1. Rikifive

    Followers' Movement

    Hello everybody! I'd like to ask when the followers move? In game, they move along with Player, but I want to deconstruct that, because I have 2 players and I need to bind the second follower to second player. I tried many things, but with no use, so I replaced the default chase method with...
  2. SilverDash

    Retrieving Player Character Sprite

    I found out that it is stored in SpriteMap: Spriteset_Map.prototype.createCharacters = function() { this._characterSprites = []; $ { this._characterSprites.push(new Sprite_Character(event)); }, this)...
  3. Move only Left and Right

    Hello all - I've recently begun delving into the scripting system for VX ACE. I've learned the basics, but there's a lot I can't seem to figure out on my own. This is my first time posting on an official forum for help, so I will do my best to convey my issue: My goal here is to restrict...
  4. Event/Player Collision Detection

    Been trying to recreate a project made with VXAce in MV and I noticed some problems while testing the collision detection with moving events. I'm using events that are set to a route and kill the player when the event touches the player, or the player moves into the event. Problem is when...
  5. MeowFace

    Enemy Distance Scanner (Radar)

    Made for a request here. This script acts like a radar/scanner to check the distance of the player from the enemy events on the map. Features: [1] Able to check the nearest enemy and return the event's id. [2] Able to list down a list of enemy event's ids and their distance from the player...
  6. MeowFace

    Rogue-Like Movement / Chase Mode / Surprise Attack

    Saw a request here, and thought of putting up a script for it. In case anyone needs it, i have it reposted here. This script allows the rogue-like dungeon movement for events. This means the event will move only when the player is moving. (can be turned on/off with switch) Events can "hide"...
  7. mrzap6077

    Player Won't Attack

    I am using rpg maker 2003, and when i playtest a troop, my second player won't attack! The only option is "change".
  8. Brigg

    Random Black Border Around Screen

    I have been randomly encountering a glitch that I have been unable to recreate on my own. A black border about 3 tiles thick will sometimes wrap my screen when loading into a new map. If I try to walk to the tiles beyond the black border, the player walks off-screen.  I've tried to go...
  9. Start the game with the character lying down?

    Thanks for moving this, I'm (obviously) still a newbie I am apologizing in advance as this is probably a simple fix. I can't figure out how to start a new game with the player lying down rather than standing. Any assistance is appreciated. "If you have the sprite for the actor lying down...
  10. mrzap6077

    I Can't Transfer Player

    I have RPG Maker 2003 running on a Windows 8 OS. I have been able to successfully use the "Transfer Player" event until now. I want my main character to enter a castle. When I run a playtest, the "Transfer Player" event does not work. My game does not freeze, crash or come up with a error. It is...
  11. gfreak2x9

    New! Looking for help!

    Hello!  My name is Zach and I just got RPG Maker VX Ace! I have been messing around with this and I've figured out quite a bit just by trying. However, I am still really lost on a few things. I have a very basic understanding of events, so I'm a bit dumb when it comes to these things. Anyway...
  12. CharcoalKidd

    Tracking Player Cancel Input?

         Long time Maker, first time poster. I've been conceptualizing a battle system that uses events (I'm a negligible scripter), but I've come upon a hiccup. What I want to do essentially is have a bar at the bottom of the screen that fills up, and draws on a hidden variable, so that once the...
  13. PlexaryDamato

    Player keeps moving left

    So I went to keep making my game on RPXP, everything was totally fine, that was until I tried to test what I was making. Once I ran the game the player kept going left. I could move upwards and downwards just fine but as soon as I left my finger from the key the player starts to move left...
  14. Idea's for a game with no leveling up?

    Basically my game does not have enough battles to make leveling up necessary. So does anyone have any tips on how to make an rpg game where your character never has to level up yet the fights are still challenging and not completely reliant on luck?
  15. Tsukihime

    Direction Fix Button

    This script allows you to assign a button that will fix the player's direction when the button is pressed. This is useful if you wish to allow players to lock their direction while moving, for example if you want to provide "strafe movement" by moving side to side. A switch is provided to...
  16. Mukar

    Larger player collision area?

    So,  I made a 96x128 character sprite and I really like it. I'd rather not shrink it down to 32x32...and that's my problem. The player collision area is only 32x32, which is way different than that of my 96x128 sprite. As a result, I have my character overlapping walls and such. Is there any way...
  17. LeoHalliwell

    Turn-Based Multiplayer (Board Game style)

    So, I've seen quite a few topics about this, but haven't been able to quite find an answer yet. I'm wanting to create something like The Game of Life in RPG Maker. I know how I would work the careers, salaries, and everything else in the game. The only thing I can't figure out is the vague...
  18. Chester

    Start a conversation without stopping Player Movement

    Hello Everyone, How would one be able to start a conversation/event with the actor talking without making the Player stop his/her movement? Also is it possible to do this by pressing a button to activate the event? Such as whenever the Player would pass an area and then it would say "Press A to...
  19. sillowette

    Health Bar

    I want to create a health bar system for my game, one that will be on screen at all times, similar to the roses in IB, but I have no idea how to go about that. I know I'm probably clogging up the forum, but you guys are super helpful and you don't make me feel like an idiot for not knowing...
  20. Damenshi

    Change the Player Character?

    So, like it says, I'm trying to figure out a way to switch the player character mid-game. Here are the details:    My game starts in a sort of "flashback" scenario, where you play as a party that is entirely separate from the group that you will use for the rest of the game. I'd like to find a...

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