1. Phantasmagoric

    Problem with nwjs - Playtest does not work

    So, I followed a thread on this forum on how to upgrade nwjs And for a while it worked fine, but then my playtest stopped working. When I click on it, nothing happens, except...
  2. OpenTangent

    Bug: Can't run Playtest in Fedora 36

    The bug is described by @nikhil1337 here This seems like it's becoming a bigger issue as Linux distros get updated. Please can a RMMV dev find a permanent solution to this problem?
  3. CuidadoDoyJuegos

    Nothing happens when pressing playtest button

    So, i've been working in a rpg in mv for a while by now, one day, after adding some character graphics to the game folder, every time i tried to test my game it just wouldn't happen. I pressed the button, i used the ctrl + r command, and nothing, not a single error window showed up, nothing. I...
  4. void_of_the_mind

    Saving an ongoing project.

    I am currently working on a massive endeavor of a game. It has quite a bit of work under the belt as is, so I am wondering if anyone can clearly give instructions on how to convert a copy an rpg maker mv project to a usb drive. I also wish to save a backup on my mediafire account privately, but...
  5. TRADE Looking for playtesters for cute story adventure game

    So I'm currently making this cutsie style story adventure game in rpgmaker2003 called "Mumu's Soup Adventure". The main game is currently about 80% complete (chapter 3 out of 4 done) so now I'm using this month to look for people to help find bugs and send feedback for my game. Synopsis: The...
  6. ovate

    Speedrun Timer

    Speedrun - 2018-12-27 Creator name: krmbn0576 Overview A basic speedrun timer that can be used through plugin command Features - Change speedrun timer position in the plugin parameters. (timerX, timerY) - Speedrun timer will continue to run at the menu screen, battle screen, etc. - Plugin...
  7. Rinjuli

    HELP! My Game can't playtest after installing inputsetting plugin

    So i install inputsetting plugin from github: After installing that plugin. My game can't playtest. I switched the plugin off but my game still can't playtest (even deleting plugin). I test my backup game and it work fine. I dont know what happen with my game. Is there really a plugin that...
  8. ovate

    Trb - Tile Passability Visualization (for Playtest)

    VisualizationPassable - 2016/10/24 (ver. 1.01) Creator name: Trb Overview For Playtest purpose / Tile passability visualization When this plugin is on, a red filter means impassable on the map. Feel free to check for tile passability errors during Playtest. Press ctrl key to show / hide...
  9. ovate

    Graphical Design Mode

    GraphicalDesignMode - Version 2.10.3 (2019/11/02) Creator name: Triacontane ☆☆☆Getting started.☆☆☆ In design mode, you can set or arrange objects properties and design the screen ingame during playtest...
  10. KazukiT

    RMMV Playtest my Game

    I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place. I was wondering where would I post for people playtest my game. I am not quite done but I am almost there though.
  11. Eliaquim


    Author: Eliaquim Introduction There are many conditions that, by default, the event tabs do not have commands to check. As an example, if the game is being played on an android device, iPhone, computer or check the current weather (rain, storm, or snow). Instead of having to resort to script...
  12. ovate

    Test Report Set

    Test Report Set - 2019/10/11 Ver.1.0 Creator name: kido0617 Overview Plugin for easier reports when testing About A plugin for bug reports and testing effectively. It's difficult to capture a screenshot and include save file while playtesting. Thus, lead towards creation of this very plugin-...
  13. Deployment and Playtest Issue, Maybe Related

    Hi friends, First of all, I'm a full-blown noob all around (I'm not a programmer in any sense, I'm new to RPG Maker, this is my first forum post, and, while I've studied and played games for my whole life, this is my first game), so I apologize if this is in the wrong place or I say something...
  14. MechScapeZH

    TRADE Testers Needed for Retro Sci-Fi Game (Will Playtest Your Game in Exchange!)

    Hello fellow RPG Creators! I've been working on my game for over a year now, and it's been posted on these forums for a few months. It's in its second demo. I'm about to begin working on my game's third chapter, but I'd really like to get some feedback before I do. I'm really new at game...
  15. MarcosMtParnasse

    How do I turn on/off events for a faster playtest in 2k3?

    Hello everybody! Everytime I want to playtest my game, I have to wait for the intro to finish. Every event I add, I have to wait for them too to get to the last point I developed. I know there is a fast way to playtest consisting on turning on/off events (or was it switches?) but I can't...
  16. JKW6284

    Playtest Loads Old Version

    Hello, I have updated a lot of the content in my game and when I run the Playtest through the GUI it pulls up an old version of the game. I have made changes to the game, including changing the starting location of the player and it still loads up an old version. I have uninstalled and...
  17. johndfg

    FREE HALF DEAD - Game Testers needed

    After the death of his sister, Thomas collapses into a coma and wakes in a mind-bending dreamworld filled with strange objects, horrifying creatures, and constant danger. Though each minute spent in this place inches Thomas towards insanity, he must push ahead in order to learn the secrets of...
  18. Sharr_Zeor

    Playtest/Deployment white screen

    -Before I begin, I should mention that I have read and searched through other white screen/playtest issues and mine does not seem to match any that i have found- My game was running fine, it's very bare-bones at the moment, but it was working as intended. I'm only using two plugins...
  19. Invenblocker

    Playtester won't open

    I am using the Linux version of RPG Maker MV downloaded through Steam, and for whatever reason, the playtester will not open. It does not open and get stuck on a black or white screen, instead, nothing happens at all when I playtest, I press the button, and no window opens. I know for a fact...
  20. aureaproportio

    Black window when playtesting

    Hello, everybody! I downloaded the RMMV trial version a few days ago and I could never playtest. All I see is a black window, it doesn't even show the title screen. I can't hear any music, either. It's just the default map you get when starting a new project, so I know there shouldn't be...

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