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  1. amaSenpai

    Dreams to Games

    Hello there, I have a ton of weird dreams that could be turned into stories or games with a smidge of work. I'm sure you have had some of these as well! So I thought I'd put them here for discussion, idea bouncing, and dream sharing. Feel free to add your own or reply to somebody else. Let's go!
  2. Plot ideas for horror game?

     Main character:   11 Year old Timmy. Fragile young kid, has'nt previously been away from his family for more than hours at a time. Timmy has been bullied by everyone around him since he can remember. Timmy goes through depression, and hallucinations, or are they?   Plot:   Timmy's...

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Ah yes. Just the reference I was looking for to use for my portrait. Thanks Google.

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