1. Ozmahunter

    RMMV: Issue with Yanfly 'Critical Control' Rate Formula

    Hi all, I'm using YEPs Critical Control Plug in on MV as seen here: http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Critical_Control_(YEP) My goal: I would like all attacks and abilities to have a chance to be Critical Hits equal to 0.5 * by the user's Luck stat. So basically, at 1 Luck, the user only has a 0.5%...
  2. Zuque

    RMMV (Solved) My first plug-in (for RPGMV)

    Hello all In my game I've gone and made this script: if(this.getSelfSwitchValue(1, 13, 61) === true) { var value = this.getSelfVariableValue(1, 13, 21); this.setSelfVariableValue(1, 13, 21, value - 1) if (this.getSelfVariableValue(1, 13, 21) <= 0) { this.setSelfSwitchValue(1...
  3. LotusMonkey

    Where to find plugins?

    Sry if this sounds stupid but i recently got back into rpg maker and i wanna start using my old plugins again. where can i find MV plugins?
  4. RMMV I can’t get magic to cause damage to enemies using chrono engine

    I’m currently in development of a game I’ve long wanted to make and finally found it possible with chrono engine. I followed some tutorials on YouTube and everything was going fine for the most part, but when I started adding magic things started going wrong. I couldn’t add spells to my tool map...
  5. Plug-Ins Help

    Could Someone PLEASE Send A REALLY Detailed Tutorial On Plug-Ins? Like, Explaning Every Single Thing I'm New And Trying To Create A Game I'm Paning On Using A Smooth Walk Plug-In If Thats Useful
  6. Add sound effect to existing plugin (MV)

    Hi, I am trying to add an animation with pictures to my character's special attacks. If I use a common event, the game makes it so that the common event occurs AFTER the attack is done. To have the animation BEFORE the attack, I installed MOG's OugiAnimation plugin. The plugin does what it is...
  7. VicArt

    Problem with Galv Layer Plugin

    Like the title said, I installed it. I have visustella collection for battle, and the sideview combat UI. Even with the option to turn off the "fix battlefield position" it doesn't work either way, the actor remains in the same position. It's not why I am writing this, however. The issue is...
  8. RMMV Megaman Battle Network - Combat System Plugin

    Hello folks, I'm green as in "my account isn't editable yet" so I don't have an Avatar yet. But nice to meet you all, I'm crow. I like making stuff, I'm a 2k3 veteran, did about three games that are as far as I know are lost to time. (thank goodness) and now that I'm learning how to code, and...
  9. VicArt

    RMMV Enchanting system?

    I was wondering if it is possible to have an enchantment system without having to socket anything? Every video I see use Yanfly upgrade plugin where you slot then an item to make the gear (+1) but is it possible to just consume the item instead? As in, you have an enchanting stone and the sword...
  10. RMMV Help with Actor Shop System (Searched Forums Already...)

    Hi there, Ideally, I need a script that scans all the actors in the database and adds them to a shop window with category tabs, and displays their portrait on the side. You can set the category (shop tab) and price for each actor using note tags on actor database page. When you buy the actor...
  11. MegaStupidBulgarian1

    Help with Yanfly Quest Journal

    I made a quest and every time i open it after a event it shows a sintax error.
  12. MegaStupidBulgarian1

    How to remove these?

    I am using Yanflys quest journal and after taking the quest and entering the menu,there are the <br> things before everything in the menu.How do I fix this?
  13. bluechuii

    Can you make a trigger that adds and deletes files?

    I don't even know if this is possible for RPG Maker MV, But I thought I'd ask. The best way I can explain what I mean is with Doki Doki Literature Club. When a certain event happens; A word doc appears in the files and then It'll be changed or deleted after another certain point. And I was...
  14. RMMV add a command on the menu

    Hello there, I'm trying to add a personnal command on the menu in game . But the code than I've done doesn't work. So I want to look if you have a method to add that. I'm pretty sure my way is wrong, I look on different plug in how they done but nothing work.
  15. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV White Noise Generator

    I've seen websites and devices that let you generate white noise for different stuff like contacting spirits and I was wondering if someone could make a plugin that generates white noise similar to how those do. Yeah some would probably tell me I could just play some white noise as an audio...
  16. airair396

    Reverse HP gauge?

    I want the enemies in my game to have a gauge that starts from 0 and when you attack it keeps going up and then you win when the gauge goes to 100! Lol is this possible?
  17. RMMZ Create a Custom Turn-Based Battle System (Movement + Range)

    Hey guys, I am new here. We are trying to create a custom turn-based battle system for our game. We would like to know if creating and mixing these concepts would be possible: Concept 1: We want to implement a tile based movement mechanic for both the player characters and the enemies. They...
  18. Ruru Grgr

    RMMV Where can I find a Real Time Battle System plugin?

    I'm looking for a real time combat system that replaces the normal battle system in the game. Does anyone know if there are any plugins that exist that can do that? I'm looking for a battle system like this:
  19. Ozmahunter

    RPG within an RPG? Can this be evented?

    Hi all, I'm not sure if somethin this complex can be evented in MV? I would like to make a game where the player controls a character in modern day and can examine a video game console in their room and boot up a retro 8 bit style RPG. Ideally, Id like the second game to have its own menu...
  20. RMMZ Variable-based meters poping up on the main screen in MZ

    I'm trying to find a plug-in that, like the title says, displays a progress meter on the screen related to the value of a variable and some kind of adjustable maximum (possibly also a variable). My game is tracking concepts like Stamina, Hunger, etc, so I want that information to be readily...

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