1. masterlobo

    Playstation 4 support?

    I know, I know.... Console support for RPG Maker games has been brought up plenty of times, and... it's complicated. However, how are these guys actually doing it? It's a game that...
  2. idillicah

    Is it possible to export to PS Vita?

    Hello! This may be an extremely noob question, but I thought it was worth asking: Is it possible to export RMMV games to the PS Vita? Maybe wrapping the HTML5 export? Do you guys think this is possible? I'd love to publish my upcoming game on the PSN, as I've been an avid Vita player, to...
  3. JCBrickston

    JC's Retro Game Tunes

    Howdy, everyone! I'm Joshua, though most folks know me as J.C. You can call me either one, it won't bother me in the least! This thread is where I put all of my free-to-use video game tracks. I'm not really a fan of modern gaming or soundtracks, so most of my work is in the style of the SNES...
  4. Suikoden Revival Movement

    Hey guys, I am Zachary from the Suikoden Revival Movement. I am sure that many of you have at least heard of Suikoden. Now, if you recall games like Breath of Fire, Vandal Hearts and Wild Arms  which are all games that are pretty much all but lost (even though Vandal Hearts did have a PS3...

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