1. Blair Pendragon

    State to disable "Basic Attack". (MV)

    Hello, Ive been looking around google, and here, and I cant seem to find this type of "state". I do not wish to remove the attack option entirely, as all of my search results lead me to. I want a SINGLE character in my party to be unable to attack, SOMETIMES. Preferably through a state. I'm...
  2. Whiteemerald


    So I just got the RPG Maker MV trial version and wanted to understand it as best as I can so I can make the decision to buy it. As I understand it, RPG Maker VX Ace (the version I was using before) uses scripts, and RPG Maker MV uses pluggins. So I am a little curious, how do the pluggins work?
  3. LuckiiBean

    Earthbound-esque Animated Battlebacks?

    Hello, I'm kinda new and have just a small question about the possibility of animated battlebacks for VX ACE. I'm going for an Earthbound-ish kinda feel, where the backgrounds warp and move around, but I'm having trouble finding a script or plugin for what I'd like. Thank you to anyone in...
  4. Battler animations in cutscene HELP plz

    So, here's the issue, I'm trying to have an NPC doing a set parallel route where he walks to one end of the room and starts shadow boxing using the battler sprites then walks to the other side and does the same. I want him to loop that indefinitely. The issue is, I can't seem to figure out a way...
  5. KingKraken

    Yanfly Action Sequences won't jump/float target.

    So basically as the title says, I'm trying to use Yanfly's actions sequences. Functionality for everything else seems to be fine, but whenever I try to make the target jump or float, it seems to just skip over both of those. Floating/jumping the user works just fine btw. Not sure if this is...
  6. CleanWater

    DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK

    I'm allowed to use this toolset made by Cherry with the official RM2k3 release? This toolset will work with the official release? Is Cherry available by the way, there are some question regarding the Steamworks and RM2k3 I wanted to ask him.
  7. problem with a type error I am hoping an angel on here can help me with

    I am having a problem with the YEP Actor Party System. When I go to switch my party in battle it lets me do it but after I select finish it says "Type Error Undefined is not a function". I've been stuck on it for a few days. I've tried moving the pluggins around but nothing seems to work. Any...
  8. XGuarden

    Event name to common_event

    I looking for a script that can trigger common event based on the event name. For exemple, if i call an event @box@, that will trigger a specific common event and i will put event for this objet inside the code of the common event. Optionaly, that will be great to be able to get the tag of the...
  9. XGuarden

    Unexpected end of input in orange variable

    Hi, I curently got an error Unexpected end of input after title screen when loading map. I tested on a empty map and same so I try to desactivate pluggin. I found that the faulty one was OrangeTimeSystemVariable. It's work great before with exact same pluggin. But I got to recover some file...
  10. XGuarden

    HIME custum pagecondition bug

    Hi, I us this script: basicly it's autorize to put variety of condition to an event. UNfortunatly I found a bug. If I put for condition a conditional brench with this: $gameParty.leader().hasSkill(1) that will work in most...

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