1. Cricketfoot

    Player and Sword Gadgets

    Can anyone help with how to do a setup where the player and sword gadgets are separate? The "Simple Action RPG" demo has it setup this way, but I am having a terrible time trying to get my setup to work the same. The basic idea I'd like to eventually accomplish is you would start with a basic...
  2. How to make a condition where the player needs to talk to a person?

    Let me explain what I need, in detail: if the player touches the event which gets him to another map he is confronted with a message saying that he can't and it doesn't transfer him. So in order to go there he must talk to a specific person and then the event unlocks. Sorry if the thread already...
  3. Bounce off gadget?

    I have been using IG Maker for about a week and have been having great fun making a traditional platformer. I would like to have the player gadget bounce off the boss when they collide (touching the boss = bad). I found it easy enough to make the player jump when they collide, but the player...
  4. Tsukihime

    Restricted Move Inputs

    This script allows you to enable or disable movement for specific directions using script calls. When a direction is disabled, the player is unable to move in that direction on the map using the direction input keys. Download Get it at Hime Works!
  5. Yakuware

    Can I make it so the player's money appears in the corner?

    I looked online and I couldn't find anything, I was wondering if it is even possible.
  6. can't transport player after choices

    hey i'm used rpg maker xp a couple of years ago and picked up again with the vx ace version. but now i gave a big problem in my first serious game. i made a intro with pictures and text. after a couple of text blocks you get to chose you're gender, after that you can chose you're class. then...
  7. m0ckingbird20

    My first Sprite!

    Sorry if this is the wrong section. OK, so I decided to make my own Sprites for my game and I checked many guides and tutorials before I started and using Photoshop CS5 I made my first sprite sheet. It has 3 columns and 4 rows the columns have a 5 pixel spacing between them and the rows have a...
  8. ZoroarX

    Inside a Map - Player followers turn at sides

    Hi there, this is ZoroarX here. Today my question is: How to make the player followers turn a different sides? Like, when I use the Set Move Route and I make other events and the own player turn left, right, up or down it's easy but what about the Player followers? How do I do it?
  9. Player owned shop script

    Hey there folks, long time lurker here. I'm looking for a way that allows players to run their own shop where they can put items up for sale after which NPCs or invisible NPCs come to 'buy' things set on a timer. This is probably a rather advanced request, though and I haven't been able to find...
  10. Mithran

    Support: Game.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

    This topic is to address the causes and possible solutions to the infamous "random" Game.exe crashes of RGSS2 player (RPG Maker VX). This is for RGSS2 / RPG Maker VX only, and does not apply to the other makers. This thread is for those who have encountered an error similar to this: This...
  11. Can't Run

    I'm making a battle that teaches how to play and when I play test I can run away. How can I have it so that way they can't run

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