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  1. Catzach

    RMMV "Index of Undefined" - AnimatedSVEnemies + SideviewBattlers Issue

    There are a lot of things I'm having trouble with on both plugins but I'll try to keep it brief and simple: I've been trying to incorporate Animated SV enemies into my game but I keep running into roadblocks every time I attempt to either fix or try something new. Main Issue: My enemy sprites...
  2. cfghjbfcxdfghj

    RMMV yep help side view battles bug

    type error obj side view damage motion.push is not function help me fix this error please. and there weird thing when i many battler is moving when dead and damages.
  3. SpakTheComposer

    RMMV Bizzare Game Breaking Bug in Battle

    Hi, sorry for the vague title, my issue seemed a bit too long to fit in the title. I'm using the plugin DreamX_ITB, which is a battle system that makes it so you immediately act when you select a skill. It works off of Yanfly's Battle system as well. The issue I'm having (which I'm not sure why...
  4. RMMV action.item is not a function (VE_ElementSet Plugin)

    im using VE_ElementSet plugin and every time and actor or enemy attacks in battle i keep getting the same error message: this is my current plugin list: i switched off plugins that were working atm so i could solve this problem first. im using the basic attack on a new game with nothing...
  5. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    Slight Problem with VE Fog and Overlay and HIME PreTitleEvents

    So I'm using the VE Basic Module with the VE Fog and Overlay and HIME PreTitleEvents plugins and I'm using a map as a title screen and I'm encountering a slight problem. When the title screen shows up, for a second the map is flipped upside down before reverting to the actual title screen. This...
  6. NowiFate

    RMMV Items instantiate from Equip menu bug? [RMMV]

    So today I was greatly shocked when I figured out my items are duplicating in my equipment menu. I'm posting this here hoping someone knows why this is happening and how to fix it. I am using some of the free Yanfly plugins. For instance the ItemCore, ItemUpgradeSlots and EquipCore (I think one...
  7. Conejo

    RMMV Problem with Olivia's "provoke" plugin

    Greetings, I bought olivia's "provoke" plugin, but I can't get it to work. I created a new project, only with that plugin and it doesn't work. I do not know what I am doing wrong, I have tried incorporating the Yanfly plugins, but...
  8. LostWIsdom

    RMMV Plugin namebox help

    I've been using YEP_MessageCore for dialogue for my game and it worked perfectly. Not too long ago however I received feedback asking for the ability to hide dialogue boxes so certain scenes were fully visible. I skimmed this forum and found an edit of the MessageHide code by Magnus0808 that...
  9. merboy22

    Playtest stuck on "Now Loading" Forever?

    I have a MV game I've been working really hard on for months. I installed some new plugins and was playtesting them when the playtest suddenly started saying "Now Loading" and never loading. Now if I try to export my game, all it says is "Now Loading" in the game file. I tried turning the...
  10. Ultimecio777

    RMMV Encountered Error While Using SumRndmDde's Summon Core And Summon Battler Images Plugins With Yanfly's Plugins in RPG Maker MV.

    *Apologies For Reposting. This Was Originally On The Wrong Thread...Sorry About That.* Ok, So I've Used RPG Maker MV For A While, And Decided To Buy Yanfly's Full Collection Of Plugins. I Also Found 2 Plugins Made By SumRndmDde, Which Is The Summon Core And Summon Battler Images Plugins. It...
  11. RMMV createlineargradient error

  12. nintendowii111

    GALV_ManuelLevel Compatibility help!

    Hello! I'm wondering if someone could help edit GALV_ManuelLevel to make it compatible with this AdvancedMenus plugin. In GALV_ManuelLevel, a Level up button is added to the Status_scene menu. The AdvancedMenus plugin adds a back button to various menus including the Status scene. The "Back"...
  13. Alkaline

    Failing to initialize the game data/Map001.json

    Hey RPG Makers, I just finished installing Yanfly's plugins, however when I went to test my game I keep getting this error... Any ideas what's causing it/how can I fix this? Thank you all, Alkaline
  14. Bug found? Yanflys BattleSystemATB + Yanflys BattleAiCore = Skip enemies OnTurnStart events after being targeted by actor

    Hello fellow RPG-Makers, first of all here is a disclaimer: I recently read an article about Yanfly stating that she discontined working on the ATB, so if the bug has something to do with that, noone can help it. But I do not have the feeling that the bug Ipotentially have found is related to...
  15. SimonWagon

    Problem with Yanfly’s quest journal plugin

    So I recently installed the game and along with it, a few plugins one of which is yanfly’s quest journal. Supposedly this plugin should automatically be showing up on my main menu, but it is not. I checked and made sure everything was set to true as well as manually putting it in the main menu...
  16. YEP_Animated SideView Enemies Floating command not working

    So, used the <Floating> command in a bat, and when i open the battle test it said that the game encountered a bug, i have the plugins all in order and i have the 3 action sequences packs, along with batlle engine core activated, can anyone help me with this?? Error: Plugin List:
  17. Phantus_Victus

    Plug-In Help

    I don't know where else to post this for help, I am trying to use the plugin: YEP_AnimatedSVenemies and whilst it mostly works, the enemies I create seem to jump around the battlefield. When they are idle, every 3rd frame from the look of it the character will move closer to the player party and...
  18. ALink95

    Yanfly Weapon Animation Plugin not working at all [solved]

    Hello, at first i want to apologize for my bad english, and i don't really know if i've posted in the right section. So, i'm using this Yanfly's plugin to make my characters attack with some custom weapons i designed by myself, but even with doing it all like in the tutorial it doesn't seem to...
  19. aramouta

    Irina_DragonbonesMapSprites Is not working help..... please....

    I just recently bought Irina's dragonbones map sprite plugin, and I installed it on a fresh project on version 1.6.2 to test it out but it doesnt seem to work on even fresh project with nothing but yanfly core and kelyep dragonbones which are the required plugins... Am I doing something wrong or...
  20. Undertale Battle System – no graphics displayed

    Hi, I have been trying to use the Undertale Battle System plugin from SumRndmDde. It works fine mostly but I stumbled upon a problem I just can seem to fix. Whenever a battle starts the character(heart) sprite and attack sprite/image. Do not appear immediately. For the first round they are...

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