plug in request

  1. DestroyDX

    RMMV Line of sight plugin

    Hey there game makers just wanted to know if there is a plugin out there that allows me to make line of sight events like these I want the line of sight to be able to block by large objects and for an event to run whenever the player is in the line of sight. I originally tried to make it...
  2. cozplump

    RMMZ diaogue text sounds plugin request

    Hi, is there any plugins that gives a dialogue/text sounds for each of the characters in MZ? I was inspired by undertale of the dialogue/text sound effect for each of the characters and i dont want to spend any money for Visustella plugins cuz Im broke :rswt pls help thank you
  3. Deadlyspud

    RMMZ Change a pictures ID / or swap a pic with its neighbour

    So im trying to create a puzzle where the player has to swap wires to their correct colour switch position to give power once theyre in the right position. i have my images in place and their coordinates, and i have common events and variables working so i can swap between and highlight the...
  4. Jade010

    RMMZ I need to see if someone can make a menu plugin for me

    Hi! I'm making a My Little Pony Fanbased game and would like it to have a custom menu screen for when the player pauses the game. I need it to be almost fully customizable. For example: the menu locations for the base menu (when the first press pause) to allow me to edit that background, the...
  5. NarniNarni

    Making MP work the same way as TP?

    Hi, I'm trying to make a game where every character has two resources, chaos and order, and the player would need to use certain actions in order to generate said resources to use more powerful skills/ultimates i.e: using light, water, earth and wind elemental moves the actor would generate...
  6. NarniNarni

    RMMZ change actors' position in battle?

    Hi, does anyone know of any plugins for mz or a way editing the .js files to edit the location of each actor in battle? I'm trying to build a battle system around 12 active actors in battle, but they're all standing in one giant row, and I tried yanfly row formation but there is one tiny...
  7. MarceloGToonz

    RMMV Party Switch Plugin

    I need a plugin that makes a scene so I can add a scene where the player talks to a npc and then a window shows up and you can switch actors around through your party and the unlocked characters. I need some plugin which isnt the Party Switch plugin by Yanfly cuz im broke
  8. Calico_Bee

    RMMV Imessage Dialogue

    Is there a plugin or something of some sort that lets you create dialogue like this? Like through a text message like format. This isn't the best example but, think Simulacra/Sara is missing or Mystic Messager.
  9. Solovei

    RMMV (MV) Shoplifting plug-in, VX Ace Port?

    Hi there! I hope this is in the right section... I came across this Shoplifting script on the GrimoireCastle website and thought it would be perfect for the game I'm starting to work on. But, before I got too far into it, MV went on sale and I decided to get that instead (I was using VX Ace...
  10. Cootadude

    RMMV BGM and sound manipulation Plugin needed (SOLVED)

    For a Dynamic Randomized Music system I'm currently developing I need a plugin that will allow me to do cross fades between tracks for a smoother transition. I already found the perfect plugin for this but it's $9.00 and I don't have that money and the income to get it, so if you know of a free...
  11. RMMV DBZ Power Level Plug-in?

    I’m attempting to make a DBZ themed RPG, and I was wondering if there was a plug-in that sort of shows the accumulative numerical value of a characters stats? Like, say you got 10 stat categories and they all have 10 points in each stat, your total power level would be a 100. Something like that...
  12. PaganoCristo

    RMMZ [on-screen controls wanted] Best -not paid system for on-screen custom controls

    Hello, I am a new RPGmaker MZ user with basic JS knowledge for web design. I'm looking for a way to implement a simple custom on-screen button or more (with its relative keyboard input) for some of the game scenes. I'd need it to perform simple tasks as running a common event, maybe supporting...
  13. numituwi

    Victor Engine Character Control but for MV?

    Good afternoon everyone! :kaohi: I've been waiting for a few years for Victor Engine Character Control on VX Ace to have a MV equivalent but I figured it wasn't in demand. Essentially I want to be able to categorize animations with a call rather than doing everything manually through move route...
  14. Ely

    Oddly specific plug in request(please help)

    I'm using rpg maker mv: So I'm making a mystery game and I want the player to be able to think at anytime. They would access it through the menu travel into a separate area and then the clues that they have will give them access too conclusions. And when they are done they can return to...
  15. Seanwest21

    Actor Portraits in Battle based on HP Percentage.

    I don't know if anyone has asked. Since there are SO MANY REQUESTS I haven't looked through them all to see if this has been posted before. But my request is a FREE standard Actor Portrait in Battle Plug-In for RPG Maker MV. That changes based on how much HP your characters have left. I.E. Say...
  16. Macgyver831

    Dialogue and forced commands in menu (Better Tutorials)

    I'm hoping for a way to simplify tutorial creation! Looking to accomplish the following: 1) While the menu is open, Move the cursor so the player can track what options are being highlighted 2) Dialogue to happen while menus are opened 3) Options to be chosen WITHOUT the player input I made a...
  17. CapitalAkito

    Custom Menu Windows

    To start out, the project I'm working on in MV has a resolution of 1920x1080, so naturally the menu and message windows stretch across the screen and don't look very appealing at all. SRD's Super Tools Engine seemed to do the trick for a while until I began to add other plugins to the list. I...
  18. Creating a Multiple Choice Image Mini-game (Video Example Below)

    Heya internet! So, for a certain part of my game, there is a quiz minigame (like that of below) that I may need help creating. I just need help finding/making a plug-in showing how to have images be selectable (similar to that of the "Show Choices" command, except with a picture, and letting a...
  19. Plug-in for Menu that Adds an Image Depending on Variables?

    Heya internet! So, I've been using RPG Maker MV for a project of mine. However, I suck at programming menus! :kaocry: I did a post somewhere, and they said I'd probably need a plug-in, so here I am! My game uses some really important variables to track stuff done in-game, things like Morality...
  20. OmnislashXX

    Need an Item Requirements Plugin outside of battle.

    Yanfly's Item Requirements doesn't cut it. The codes either don't work or only used in battles. What I need: A plugin that will effect items outside of battle. I wish to implement Tomes and Scrolls to teach specific classes to use Techniques and Spells. They will be a one time use item but will...

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