plug ins

  1. looking for cool HP bars plugins for rpg maker vx ace

    Hi :) So i'm searching for some cool plugins, that will add HP bars to the game for vx ace.:eswt:
  2. Zealvern

    RMMV Are these possible with Yanfly plugins?

    I purchased the whole pack, and was wondering if there is possible to make the following effects with those. If possible, how would you make them? -A three-hit combo where each attack is stronger than the previous one and the third deals water damage instead of physical damage -A cleave that...
  3. Zabelnov

    Help me I need SV Weapon and plugin that let me throw item like a bomb. need this for game jam

    Evening everyone. right now i really need this SV(side view) weapon and plugin that help me to throw an item like bomb,molotov and a rock, 1.I`m using RPG MAKER MZ 2.SV Weapon I need -metal baseball bat (swing animation) -baton (swing animation) -stun baton (swing animation) -machete (swing...
  4. DS54

    Need Help. I'm having an image problem.

    I have two plugins running in my game called Upp Character Profile Plugin and Kru Reputations Plugin. They both have a option in the plugin that allows you to import images. Unfortunately when ever I try to import a image it doesn't show up the first time I open up what the image is supposed to...
  5. Status bars don't display properly.

    After using RPG Maker MV for a few days, I've noticed that the status bars (HP, MP, TP) don't work properly. This happened after I installed a number of plugins, so I wonder if those are the culprits. I've included photos of my problem, as well as every plugin I have.
  6. GaniNix

    Yanfly YEP Weapon Animation not working with Skills.

    Hey guys, I'm relative new to this forum, in fact this is probably my first forum post ever. I apologize in advance if I unintentionally did something wrong. Here is my problem: I've been working on a game that will have full automatic weapon as weapon of choices. So I got these plug ins...
  7. MacAttack

    Multiple Event Pathway Plug-In?

    Hey, I was wonder if there's a plug-in that can transfer the player to one place or another. For insistence, lets say a player is going through a portal, and there's a few places that person could end up at randomly. Is there any plugin like that? Thanks!
  8. Raven Burns

    Yanfly Aftermath window, help!

    Hello everyone! I have been having an issue that I have tried to fix for the passed 6hrs. Whether yanfly's aftermath plugin is the cause, I do not know. We have tried everything you can possibily think of. My issue is this..... The actors faces are not aligning properly and are shifted down...
  9. Gauze

    Front View Plugins for MV

    Can somebody suggest me a list of MV visual front view plugins? Mine is super Standard and i want to improve the beauty of the Battle system Design .

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