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  1. VesperCire

    Conflict between some of Yanfly's plugins and SRD Supertools

    I recently installed SumRndmDde's Supertools plugin, and soon after I encountered a huge bug, being that I was unable to open the Skills, Equip, Status and Formation menus for the first party member. When doing so, I would receive this message: This wouldn't occur for any of the other party...
  2. Ironskink

    Skill & Element Tracker - Keep track of what the heroes do

    Ahoy! Just picked up RMMV on the recent HumbleBundle sale, and tried making a little plugin to get my feet wet with this newfangled system. I'd like to make a game where the skills used by the main hero changes their class over time - specifically based off of the elemental properties of the...
  3. Cinderbird

    Question on Olivia's OTB Multiple Turns

    Hi all, I've been toying around with Fallen Angel Olivia's OTB plugin, but I can't figure out how to have enemies have multiple turns from the get-go (a-la Octopath Traveler). Can someone help me with that? Thanks!!
  4. imkranely

    Questions About Arrays and Script Calls

    The short of it: I am attempting to create a simple card game as an optional mini game. You will collect cards as you travel and even stop by card shops (modern-ish setting). The problem I face is not knowing exactly how to do what I need to. The long of it: I have been looking all across the...
  5. PrideOfTheForbidion

    Log Book Plugin

    Using rpg maker mv, I have had a bit of a look around though, I can't seem to find anything like what I'm looking for, I'm looking for a plugin that can record the actions and choices the player makes in game, in a text format, so when you read it, it should read like a story, something like...
  6. J-G

    Equipment star ranking system

    Is there a plugin or plugins that will allow me to create a star ranking system for equipment. For example let's say I have a sword and it requires 1 stone to allow it to rank up 1 star. Which increases power by X%, then to rank up to 2 stars it requires 2 stones etc. But once it's reached the...
  7. Scarlet03

    Letting the player chose controls

    Hey, I know there's a way to customize the controls yourself. But I'm wondering if there's a way to let players customize the controls for themselves? I tried looking for such a plugin and have come up empty. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places?
  8. Presente_Indicativo

    Customize Main Menu from javascript

    Hello, I'm Arturo, and I'm new around here. I already have a little bit of experience with javascript . What I'm trying to do is to replace the standard command window with a custom one: I'd like to have selectable png images (New Game, Continue, Options...) on the screen. I tried to study...
  9. How could the popup damage be showed by accumulating

    Hi Guys, I am beginner in RPG maker. This is my first time to touch game maker and try to make a game which is my heart to perform. Also, this is my first post on this platform:hwink:. My game has many multiple hits skills to show the strike force, but the popup damage is the problem...
  10. Forleafe

    Recommendations for Plugins that probably exist

    Hello there~! New to RPG Maker MV and its community. Feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed and was looking for some guidance! I'd like to make a game with a painterly style; For this I imagine I'll need a plugin that increases the maximum tile size, and lets me run my game in full standard resolution...
  11. Nilom

    Which is the better practice for long scripts?

    So, I use a lot of scripts in my game, that have more than the very limited 12 script lines. Now I wanted to know which of these two options is the better practice? Option A: Use a javascript shortener site, shorten the code to a single line and paste it into the script event command. And of...
  12. Plug-in for Menu that Adds an Image Depending on Variables?

    Heya internet! So, I've been using RPG Maker MV for a project of mine. However, I suck at programming menus! :kaocry: I did a post somewhere, and they said I'd probably need a plug-in, so here I am! My game uses some really important variables to track stuff done in-game, things like Morality...
  13. Nilom

    Let my plug in wait until Scene_Boot.start

    Hello! How can I let the code in my plug in wait until Scene_Boot.start was executed, so that I can use $gameActors.(i) and so on? Thank you in advance! :LZSsmile:
  14. Nilom

    Yanfly's Skill Rewards plug in, double value display bug

    I think I've come across a bug in Yanfly's Skill Rewards plug in. What I basically want to do with this skill is use up to 40 TP and recover 1% HP for each TP used. Note: I wanted the user to be able to use this ability with 1 TP, 5 TP, 30 TP, 100 TP or whatever. I didn't know how to...
  15. Nilom

    Yanfly Enhanced TP set TP mode for class

    Hello! I'm using Yanfly's Enhanced TP for the resources of my classes. Is there a way that I can set the TP mode for a class or if skill(x) is learned? Unfortunately it seems to me that these notetags can only be set for actors. But on the other side I'm just a javascript novice. I would need...
  16. Nilom

    Turning MP into Rage, Energy, etc.

    Does anyone know if there is a plugin like Yanfly's Enhanced TP but that lets you manipulate MP instead? I want to keep TP as an additional limitation for strong skills. So I would like to use MP for Rage, Energy, Focus or what not. :LZSsmile:
  17. Nilom

    Using LUK as Weapon Damage

    Hello together! What would be the simplest way to remove all the default LUK usage from the engine? I do not like how it is used as it can cause frustration to have states or buffs/debuffs not occur sometimes. And I also want to abuse the stat as weapon damage. :LZSgrin: Thanks in advance...
  18. VesperCire

    Help needed with SRD_HudMaker

    Whenever I go into a battle scene with the plugin on, I will get this error: Does anyone know how to solve this error?
  19. p0_boy

    bituin.js - Mario Super Star (On-Map) Effect

    bituin.js (v0.7) by dismal_science__ Introduction bituin.js enables you to call a Mario-like "Super Star" effect, while on-map. It is useful for single-actor games that employ an ABS rather than the default RMMV turn-based procedure. During the effect period: a parameter-specified...
  20. qabs doesn't work

    I am using the latest version of qabs I have installed it correctly but my problem is that neither the player nor the enemies can attack.Although the player animation shows up.Secondly, i cannot find a way to make a ranged weapon.Last but not least, is there any way so that i can put a crosshair...

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