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  1. RMMV I would like to fix a bug in the 'Command Remember' option in the 'SRD_SkillExtender.js' plugin.

    hello. I am a novice creator making games with RPG MV. I was looking for a plugin to further refine skills in the game, and found the 'SRD_SkillExtender.js' plugin. This plugin allows developers to create skills that prompt players to make a second input after the original skill input. After...
  2. LotusMonkey

    Where to find plugins?

    Sry if this sounds stupid but i recently got back into rpg maker and i wanna start using my old plugins again. where can i find MV plugins?
  3. Plug-Ins Help

    Could Someone PLEASE Send A REALLY Detailed Tutorial On Plug-Ins? Like, Explaning Every Single Thing I'm New And Trying To Create A Game I'm Paning On Using A Smooth Walk Plug-In If Thats Useful
  4. Flannery

    RMMV Character Incorrectly Being Added With Equipment

    I'll keep this simple. My problem is that when I am adding a character to my party, they are starting with items, specifically Armors, I have not assigned them in the Actors page of the database. I have made sure that I am working with a clean save file every time I start. I am in fact...
  5. Help with YEP_Battle Status Window

    Good afternoon to all of you! First of all, I hope I'm not posting too much, since my last one was in tuesday this week. If that's the case, I'll try to reduce the number of posts! Anyway, I recently started using Yanfly's Battle Status Window, and I like it a lot. One thing that I like...
  6. Buffing Hit and Evasion chance

    Good morning, everyone! In one of my skill-trees, I want to buff the party's success, evasion (and magic evasion) rate. I changed the formula that calculates the above mentioned Extra Parameters, but I decided that it was a safer alternative to simply apply a buff-like state. This should work...
  7. Weird problem with Damage Formula and addState(1)

    Hello everyone! I am trying to make a skill (Crippling blow) that deals a certain amount of damage and kills if the opponent is not a boss and is frozen. Now, in theory this sounded very easy. I didn't even use any plug-in, simply I put in the damage formula: if(b.isStateAffected(44))...
  8. 05Simone

    RMMV Plug-in ARPG on MV

    Hi, I recently discovered RPG Maker and, after I did the free trial, I decided that I will buy the MV version (even if the cost of MZ is not affordable). I wanted to create an ARPG project and I discovered that there is an officially released dedicated plugin. However I found out that it was...
  9. VicArt

    Problem with Galv Layer Plugin

    Like the title said, I installed it. I have visustella collection for battle, and the sideview combat UI. Even with the option to turn off the "fix battlefield position" it doesn't work either way, the actor remains in the same position. It's not why I am writing this, however. The issue is...
  10. abdo97z

    RMMV message text speed with message sound effect

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make my game messages have a sound effect and i achieved that using Galv's sound effect plugin: But the problem is when I installed a text speed plugin it doesn't work when Galv's...
  11. RMMV How to call a choice and message in Plugin

    Hello, I have been trying to create a plugin which will show messages and choices with relativly fixed text in them. The first message and choice works fine, but after the choice no more messages will be displayed even though the code gets run! Here is the code for the first message and choice...
  12. ShenTzu

    RMMV Error with YEP_EventChasePlayer and YEP_CoreEngine when quick loading using ZephAM_SaveLoadDefeat

    After quick saving, moving to another map, and attempting to quick load from the map, the game crashes with this error. Manually loading the quick save from the save screen doesn't cause the issue, only when I try to quick load from the map. The error only seems to come up if I quick save...
  13. SilvonTheResearcher

    [VictorEngine CTB System] Problem with CTB icon offset

    I am currently using VE's CTB system, and it works wonderfully. However, since some of the characters in my game have a lot of skills, the default window is displayed above the bottom-right-most skill when the skill menu is up. This also happens for the items menu. To "fix" this, I decided to...
  14. Can anyone help me with this problem please?

    So, I was trying to make it so that one of my party members would be able switch weapons mid battle, however, I can't because a plugin will not let me. can anyone help me figure out how to make it so that I can let the party member switch weapons mid battle?
  15. CGTrouble

    RMMZ Plug in for more windowfiles

    Hello everyone! Im kind of new here and my English is not my first language. (sorry for mi writing) I'm trying to do a (hope) kind of simple plug in, which allows the GameDev to change the Window style through the game. Like calling the plug in in a Event or Common Event to change the...
  16. SilvonTheResearcher

    Displaying all buff/debuffs an enemy has above its sprite

    By default, RPG Maker cycles through the icons of buffs, debuffs and states an enemy has above its sprite. This usually isn't a problem, since an enemy rarely gets more than 2 or 3 of these. But some bosses of the game I'm working on buff many stats by themselves, and considering the debuffs and...
  17. MegaStupidBulgarian1

    Help with Yanfly Quest Journal

    I made a quest and every time i open it after a event it shows a sintax error.
  18. TomTheBulwark

    I need some help

    In advance: sorry for my english. First of all, hello everyone. I'm fairly new at RPG Maker MV, and I have an ambitious project, full of lore and stuff, inspired by a TTRPG i created and runned for over 5 years. However, I've never coded before. I'm a huge video game player, but I never got...
  19. cozplump

    RMMZ diaogue text sounds plugin request

    Hi, is there any plugins that gives a dialogue/text sounds for each of the characters in MZ? I was inspired by undertale of the dialogue/text sound effect for each of the characters and i dont want to spend any money for Visustella plugins cuz Im broke :rswt pls help thank you
  20. Hazel2eyes

    Different variables show in status menu depending on Actor for MZ?

    Is there a way to show different custom variables in the status menu depending on the Actor?

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