1. FaithinQuinn

    RPG maker VX ACE playtesting doesn't work

    I've been working on a project for a while and the past two months I wasn't able to use my computer, when I finally had the time to, when I tried to play test the game, the window opened, stayed black for a while then shut itself off again. no message. nothing. just that. I tried to open it...
  2. aureaproportio

    Black window when playtesting

    Hello, everybody! I downloaded the RMMV trial version a few days ago and I could never playtest. All I see is a black window, it doesn't even show the title screen. I can't hear any music, either. It's just the default map you get when starting a new project, so I know there shouldn't be...
  3. Wind.Force

    Considering to sell my services for Game Designing

    I'm a graduate holder of Diploma in Game Design and I want to offer my services for a close 1 to individual/team in giving my opinions in terms of Game Design, Mechanics and etc. Why? I seen a lot of people wanting to make games in RPGMAKER - and very often, they ended up being not that fun...
  4. Trading Playtests

    I am a fairly new RPG Maker user, and although my game is in a playable state, I've had little luck getting feedback. If you're in a similar situation, I'm willing to propose a simple trade: I will play through your demo (to completion if at all reasonable) and try to give thorough feedback, if...
  5. Simon D. Aelsi

    Seeking bug/playtesters for Tale of the Cursed Lantern

    Seeking playtesters/bug testers for Tale of the Cursed Lantern. Who am I? I am a single developer who is struggling at the moment on bug testing and I am looking for sources of feedback as I progress. It would be nice for a couple people to give me perpetual feedback. Please keep in mind this...
  6. Playtesting Options

    In RPG Maker VX Ace, Do I have to start playtesting from the beginning of the game or is there a way to skip to the event I want to test?

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