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  1. RMMV How to call a choice and message in Plugin

    Hello, I have been trying to create a plugin which will show messages and choices with relativly fixed text in them. The first message and choice works fine, but after the choice no more messages will be displayed even though the code gets run! Here is the code for the first message and choice...
  2. ShenTzu

    RMMV Error with YEP_EventChasePlayer and YEP_CoreEngine when quick loading using ZephAM_SaveLoadDefeat

    After quick saving, moving to another map, and attempting to quick load from the map, the game crashes with this error. Manually loading the quick save from the save screen doesn't cause the issue, only when I try to quick load from the map. The error only seems to come up if I quick save...
  3. SilvonTheResearcher

    [VictorEngine CTB System] Problem with CTB icon offset

    I am currently using VE's CTB system, and it works wonderfully. However, since some of the characters in my game have a lot of skills, the default window is displayed above the bottom-right-most skill when the skill menu is up. This also happens for the items menu. To "fix" this, I decided to...
  4. Can anyone help me with this problem please?

    So, I was trying to make it so that one of my party members would be able switch weapons mid battle, however, I can't because a plugin will not let me. can anyone help me figure out how to make it so that I can let the party member switch weapons mid battle?
  5. CGTrouble

    RMMZ Plug in for more windowfiles

    Hello everyone! Im kind of new here and my English is not my first language. (sorry for mi writing) I'm trying to do a (hope) kind of simple plug in, which allows the GameDev to change the Window style through the game. Like calling the plug in in a Event or Common Event to change the...
  6. SilvonTheResearcher

    Displaying all buff/debuffs an enemy has above its sprite

    By default, RPG Maker cycles through the icons of buffs, debuffs and states an enemy has above its sprite. This usually isn't a problem, since an enemy rarely gets more than 2 or 3 of these. But some bosses of the game I'm working on buff many stats by themselves, and considering the debuffs and...
  7. MegaStupidBulgarian1

    Help with Yanfly Quest Journal

    I made a quest and every time i open it after a event it shows a sintax error.
  8. TomTheBulwark

    I need some help

    In advance: sorry for my english. First of all, hello everyone. I'm fairly new at RPG Maker MV, and I have an ambitious project, full of lore and stuff, inspired by a TTRPG i created and runned for over 5 years. However, I've never coded before. I'm a huge video game player, but I never got...
  9. cozplump

    RMMZ diaogue text sounds plugin request

    Hi, is there any plugins that gives a dialogue/text sounds for each of the characters in MZ? I was inspired by undertale of the dialogue/text sound effect for each of the characters and i dont want to spend any money for Visustella plugins cuz Im broke :rswt pls help thank you
  10. Hazel2eyes

    Different variables show in status menu depending on Actor for MZ?

    Is there a way to show different custom variables in the status menu depending on the Actor?
  11. Bithius

    RMMZ Crafting Plug-In Issues

    So I recently downloaded Skotty_tv's crafting plug-in, "STV_CraftSystem". In concept, it's literally perfect. Exactly what I'm looking for. Only issue is that I can't figure out how to call up the plug-in scripts for the main menu, and his plug-in doesn't use *any* preset script commands. Its...
  12. Galv_

    New to Rpg Maker: Need help with plugins

    I'm having an issue altering max variables in RPG Maker MZ using a the Yanfly Core Engine Plugin. I can't seem to find out how to implement the variables I change.
  13. Mark_Lecarde

    RMMZ Gauge shape plugin compatibility issues.

    Good day! Is there anyone who tried gauge shape plugin from Salik's news? That plugin, sadly, somehow conflicts with Visustella's Skills and States Core (was deduced by disabling all plugins one by one). If they both are enabled, only TP gauge is changed. I understand that Visu's code is...
  14. Deadlyspud

    RMMZ Solved. Community lighting player torch brightness

    I've solved this now. Anyone with torch issues, I'll be posting a tutorial later. New to this like me but want to make a mystery game? I'll show you my normal torch system and Forensic torch set up to make blood stains (etc) show up. I'll link to it when its done
  15. Yanntastisch

    RMMZ Side-View Battle Actors on the left?

    Hello there. Is there a way to mirror the actors in the side-view battle of RPG Maker MZ, so they stand on the left side and the enemies on the right? I would really like to do that for my game. After some searching, I found this script for MV but I doubt that it would work for MZ. The only...
  16. RMMV Victory Aftermath Plugin causing big error

    I am working on a game in MV that uses Yanfly plugins and the Aftermath Levelup plugin is causing a "cannot read property 'length' of undefined" error whenever the player character levels up. I have VictoryAftermath loaded before it. Other than a plugin by Fallen Angel Olivia that allows for...
  17. DestroyDX

    RMMV Dual weild Weapon type restrictions

    High this is DestroyDX here, so I'm making a game called "The way Home" and in I have a character that can dual wield butI don't want him to be able to equip two of the same weapon types. Does anyone know how I can do this?
  18. RMMZ Help- Install Plugins for iMac OS. How?

    Hello, I am new to all this. Could someone help me on how to install/insert plugins on RPG Maker MZ for iMac? A walkthrough guide. Or link to someone who did a tutorial. Anything would help. The way they do it for PC isn't working for me. I'm new to this forum. Just started my game creating...
  19. RMMZ Visustella Auto Skills - TPB bug?

    Hello, I've recently began using the Auto Skill Triggers plugin from Visustella - which allows for skills to auto trigger during specific instances; taking damage, enemy death, player death etc. The plugin appears to be running fine; when my character takes physical damage she then...
  20. Cootadude

    RMMV BGM and sound manipulation Plugin needed (SOLVED)

    For a Dynamic Randomized Music system I'm currently developing I need a plugin that will allow me to do cross fades between tracks for a smoother transition. I already found the perfect plugin for this but it's $9.00 and I don't have that money and the income to get it, so if you know of a free...

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