1. Enemy incoming, XY distance

    Hello. At first, sorry for my poor English. I'm trying to make a game in the atmosphere of Silent Hill. If you played "Silent Hill", you probably remember the radio that was warning you when the enemy was close. The noise from the radio was getting louder when enemies were nearby. I wanted to...
  2. How to get player to trigger event when they cross a x-coordinate line?

    Basically, I'm trying to set up a set of stationary enemies that disappear when the player crosses a certain line. I imagine it has something to do with variables relating to the x coordinate on the map, but that's about it.
  3. Movement by Coordinates

    I thought this issue would be more common but the search proved not to be. Is there a way to set movement route for player/event to x,y coordinates? With random movement events causing the event to end up who knows where. Having to move to a specified spot or towards anything other than a...
  4. Alpha Hedge

    [SOLVED] Player won't stop moving to the right.

    Whenever I play test my game the player automatically starts moving right without stopping. If I hold left, the player stops, and up and down still work. This only started today, and my right key isn't stuck at all. I can provide any other information if needed. EDIT: Thanks to Seriel for...
  5. Comparing player location with current event

    I'm trying to compare the player's position with the position of an event to determine when a player is within 2 tiles of the event horizontally and 3 tiles vertically north of the event. I'm wanting this to work for the current event that the code is placed within so it works with each event of...
  6. Pandaperfect

    Set movemnt route for PLAYER

    HI! I'm in a little torube as I would liek to call it, because I would like for my  MAIN character to look around. wiht Movemnt route . Problem is he basicly just skips it. EVEN when I have added the  "wait for completion " NOTHING would happend at all. there goes like 1 sec and then he is...
  7. vectorinox

    Get value of player current region id?

    In rpgmaker VX ace, you can use $game_player.region_id to return a value of the player current region id. What's the java version of this command  for RMMV?  I tried $gameParty.regionId() and it is not a function :(
  8. Ossra

    Ossra's Plugins <Plugin Count: 13> <13th September 2016>

  9. Player-Profile Plugin

    Hello Community. Is it possible to do ah Profile Plugin ? Like in Moba Games (Leauge of Legends, Heroes of the Storm) ? Basically to use it for Actor 1. Which means, if you teleport on the Map, the Profile Actor isn't in the Menu and don't be a playable Character in Battles. It...
  10. Bed Event Help

    Hey everyone! Brand new to the engine and the community, and I am currently working on my very first project. I designed a very simple bed event to allow the player to sleep and rest within their bedroom, but I have run into a bit of a problem. Simply put, the player cannot walk onto the bed...
  11. blurymind

    how do you check if a player is moving or not in a conditional branch?

    In a conditional branch, what do we write in the script box to check if the player is moving or idle?  Is there a help file on scripting where I can read more about conditions I can use via scripting? Thank you in advance
  12. CraneSoft

    Serious help needed regarding Battles and Menus

    Good day. I recently started visiting here after starting my own personal project with VXAce which I have been working for a few months, learning the necessary when searching on the net for sources whenever possible. However, I had came to a standstill with several issues which I am never seem...
  13. Mr. Trivel

    Map Nodes Travel

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Map Nodes Travel Version: 1.0 Created: 2016-03-31   What does it do? Allows to travel to different maps through node selection.   Video:   How to use? Setting up nodes Open up...
  14. jvashko

    Help with moving a character in an event

    I'm trying to make a character move into a bed's tilespace, in order to perform a sleeping event, in RPG Maker MV.  However, when I do a movement command (e.g. Set Movement Route, move right) nothing happens, and I can't move my character.  Is there something I'm leaving out? Thanks for help...
  15. Party Member Facing Player

    Hello, I'm new to RPG maker and wanted to know if there was a way to make your party member, that are following behind you, face toward you when they are talking. To further elaborate, I have a event trigger and the main player character talks, and then I want the character following the...
  16. lixerman99

    Player freezes when using a repeating parallel event

    I have it so that when the player enters a location there is a parallel event that checks if the player is wearing a certain pair of boots and switches their pace depending on this. I was under the impression that if it was a parallel event the player wouldn't freeze when this was running but...
  17. rhol

    How to make camera follow the player?

    How do i make the camera follow the player? 
  18. Tsukihime

    Event Trigger Labels

    In RPG Maker, you have events on the map that can be triggered when the player is either standing on top of them or in front of them. When a player wishes to trigger an event, they press the "action" button, which by default is the Z or Enter key. When an event is triggered, they will execute...
  19. UNphiltered_khaos

    NPC triggers another NPC, different behavior for player touch same NPC

    Hello! I am hoping this isn't something that is extremely complicated, but I am looking for a script that will make it so when 2 NPCs touch, one NPC's graphic will change, but I don't want the same thing to happen when the player touches the same NPC. For instance a bus, I want it to touch an...
  20. Invisible Player Sprite Issue when initial position was deleted.

    I started work on a game that focuses on exploration and horror. It uses a old school sort of look and simplistic graphics to focus excusively on text. It sort of looks like a old rogue-like to be honest. ​ Anyway, the map is quite big. About 80% finished. The Only problem is, once I deleted...

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