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  1. Puppet Knight

    RMMZ Determine Class Levels, Class Change System VS

    Good evening all! While using the Change Class System VS I am struggling to find the reference/variable that the individual class levels are using. I have classes set up to maintain separate experience, and as such I'd like to use their levels to inform the EquipmentRequirements plugin Gabe...
  2. RMMZ smoother filter anti pixel plugin (I did a example in an art program)

  3. Ivory_Immersions

    RMMV Yanfly Subclasses will not change my equips!

    I have a script request but unfortunately cannot pay at this time and do not know if I'll be able to. The script is to bridge the Yanfly Subclass and Equipment plugins. Yanfly_Subclass Yanfly_Equip_Core Equipment changing is an important part of my game and I have primary classes, secondary...
  4. pennylessz

    RMMZ Plugin that allows for an large/infinite number of an actor.

    I'm trying to make an RPG where you can buy characters, and theoretically you should be able to buy as many as you want of any one character. To do that, I have to make several entries for the same character, and then with the Suikoden Tavern plugin they can be stored. Issue is, I can't just...
  5. palatkorn

    Switch actor positions during battle.

    PLK_Partychange Download Switch actor positions during battle. Plugin command PLK_Partychange open Open the character switch window from the command. Terms of Use Free to use in both commercial and non-commercial projects as long as credit is given. Simply credit "Paltkorn" in your in-game...
  6. palatkorn

    Create Window Rpg Maker MV (Plugin)

    My window layout is a clean build so it doesn't conflict with any plugin. All windows can be expanded, modified or moved freely. You just need to reset the original settings. The process is simple but not easy, it took me a long time to create this plugin. to make it compatible with the mobile...
  7. Ambianum

    RMMV MV3D: use light and ambient at start

    :) hello ! I need your help with this plugin ! I want to use lights and ambient directly when my game launchs ! Today I use parallel event but at start we can see the transition… and I need no transition ! ;-) can you help me ?
  8. DaedraTalos

    DAE's Armor States

    Armor States - Version 1.0 RPG Maker MV Plugin @DaedraTalos & @TwentyFree Introduction Add and remove states when equipping and unequipping items! Features Add and remove states when equipping and unequipping items! This plugin takes advantage of the plugin parameters, and does not...
  9. prehistoricstudio

    RMMV What plugin make icon heart's select alt menu like undertale

  10. RMMV ABS Alpha - Weapon dmg

    Hello guys, i want to put some weapons in my game with different dmg. But i cant change the dmg of the weapon only the attack speed. I was searching on the internet all night i didnt found anything. So i can change my auto attack dmg with the first skill thats okay. But how can i add different...
  11. DarkSearinox92

    RMMV YEP Quest Journal System (Addon?)

    Hi guys. Do you know if there is a way to show up a summary of the quest with "accept" or "refuse"? If it's not provided, is it difficult create a "addon" for have this feature? I mean, you talk with an NPC and then a windows appear, that is the same windows that you will see in the Quest...
  12. DarkSearinox92

    RMMV MOGHunter HPGauge - Add total HP

    Hello guys. I tried to understand the script but i can't figure out how to add the total HP of a monster, near the actual hp. This is the script: I thought that it could be more cool in a way like this... where at left you have actual hp, and...
  13. [VisuStella MZ addon] Custom Parameters with leveling and gearing

    Motivation: Deviating from built-in system from RM is always my thing. Team VisuStella have had a great job making nice plugins, in this time especially custom parameter in core engine. Unfortunately, my greed turns out to be greater than what it provides: I wanted those custom parameters to...
  14. Balgrum

    RMMV Call Yanfly Row Formation

    Good Afternoon, my question can easy or impossible, im not sure. Anyway, im using yanfly's row formation plugin and there is no issue but i need to call the plugin screen from an common event, why? Like the image attached im using a plugin to make common events run for clicking on pictures...
  15. WiegrafDX

    DiceRoller plugin 1.0 (for MV, might work for MZ too)

    Hello everyone! I've dipped here and there at times to check on plugins and sometimes to ask questions but I felt I needed to at least contribute a little as well. Hence, while my scripting / coding has been rusty due to being out of practice, it also gave me an opportunity to dive right back...
  16. nintendowii111

    GALV_ManuelLevel Compatibility help!

    Hello! I'm wondering if someone could help edit GALV_ManuelLevel to make it compatible with this AdvancedMenus plugin. In GALV_ManuelLevel, a Level up button is added to the Status_scene menu. The AdvancedMenus plugin adds a back button to various menus including the Status scene. The "Back"...
  17. waterrune

    C# Web Shop Transfer Gold to MMORPG Characters

    Hey guys, how have you all been? I have uploaded my project using various plugins from developers. Our team has created an mmo game and we have combined with MVC C# programme to create webshop that when you buy coins from the web shop , the coins can be transferred to the game in real time. The...
  18. Immac

    Multiple Simultaneous States Animations (YEP Extension)

    Multiple Simultaneous States Animations v1.0 by Immac Introduction This is a plug&play plugin that allows Yanfly's Visual State Effects to display as many states with animations as you want/can. No longer you will be shackled to show only one state's animation. Features Plug & Play Requires...
  19. Zakarijah

    MV - YEP Save Core Add-on

    I'm currently using the YEP Save Core plugin, and it kind of leaves some things to be desired, aesthetically, so I'm looking for an add-on that automatically does what I'm requesting below After playing around with the options available, I managed to get it to looks like this; The way the...
  20. Mooshry

    Yanfly Actor Battle AI Tactics?

    So uim using the battle AI plugin from Yanfly, and i wanna use it to make the tactics system from DQ. Basically, i need a new menu button that opens a screen that lets you choose from a list of AI tactics, and when one is selected, it changes the actor's AI and makes them auto-battle...

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