1. Set Event graphic script call MV

    Hi, hopefully this is an easy one, but I've spent the last hour googling and I can't find it. I need to change an event graphic through a script (to avoid a ridiculous amount of conditional branches, if you must know :p) and I have something I believe is for an earlier version of the software...
  2. Juanxpeke

    I have a problem with the tittle screen command window

    Hello everyone, how are you? c:  this is my first post and I'm really just learning how to use the RPG Maker VXAce, and now I had a problem and I didn't find any solution in intenet. The problem is related with the options window that appears in the tittle screen (command window I believe)...
  3. Myzma

    DDR Styled Mini Game?

    Is there any way to make a sort of DDR Mini Game for Rpg Maker MV?  Either scripts or Common Events or something? I've seen many people try making Rhythm based battles for MV, but only battles. I'd like to just have a Mini game that doesn't require a battle for this to happen. 
  4. Whitewitchworks

    I need some help with pixeling a bigger sprite

    Hello.  I'm sorry to be a bother but I'm a bit stuck.  I've never been very good at Pixel art and had reached a block working on the sprite for my game.  because of the nature of it the Single tile squashed look of the sprites doesn't really suit it so I'm using Hidden ones two tile large sprite...
  5. spiriter

    Can't convert to Android, pls help me.

    Hi guys, sry for my bad english. I bought rpg maker mv some days ago. It's on V1.3.1. I want to convert the game (or at least a Testgame) to APK fpr Android. It doesn't work for me at all. What i've tried: Converting with XDK - with encodet RPGMakerMV-Resources: on XDK-Simulator...
  6. Skill Type

    Hello guys! I need your help. Can you tell me how do I add a Skill Type in game? I know I can add Skill Types in the database, but I want to add it in the game.  Like, I dont want that my protagonists have the Type "Summon" at the beginning of the Game, I want that they learn it later...
  7. GreenTeaMochi

    How to make a face set??

    Hi, I'm so sorry if this is in the wrong category, and it probably is, but can I have some help with making a face set? I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Manga Studio Debut 4.0 to make it in, and I'd rather not spend any money on software at the moment. I would like to know the dimensions the page...

    First, how do I download BindPictureToMap plugin? It only shows me a text on github, what am I supposed to do with that? Been working on this project for like 2 weeks now and I just found out about parallax mapping, this is my first map: (if anyone needs the overlay- to help me of course...
  9. CharismaticGamer

    Resizing the menu?

    Ok so heres the problem :/ I'm trying to make a game and the progress is going splendid. I'm doing it in this resolution Graphics.resize_screen(480, 272) . The only problem I have is making the menu fit. I realize this was a problem when I was trying to change my weapon. I couldn't see it. So i...
  10. aurorablessing

    Data Transferable?

    Hello! So recently, my friend recommended me to use RPG Maker, so I got RPG Maker VX Ace Lite to try it out. I hit the limit of maps and was constantly annoyed by the constant event limit. Is there a way to transfer my game data when I get RPG Maker VX Ace? ~Thank you.
  11. How do I stop the game from auto making a party?

    hey guys, I was just wondering in rmmv whenever I start a new game it automatically makes the first 4 actors in a party? This is really frustrating!!! I tried clearing the characters but it still shows them in the menu!!!! does anyone know how to stop the game from doing this????
  12. Innovative Idea, but need lot's of assistance.

    I've started up a new game using VX Ace, and I've actually given making games with this engine a few shots...I've finally figured out how a few things work but I really need some assistance with what's coming up next. I plan on making a game, based around music, however turn based... and I don't...
  13. Modern Tilesets For MV Please?

    Hey, reader! So recently I've been trying to any kind of modern tileset for my game that, you know, supports all the features I need for the games. I can't for the LIFE of me find one that I can use properly or any that look like it would fit with the plot/genre. If any of you reading can help...
  14. Trjstan

    Will there ever be a Steam version?

    I'd buy it if there came a Steam ver.
  15. Niten Ichi Ryu

    Plugin Request: Mapshot

    One of the most useful and practical script that existed in ACE was, in my opinion, Tsukihime's Map screenshot script. It would allow you to take a good quality Screenshot of your full map, with events and Characters.  the save as image feature in MV is useful, but far less powerful that that...
  16. Need help removing certain window for key items

    My problem is a little specific. I need my game to not display the second window (with the actor and name) (shown in Capture 2) when an item is selected, but I am unsure how to make this come to pass. Is there a script I need to edit in order for me to prevent this window from popping up...
  17. Charge Battle System?

    Is there a script that make your guy have to wait to attack and while waiting they can attack?
  18. Clockwarkgate

    Looking for let's player; PLAY MY GAME

    Looking for "Lets Player" to play games that I've created. WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: -do commentary of my game excluded complains on long cut scenes, auto text rolling, and music used. -foul language is fine! Too much mockery is not. -patience on the very long game play duration, LOL! -loves...
  19. Alistor53259

    RPG Maker VX Ace: Controlling BOTH SIDES of the Battle

    I desire to duke out an RPG battle between a friend and I with each of us having our own characters/party. Sadly, the enemy side is AL-controlled. IS THERE A WAY TO CONTROL BOTH SIDES OF THE BATTLE for an effective versus match? Thanks for any help.
  20. Victor Hate

    Damage sprite issue

    Alright I have been looking of this issue and I am having problems that I can not figure out. I am working on lots of cut scenes that involve a lot of characters, and during some of the scenes people are hurt or killed during the events of the story. Now my issue I face is that I have hero...

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