1. Parallax Panda

    MogHunter Monogatari - Mog_SceneMenu (Playtime clock)

    So I'm using moghunters "Monogatari menu plugins" for my game and it's a bit messy overall but the biggest problem I'm having is with the "Playtime clock" displayed in the Menu's main scene (the first scene that launches when you press "ESC". The plugin file that edits this scene is called...
  2. [solved !] change playtime ?

    Hi ! Does anyone know how to change the playtime? It seems to be calculated by multiplying _framesOnSave, but is there a way to overwrite this variable, with a bit of js I guess? I just tried to do "$gameSystem._framesOnSave = 216000" (or some other value, doesn't matter), but it had no...
  3. Eliaquim


    Author Eliaquim Introduction Made that based on this thread. Sometimes you want the game to not count the PlayTime. For example, if you made a title screen in a map (with events) the game will already start counting the playtime. With this plugin, you can do this. Features Pause game...
  4. tale

    Save Slot Plus

    Save Slot+ ver 1.02 - 2013.07.27 Creator name: lctseng Introduction Enhanced save file Displays - Real time - Actor name/ face - Location: map display name - Play time Preview Installation Paste this script above Main. Script Credit and Thanks- 魂 (Lctseng) License - Apache License...
  5. tale

    Time Stop In Menu

    TimeStopInMenu - Version 1.0.0 (2017/02/11) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Stops playing time in menu, except for map and battle screen. Features - There is no plugin command. Credit and Thanks: Triacontane Terms of Use- Free for commercial and non-commercial use. License - MIT...
  6. Playtime or Timer Variable as Gold?

    So my idea is to let the hero own a shop. Every once in a while he can check in and get an amount of gold depending on how long it has been since he last checked. What would I need to do in order to make this work out? Also I want to start the "timer" for this when he first visits it, not when...
  7. Otto

    [VXA] I was trying to make a playtime addon...

    Howdy! I was trying to add a small window displaying the total playtime, somewhere into my menu which is run by this script here: #============================================================================== # ** Scene_Menu...
  8. Animebryan

    Displaying Playtime in the menu

    Is there a way to display a game's Playtime on the menu? I've tried setting the 'Data' Playtime to a variable & used a plugin to display that variable but it doesn't display it right. It looked like it displays in literal seconds or something.
  9. Peindora

    How to add playtime to menu?

    Hello again. I was wondering how could I add playtime in the menu. As far as I looked around on the internet there was nothing for rmxp. Can anyone please help?
  10. Nirwanda

    Playtime and location but no gold in party menu

    Exactly what it says in the title, I would be very thankful if someone could code a snippet that added the playtime and location(area name) and removed gold from the default menu. BTW, this would be for a contest game, it's not a big one. But I suppose I should inform you. Thanks for reading in...
  11. KinoCornell

    Additional Menu Windows

    I'm attempting to set up a menu using a flipped layout plugin from a very helpful YouTube tutorial video. The layout I'm using is in this very simple script here (I didn't create it): What I'm needing to do here is add a new window below the Command Window and above the Gold Window. That...
  12. How long is too long?

    I have always loved long games that last at least sixty hours -- but I wonder how that would work in an RPG Maker game? Have any developers made a game this long, or is it usually safer to stay under thirty hours? I love to create epic tales that are large in scope. I am an aspiring writer and...
  13. Rikifive

    Extra Menu Window

    Version 1.3   This script creates a simple window with custom information in main menu. Variables, playtime, location etc. can now be displayed in menu.   > Display variables, playtime, location and many more in main menu. > Set as many *items* displayed as you want! There are 4 examples by...

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