skill again the player will jump to that...
  10. Black Pagan

    Need help with a Map Transfer event

    Hi, I'm not so good at event-ing so i need some help. I have this "Tent" Mini Map, Which can be accessed through Inventory as a Resting Area to recover or craft or heal up after a Tough Battle. So once i head to the Tent and get done with whatever i was doing, The Idea is to transfer back to...
  11. ts50

    Battle System Where Player is Involved

    Hi So I'm using VX Ace, first of all. I'm looking for a partial battle system in which after selecting a skill, the player him/herself does something involved. For example, presses a button at the right time to hit, or moves the arrow keys to aim at an enemy before firing, or something similar...
  12. Kirri

    Player naming the protagonist.

    Hello smhaaokir here! :kaohi: I'm currently working on a game called 'IMAGINE'. So, I'm curious if people would prefer to be able to name the main protagonist for individuality or not and make the main protagonist to have his own personality? :kaoslp: Thank you - smhaaokir
  13. Xyonel

    moving a player while autorun event?

    I need a way to move a player while in autorun cause I must disable standard movement and apply a condition movement base on stamina, this is a screenshot:
  14. Oscar92player

    Disable camera targeting the player?

    Hello, everyone! I'm having a big problem with RPG Maker MV today. I was trying to make a cutscene where there are a lot of camera movements through the dialog, and some battles in the middle of it. When the battle starts, the camera is usually far away from the original position of the Player...
  15. Player face direction of mouse cursor

    Does anyone know of any plugins or script that will automatically face my player as I move the mouse in that direction? Thanks in advance.
  16. Checking which frame of a character sheet is currently active

    I have a character sheet for the player that triggers when they are idle for a while. The sheet has them going from standing to laying down in 6 frames, sleeping for 3 frames and then standing back up in 7 frames. I'm looking to pause the animation when it reaches the 9th frame without using...
  17. Parallax Panda

    Stand Still and Turn

    I tried to make a system using Yanfly plugins that allowed the player to hold down shift and press down, left, right or up in order to turn the character without taking any unnecessary steps. This would give the player more control in some cramped puzzle areas. The first plugin used are Button...
  18. NPC walk in front of player (Human Shield)

    Hello guys, so I tried to do this already without success, and I think I'll need to use Script... I want to make an NPC, of my choosing(on event triggerd), to follow me, and stay always in front of me(player). So to speak, to use it as a human shield. I can make an NPC follow me, using Move...
  19. Ultimacj

    Preventing Picture Movement With Player

    I've searched high and low on google and I've searched vigorously with key words in search in the forums. None found. That being said (so it's not stated "This question has been already asked, please look for it moderation" kicks in). Here is my question unless it's not possible to do this...
  20. Roseredpinball

    Placing items on platforms to be sold?

    Hello all, I'm looking to make a game where you can sell things by placing them from your inventory on platforms. Only problem is, I'm not sure how to go about this. I was thinking I could do a select key item sort of thing but that would take forever if I were to include all the possible items...

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