1. Zedros

    RMMV A colorblind protagonist

    I'm planning on making a game where the protagonist is colorblind and that the player would see everything the way he sees it. I'd make levels and such (Dungeons, Puzzles, etc...) where his colorblindness would be the challenge. Is there anything people can recommend like plugins and such that...
  2. p0_boy r.i.p. events

    about the plug-in "patay" means dead in the tagalog language. does just that- it 'kills' events dynamically and makes sure they stay dead. for use with methods that generate new events through code during gameplay, and other neat applications. download killEvents.js [Google...
  3. UT Battle system?

    Hello people! I just got VX Ace and I'm looking for a Undertale battle plug-in, Is there such a thing? Please provide link, thanks for your time, signed Conor.
  4. JustinK

    'Best' plug-ins/plug-in makers

    Hi there, I am looking to broaden my plug-in knowledge. Therefore I would like to find some plug-ins and plug-in makers who are the most popular/used. Do you have any preferences or have any suggestions on what to (always) use? If this is in the incorrect location please move it. Greetings...
  5. editable text during battle plugins or scripts

    is there a plug-in or script that allows for editable text/chat during a battle? essentially after a certain ability is used, i want a certain conversation to happen. then the battle goes on.

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