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  1. Help with SOUL_MV Awakening Skill Cut In Plugin

    Okay, so I found this script about a year ago and thought it was pretty cool. Started up a new project with some friends and thought it would be fun to use this plugin in the game. Everything works FINE except for one thing. The images used in the plug-in don't go away after the critical, and...
  2. Zolakandhoney

    Help with Moghunter's TimeSystem Plug-in

    Hello, I am using Moghunter's time system. And I’m having a bit of an issue with using it in my eventing. I want to be able to make events occur based on the time, day, year, etc. But I don’t know what to do in order to make it understand what I want from it. I can do eventing based on switches...

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Continuing working on abs. So far I have done the workout twice. I am excited to see the results after a couple of weeks. How is everyone doing? :)
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Oof, this "side project" of mine is starting to get as complex as a VS plugin, at least as far as plugin parameters are concerned. I think I now understand why a plugin like this doesn't already exist(that I know of). Learning a lot while trying to make it work though!
Had apparently not checked Itch for 3 months, kind of forgot I had an account rofl.

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