1. RadDevVan101

    Title Screen PLZ

    I wanted to make a game but with it I also wanted a tile screen... I made a image of how I wish for it too look THIS IMAGE IS NOT IN GAME AND IS JUST AN IMAGE I MADE TO SHOW WHAT I WANT IT TO LOOK LIKE AND NOTHING MORE Can anyone help me with this?
  2. TheOddFellow

    Help with a signature

    I have looked over the forums to find where to post this question, but I couldn't, and hopefully the admin will move it to the right one if this is wrong... But how do I get a picture on my signature? It said it needed an url, so I posted the max size picture allowed on my facebook, grabbed...
  3. Leafthefur

    Region trigger events help..

    Im trying to make this event with regions, that when the player touches region 1 the event will trigger This is the event that controls the regions and the one i want to trigger And this is the event i want to trigger This is my problem: When i enter the map, the character (graphic) isnt...
  4. Jericho Swain

    Tutorial: How do I do P Path ?

    How do I do P Path ? I read that I need to run the console....I don't understand....How do I do P Path ? Please Help thanks !
  5. Joe

    I need dragon sprites

    I need sprites of some dragons. I need one to be tiny, one to be medium and one to be big. Please make them RPG maker vx ace style and make them gray. Whoever does this will be in the credits of my game. Thank you.  :) :thumbsup-right:
  6. StephenSilva

    My product key was not included

    I bought Rpg Maker SEVENTY fricking DOLLARS and the product key was not included in the email. Please help 
  7. alphab817

    Character appears after a while?

    Hello guys! So I'm making the opening cutscene for my game right now and I'm having some difficulty with the last scene. The last scene is basically after the fadein, you see the main character, walking to school, and after a second or so, the main character's friend yells out his name, and is...
  8. Wolf Recolour Request

    I need three recolours of the wolf on this sheet. I don't really need them all done at once, but it'd be nice. In my project, the main character's family all have pet wolves, and the player will need a way to differentiate. I need one wolf to be dark brown, another one to be white, and the last...
  9. Joe

    What did you get for Christmas?

    This is a thread where we talk about what we got for Christmas. I'll go first. an hourglass (More like 3 minute glass) $3
  10. Missing Product key - please help

    I ordered IG Maker last night and was never given a product key so I can't activate the program. I received download links and Paypal confirmations but no key of any description. My order # is R641216170 please help. I've already contacted support but saw that people got responses on here so I...
  11. kirigirisan

    Text Help!

    I feel like this might be super dumb but I just can't figure it out D: I'm trying to add text for each stage that I have. Ten stages, ten separate texts. It's like a couple sentences located in the top half that are constantly present throughout the stage in the same place. I've created the...
  12. Joe

    Can someone make me these sprites?

    Can someone make me a sprite of this character, except he looks like he's falling? I REALLY need it for my game, so it would be great if someone could make these for me.
  13. Joe

    I need sprites...

    Hello, I would like it if someone could make a sprite of the character (It's in the attached files.) I would like it if you made him have flying sprites, like in a top-down view and his wings and hair flowing when he's moving.  I REALLY need this for my game.
  14. NoahJMina

    Start a script with a switch

    I have a script i would like to start with a switch (001:two players) how would i go about doing this. please and thank you.
  15. How to make a Larger Sprite?

    Hello. And so, as the title says, how do I make larger sprite? Please give me detailed description, please. And thanks for your time. One more question: Am I posting in the right section? Very sorry if not.
  16. Enemy hp not what I set?

    I recently started using RPG maker ace and everything has been working great, but the hp I set for new monster or enemies I create are not what i set them to. I use Windows 7 if that means anything. My friend said he didn't have a problem. Please help me resolve this issue. Thanks :D ! EDIT...

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