1. Creating a Multiple Choice Image Mini-game (Video Example Below)

    Heya internet! So, for a certain part of my game, there is a quiz minigame (like that of below) that I may need help creating. I just need help finding/making a plug-in showing how to have images be selectable (similar to that of the "Show Choices" command, except with a picture, and letting a...
  2. Nilom

    Let my plug in wait until Scene_Boot.start

    Hello! How can I let the code in my plug in wait until Scene_Boot.start was executed, so that I can use $gameActors.(i) and so on? Thank you in advance! :LZSsmile:
  3. Nilom

    Yanfly's Skill Rewards plug in, double value display bug

    I think I've come across a bug in Yanfly's Skill Rewards plug in. What I basically want to do with this skill is use up to 40 TP and recover 1% HP for each TP used. Note: I wanted the user to be able to use this ability with 1 TP, 5 TP, 30 TP, 100 TP or whatever. I didn't know how to...
  4. Nilom

    Yanfly Enhanced TP set TP mode for class

    Hello! I'm using Yanfly's Enhanced TP for the resources of my classes. Is there a way that I can set the TP mode for a class or if skill(x) is learned? Unfortunately it seems to me that these notetags can only be set for actors. But on the other side I'm just a javascript novice. I would need...
  5. Nilom

    Turning MP into Rage, Energy, etc.

    Does anyone know if there is a plugin like Yanfly's Enhanced TP but that lets you manipulate MP instead? I want to keep TP as an additional limitation for strong skills. So I would like to use MP for Rage, Energy, Focus or what not. :LZSsmile:
  6. p0_boy r.i.p. events

    about the plug-in "patay" means dead in the tagalog language. does just that- it 'kills' events dynamically and makes sure they stay dead. for use with methods that generate new events through code during gameplay, and other neat applications. download killEvents.js [Google...
  7. p0_boy

    zHUD - A Zelda-esque HP HUD Plug-In

    zHUD (v0.8) by dismal_science__ and Caethyril Introduction zHUD is a very rudimentary HP Head-Up Display, reminiscent to the style used in the Zelda series. zHUD is designed for use with single-actor games. zHUD uses a set of image files to indicate HP status. Parameters Prefix This...
  8. Gabrepasta

    [SOLVED] Poblem with SumRndmDde's "Equip Compare Upgrade" plug-in

    The script is supposed to help me make changes to the stats displayed in the equipment-window and how they are displayed. BUT if the plug-in is active, I get what is shown in the image (the text is German). As you can see, the window that is supposed to show the stats is just not there and I...
  9. Arctorius

    Heal dead and alive members

    So, dumb question, is there a plugin that lets you heal both dead and alive members? As far as I know the only one I could find had compatibility problems with Yanfly's. I've checked Yanfly's Target and Selection Core but there doesn't seem to be a notetag that let's you do that. I searched in...
  10. Meam

    Help with Showing Character Faces in the Message Window!!

    hello! I'm new here, and I really need help for a school project :( So I was hoping to emulate a message bust or portrait using already available codes and options for displaying the face graphic in message windows, because I have no clue how to make the character creation plug-in I'm using...
  11. nathkyo

    A plug-in for MV to convert files back to VX Ace.

    Recently I went through my VX projects and stumbled across an old project that I have been working on. Since I had VX Ace. unfortunately I lost the project and some of the maps are larger than mv will support. is there a way to create a plug-in to go back so I might be able to edit the maps down...
  12. Dungeonmind

    Need Help with Yanfly Journal System Plugin for MV

    Hi everyone! I am mainly needing someone with greater JS knowledge than the average user and knowledge of the following plugins: - YEP_Quest_Journal -> - YEP_X_MapQuestWindow ->...
  13. JustinK

    Change order of title screen with Yanfly Credits Page

    Hi there, I am currently using the Yanfly Credits Page but I have encountered a little problem. As you can see in the files below the 'Credits' are above the 'Start Game'. I want this to be in a different order, can anyone tell me how to do this? EDIT: Link for the plug-in...
  14. TheJuuuuJuuuu

    Enemy Book (Bestiary) like in FF

    Hello everyone! I am currently working on a project in advanced stage with RPG Maker MV and up until now I've been using the "EnemyBook" plug-in that came with the software. However, the more I use it, the less attractive it becomes to me. For a very-close-to-FF-RPG, a bestiary like in some...
  15. JustinK

    'Best' plug-ins/plug-in makers

    Hi there, I am looking to broaden my plug-in knowledge. Therefore I would like to find some plug-ins and plug-in makers who are the most popular/used. Do you have any preferences or have any suggestions on what to (always) use? If this is in the incorrect location please move it. Greetings...
  16. Fangzarie

    Guild/ Party Member Help

    I'm quite new to RPG maker and I have found a problem with the party system or rather what I need to party system to "do". What i'm trying to get is mechanics similar to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or any guild format in certain games like Fire Emblem. I'm trying to create a game where you can...
  17. Rob64_IV

    Help with Keys

    I want to assign a key to open individual menus (Items, Stats, Equip, etc.), is there a way to use a script or maybe an available plugin that fits my needs?
  18. Actor Version of Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies Plug-in?

    Hi, I am looking for a plug-in that does exactly what Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies plug-in does, except I need one for actors. You can find the script here as well as a video of what it looks like and does. It adds Movement and Breathing like effects to Static SV Enemies etc...
  19. fabrizio

    How to update 'Sprite_Character' after changing value of a META?

    How to update 'Sprite_Character' after changing value of a META? Hi! First, excuse my English. It's not my first language. MY CURRENT SITUATION I'm using Masked VisualEquipment. I thought of using it, in addition to clear the normal function of it, also create a SHIELD system. When the player...
  20. johanes

    Event ID on thread

    Need Help.... I'm starting a new project and kindda stuck with a plug in i'm trying to make, the idea is to detect the ID number of an event in a specific tile and change a variable subbed with the same ID number (eg. Gold_0001) by adding or subtracting from another variable (eg. Gold_0002) If...

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