1. Just want to chat about horror ideas

    I'm thinking, I'm going to make a horror game. I've looked through many gameplay videos of other horror rpg games on youtube, but still haven't found my inspiration. I want to come up with a gameplay that makes players think, feel creative. I am also thinking about a plot with many twists and...
  2. Black Pagan

    RMMV Discussing the Anime Hero Advantage Concept

    Well, to start off I would assume some people here watch Anime. I would say most Anime and Movies have this pattern - Where the Hero starts off as someone who is insignificant and then discovers something special or acquires something or become insanely Powerful or Unique compared to most of his...
  3. Hollow 1977

    Why did it end this way?

    Just finished Geobreeders manga. But when I got to the end It's kind of weird the comic was funny and did not really seem to be serious till the end which I am not sure what the author was thinking. So I ask you is there any anime, manga, or game that you feel got left unfinished or an ending...
  4. Bosiphas

    RMMV Kingdom Hearts Legacy

    Not super set on the name... I'd like something more Kingdom Heartsy if y'know what I mean. I've only been working on this for about a month and I've gotten most (not really) of the plot down, right now I'm just trying to replicate the feeling of the games as much as possible. Anyway, the game...
  5. rpgdreamer

    Use Me to Bounce your Ideas Off Of!

    Hope this is in the right place or allowed, and, in an attempt to get more involved with the community: Hello, fellow RPG Maker enthusiasts! Whether it's for first game or your tenth, sometimes you find yourself with no one to turn to when you want to bounce of an idea, or want to talk through...
  6. MastertheX

    How would you go about subverting the player's expectations?

    Title really says it all. In a story, how would you subvert the players expectations within a story? I often times think of this while working on my game and while it's nearly a 10 year plot that has been revised over and over, I feel I still have little grasp upon subverting the reader's...
  7. atoms

    Do you ever do writing for your game when you are tired? I.e. Dialogue. Would you recommend it?

    I was just curious if anyone here is like me and sometimes writes dialogue or other writin for there games when they are tired. Long ago I was against it as I always thought I can't write the best I can do when I'm tired, but now my attitude is it's fine to write so long you go back to it later...
  8. tae_ka_pre

    A game I made but can't finish anymore

    Edit: I'm planning to make that game now. I was able to get away from my suicidal thoughts after all my failures. Now that I know my family will still accept me. I want to make a great game, and that's what I plan to do. This time, I'll be sure to finish it.
  9. autophagy

    Dynamically outlining your plot with Google Sheets

    (...or any software that does tables, basically. Also some general plotting advice.) Introduction I am a writer and I know the struggle of keeping your plot organized. There's tons of different software for it, some of it quite expensive, some free. There's also many different approaches and...
  10. Lord Chrom

    Plot Help

    I've been working on the story for my game for two years, but oddly enough, it's never been fully fleshed out. I've got the tech issues figured out, I'm getting better at balancing the stats, and I have quite a few maps built that have been intended on the many variations of the beginning, but I...
  11. Stanley

    Should I join your crew? Will you lemme join your crew?

    Hi, I would love to know and contemplate on your opinion. Which one is better? The early parts of the story go with the protagonist being observed, tested and recruited into a group, like, say, a mercenaries band, a heroes guild, a starship crew, a revolutionary army, a secret order, etc, or...
  12. GoodSelf

    Looking for advice on the beginning of my game

     So I have the story set up for my game, but I'm running into a roadblock:  how does my character get trapped in the temple?   Does he hear a voice calling from the temple,  walks in, and the door closes behind him? Or does he fall through the floor into a chamber below because you know it's...
  13. Badweather4cast

    The Evil is You

    This post is somewhat inspired by Vox Novus's Thread on recognizing a villain through visual cues, and I was actually going to start discussing it within that thread. However, I realised that this topic would not have fit in so perfectly with it, so I decided to make a new thread for it. I'd...
  14. Torn about game ideas

    Hi this is my first time posting not just on the rpg maker forums but in any forums ever so hopefully I'm doing this right :)  I've been playing around with RPG Maker for about a year and I feel ready to seriously pursue a project. I'm definitely a gamer but first and foremost my greatest...
  15. Vox Novus

    Recognizing the Villain

    Been awhile since I've made a discussion question, anyway something I was thinking about after watching some gameplay of FF XV. How do you feel about a game where you see a character and right away you know that guy's the villain? Either they just have a really sinister look or in the case of...
  16. GolvaeGames

    Bride and Mother/Orphan Battler where to place

    I have a bride style battler, and mother and orphan style battlers. I am trying to decide which one to put in the church ad which to put in a house. They both fit either aesthetically well, and I could work either of them out plot wise, I just don't know which would fit better in the church. The...
  17. Outlining Multiple Character Paths

    *To preface this question, I should probably summarize my game's method of story advancement/POV(Point-Of-View). In my game, you are seeing the world through the eyes of who is leading your party. Certain characters are filled with bloodlust and everything is red and disturbing to them, one...
  18. grem333

    Opinions on Plot for Farm Game

    Hey guys! I would like to get your opinion/suggestions on my plot idea for my farm game, Rustic Tales. Basically, the beginning of the game starts like an old-school Harvest Moon game, where you inherit your grandfather's run-down farm after he dies, so you move from the City to the isolated...
  19. Balako

    Plot story!!

    Hello, i wanted people to give me feedback on the story im using for the mini game im making!! *could grow or be built on so ill edit this post when required :D* since im bad at story telling i would appreciate any tips, feedback and criticism, good or bad!!! The game world is set in...
  20. Alkorri

    How to Write a Good Game Thread (and synopsis)

    (2019: Hopefully fixed the formatting. Special thanks to the forum users who allowed me to use their game threads to cite examples) Hi there, everyone! I've looked through the threads of a great many game projects, and can't help but notice that some users don't seem to know how to write a game...

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