1. anthonytheperson

    attacks and skills aren’t doing damage

    I use the Nintendo switch version of Rpgmaker so I’m pretty limited in everything. recently, when I was test playing my game, the characters hits and skills do no damage at all, and so do the enemies attacks and skills. And when I mean no damage, it’s like the attacks don’t hit at all, not even...
  2. Hey all, I'm trying to make a little alpha for my roommates and I keep getting different errors, please help?

    Some of the errors I get are like this: [0831/133418.485:ERROR:main_dll_loader_win.cc(145)] Failed to load NW DLL from L:\wolf'sgame\Alpha\0.1\Project1\nw.dll: %1 is not a valid Win32 application. (0xC1) and others are like this: Windows cannot find L:\wolf'sgame\Alpha\0.1\Project1\Game.exe I've...
  3. A script to correct

    Hello everyone, wanting to create a script that simulates battles with Yu Gi Oh cards in battle, I tried to write a kind of script, but not obviously with words readable by Rpg Maker. I'd like to know how to turn it into a readable script from RPG Maker. The script to be corrected is in the...
  4. How can I save set swithces after closing game? [SOLVED]

    Hi! I'm currently using RMVA to make my game and I know this japanese script that allows to save the set variables after closing game, but, can I do the same with switches? Thanks!
  5. Galv's Map Projectiles

    Hello all, I have a bit of a predicament. I am trying to make a puzzle game where the player shoots fire, and I'm using the plugin Galv's Map Projectiles to accomplish this, and although I almost have it doing what I want, the issue right now is it takes more than one press of the enter button...
  6. JensDuck

    Am I just missing something? (Quest Making)

    Is there a correct way to say kill "X" amount of enemies? Am I looking for something like quest making, and need to do more detailed searching. Any help is help. Thanks, in advance.
  7. Looking for Sideview Animation Plugin

    I remember a plugin allowing me to use individual images like ones labeled 1 through 4. But they will play like an animation It allows you to use single images instead of sprite sheets. If anyone knows about it let me know please.
  8. Lord Vectra

    How do I get back my RPG Maker MV?!

    My PC is acting up and I got told today I have to reset it to its normal factory conditions. I was wondering how to get back MV after the reset without having to pay for it again. Or is there a support number I call for that?
  9. Dannilop

    I'm new, please I need teachers ¿How I walk and run in RPG MV?

    Hey guys, I'm from Colombia and I don't have many experience in the program RPG MV. I will make a lot questions very simple but I need your help. In this case, how I can make that mi player walk in a map and run pushing one key if the map come with "to run" for defaults? Please, I will so...
  10. Zheg

    RPGMMV callscript

    Hi, im wondering if exist a method to call a script (js) from the game to the html?? and process some score to it? i mean, here's an example: i have a game with hi-scores table and i want to that scores, also shown in the html i know the basic of js and html but to transfer that information...
  11. Lost Generator Part

    OKAY. I was backing up my MV generator parts and I think I deleted my "female body". (Yes I am a noob). Can anyone help me out? How do I get this part back?
  12. Scornas

    Help with the Yanfly Class system.

    I've tried restricting a class for my actor but it doesn't allow the game to play if I do. Same with skills and items.
  13. milchiah

    (Newbie)How to turn off/on lights by making the player press a wall switch?

    Um hi! o v o I'm very new to mv and very clueless I need help with lights! Like what the title says, how to make the lights turn on and off when the player presses a wall switch or whatever switch (lever, ,,)??? I have no experience with scripts and not much with the actual program so replies...
  14. Lord Vectra

    Inventory System Help [VxAce][SOLVED]

    I am using Theo's Limited Inventory script. I can set a variable equal to the max inventory you can have, but I can't set a variable equal to what the player has. Like, for now, I can tell you if you're max Inventory is 500, but I can't say you've used 300 of it. I need it for my evented...
  15. "Failed to load actor data"- RPG Maker VX

    Alright, I understand that many people have already asked about this and have had their problems solved, but none have had the answers that I sought. I've had RPG Maker VX for a year until one day, for some reason, it stated that it had "failed to load actor data." Back then, I attempted to fix...
  16. JustAColdKid

    What would you suggest doing better for events and maps that take up the most space in your project?

    Hello RPGMV community my name is justice and I was wondering how I can free up more space on my rpg maker mv events and maps as well as my project entirely. Any suggestion? Are there more organised ways of doing events?
  17. Encountered an error. Help!

    I am using pokemon essentials. I tried to create an npc that would follow you until you reached the end of the area. I have an event that makes the npc disappear when the player walks over it. The event gave this error when it occurred. any help would be appreciated, and I can post screenshots...
  18. Question about delayed effects from skills in battle.

    I was wondering how to make it so a skill in battle has a delayed effect after x amount of turns. I want to give my party a huge buff and then after 2 turns (which is how long the buffs will last) my entire party loses 50% of their hp. Is there anyway to do this or am I just overreaching?
  19. Mog Hunter's Boss HP Plugin

    Hey guys... Can somebody help me with this? I'm using some Mog Hunter Scripts. Including the Boss HP Gauge Plugin... however, the Gauge itself is appearing wrong... As you can see, the Gauge is like at 1/4 of all... The HP isnt the Problem cause this Boss' Full HP is 700.... All the files are...
  20. chumon

    I really need help asap....

    This is probly not the right place for this, but this is the only place I can think to turn that might actually understand what I'm talking about.... So I recently wentry on a hunt for a new game. I found final fantasy Blackmoon prophecy. It's really awesome, but it came with anotherfullscreen...

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