1. SuperKorven

    RPG Maker MV - Different player models in different areas?

    As you may have guessed, I'm aiming to make my player character have different models depending on the area. By default I want my character to be 2 tiles tall, 1 tiles wide, which I've achieved. What I now want is the program's default "chibi" model (1x1 tiles) of my character to appear and be...
  2. Kacribus

    MV : How to make player have to select item in menu in order to use it?

    RPG Maker MV specific : How do I make a player have to select an item in their menu in order to use it or apply it to the item or subject in front of them? I can't find a video on it either. Elaboration : The player picks up an enchanted harp. They encounter a character looking for the...
  3. Poupouille

    Stop the camera that follows the player

    Hello :kaohi: For the need of a map, I need the camera is fixed and doesn't follow the player in his movements. Is it possible ? Is there a way to configure this?
  4. Skytor

    Check if player has learnt a certain type of skill

    I'm looking for a way to test if the player has learnt a certain type of skill, regardless of which skill it actually is, i don't mind using a plugin or script but would rather not. Let's say there are three fire skill: Fireball, Firestorm, and inferno. There is a gate of fire that will only...
  5. gundriveth

    How to check/assign the event interaction?

    Hello, I want to make an interaction between player action and event in range. Description of the image: If sword equipped and you press R in a certain range to the event, it will slide the boulder to the right. If spear equipped and you press R in a certain range to the event, it will crush...
  6. Player is moving not correctly

    Hi there! I really have a big problem and I hope somebody will be able to give me some fast help. So I am currently trying my hand on the trial version MV and its going really good. But the problem is, that the player won't move correctly around corners. So he stoppes moving and he is waiting...
  7. TheFe91

    Events seeing behind walls

    Hi everyone! I have an event that triggers when it sees my player (= when the event is facing the player). I am using the "Facing_Towards_Player_Conditional" plugin. This works pretty well, but the problem is that the event triggers even if there is a wall between the event and the player...
  8. DaedraTalos

    Player VS Event position plugin

    Player VS Event position plugin This plugin compares the position of the player and an event. Although it's very simple, it's also extremely useful! Imagine you want to check if the player is on the left of an event. How would you do that in RMMV? Unless you use an extremely complicated...
  9. RhysO101

    A Plugin that make each group receive a different amount of damage from a skill?

    I would like one of my enemies to have an explosion attack which instantly kills them while dealing some damage to the allies without instantly killing them. Is there a plugin out there that does this job?
  10. Player transfer after battle

    Hello there, I've recently started to use the RPG MAKER VX and I'm trying some things. However I've come across this problem and I don't know what to do: I want to do a battle with let's say "boss A" and right after the battle I want to transfer the player instantly to another map. The thing is...
  11. JustAColdKid

    How do I transfer a player to an event's coordinates? (RPGMakerMV)

    I'm trying to make it so you can transfer the (player) to the Map's: ID as well as the event's X & Y: coordinates. Is this even possible? Please solve?
  12. Alli Crane

    Is it possible to treat a vehicle like a regular event so it appears after a switch is triggered?

    I'm really trying to make an event which makes the boat ( or any vehicle ) appear after a certain thing happens in the game, but I do not get to find a way. I even tried " Set Vehicle Location " but that doesn't seem to work.
  13. Alli Crane

    Is it possible to change regular player sprites to smaller sprites on over-world with a plugin?

    I was wondering because I don't like how everything looks out of proportion when you're big and the houses are freaking small.
  14. "If Player is Facing Left" switch

    Hi. I'm pretty new to RPG Maker. It's a simple request but how do we do make the following switch: -If Player is facing left, transfer Player to Position A when he presses the Action Button -If Player is facing right, transfer Player to Position B when he presses the Action Button...
  15. Cloud_FFVII

    Force a Key press from Script | Trigger Event in front of the Player from Script

    Hello everyone! I've been searching and trying different things all over internet, without luck... I would appreaciate if someone gives me some light on this... WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO. Originally, the idea is to create a Resident Evil style gameplay, I have all set already: menu with...
  16. Rhaeami

    A way to promptly end the player's turn

    The title is purposefully a bit vague, because there are a number of potential solutions, but here is my problem: I'm currently using Yanfly's FTB battle script, which allows you to freely scroll left-and-right through your party members entering commands in any order. I use this to simulate a...
  17. masterlobo

    How can I transfer player within the same without reloading it?

    Hello, I need to move the player from location within the map. Moving is too slow, even at max speed. Transfer player with fade none works wonders, however it reloads everything on the map and therefore it looks clunky. In other words, what I need, is Set Event Location but for the player...
  18. SumRndmDde

    SRD Character Creator

    Character Creator by SumRndmDde Version 1.00 What This Plugin Does: Essentially, this plugin adds an in-game character generator. It allows players to create a character by selecting various pieces from various categories and they can be assigned to certain Actors to be...
  19. Playing a character animation

    This is my first time on the forums so excuse me if this has already been asked/answered or just simply common knowledge. I am unsure as to how to play an animation, as in a sprite sheet, that replaces the main character when they player interacts with an event. As an example, say I want my...
  20. SEK


    SEK_TransferLines - v 1.0 By SEK Introduction Create a TransferLine to teleport your actor to a relative location on another map or in the same map! Features -Create vertical or horizontal transfer lines to move between places  just by creating a simple event (works with regions) -the...

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