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  1. MacAttack

    Multiple Event Pathway Plug-In?

    Hey, I was wonder if there's a plug-in that can transfer the player to one place or another. For insistence, lets say a player is going through a portal, and there's a few places that person could end up at randomly. Is there any plugin like that? Thanks!
  2. Jehinc

    Drag/drop item slots?

    Been searching for a plug-in that puts item slots on the map screen. The first slot would be like for equipping an tool or weapon. The other slots can have other useable items, such as health potions, etc. The items can be dragged from the item menu and dropped into the slots. Also you could...
  3. Fangzarie

    Guild/ Party Member Help

    I'm quite new to RPG maker and I have found a problem with the party system or rather what I need to party system to "do". What i'm trying to get is mechanics similar to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or any guild format in certain games like Fire Emblem. I'm trying to create a game where you can...
  4. Alemismun

    How do you load the JS?

    First post yay (`・ω・´) the steam forums kept giving me an error when I tried to post or reply so I'm here... Alright, so I followed a tutorial that told me to go to the script editor and past the JS code in there so I could use it for my event. And uhhh, after I did it when I went to edit the...
  5. Questions about yanfly battle engine core for mv

    i keep on trying to use the engine but when i test my game the player party doesn't show up in sideview, and the menu isn't on the bottom. is there something im missing? i dont see this problem anywhere.
  6. TheGreenKel

    [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    2D Skeletal Animation with DragonBones 1.0.0 TheGreenKel Introduction DragonBones is a free 2D animation tool similar to Spine 2D. DragonBones also has a couple of libraries that allows it to play inside of game engines. This plugin integrate the full Javascript libraries and support all...
  7. Yanfly message core help

    Hello, all! New to Yanfly and having issues setting it up. I've installed both core engine and message core. for some reason every time I have MC on the text is blank as in I can't see any text or a text box and the event will just play through. any advice or help to put me in the right...
  8. KingOfFoxz

    Front View Battle UI

    Okay so I am trying new things and I was wondering is it possible to make this type of Front View battle ui? I am not too good at coding but hoping that there is a script/plugin for this type of thing. Any help would be much appreciated. The following picture is a little something I made that...
  9. Henrietta

    [RMMV] Mini game Triple Triad , FF8

    Hello everyone, So, i know that a lot of people want have a TT plugin and me too :) I develop this plugin inspired by the original Raizen's script VX ACE that i used. Table of content: I] Objects - Card - ID - Image - value [top,right,left,bottom] - rang [bronze,silver,gold,diamond,legendary]...
  10. MRD256

    Looking for Extra Params

    I was wondering if there is a Plug-In out there that can add in new parameters to actors (like charisma, dexterity, will, etc.). Don't get confused, I'm not looking for a plug-in that modifies base parameters, I'm looking for one that adds completely new parameters. It would so be great if it...
  11. fusegu

    Hot Seat PVP Plug In Request Chain

    So I browsed to see if anything was up here already, and so here is my presentation. It sounds simple in my head, but I'm not a java scripter. I've broken it down intto steps, if someone wants to tackle a step at a time and then we can post the results in this thread. I deleted most of the...
  12. Iliketea

    Friendship system

    So what I am searching for is a friendship System similar to that of Harvest Moon. The Main actor can raise his friendship to other people like his party members by having them in the active party and fighting with them, healing them, giving them Stuff ( some people gain more points from some...
  13. Kes

    Inserting new plug in into an existing list

    In Ace if you wanted to insert a script below another but above others, you simply used 'Insert' I cannot find the equivalent in the plug in manager, so does anyone know how to do this? I also saw that in the Yanfly videos he has a slot with just -------------------- in it in order to separate...

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