plugin command

  1. bluechuii

    Editing Player name and selection for the Game menu

    Hello, could someone possibly tell me how to move the name more to the left above the face art, please? (this is in the main in-game menu part before going into any 'Items' or 'Options'. Image: And also Could someone possibly tell me how to make the selection smaller in the Items menu (when...
  2. bluechuii

    RMMV Is this possible with the MOG_TitleLayers plugin?

    So, With the plugin; I have the background that scrolls, a layer for the character art, and then the layer with a logo and where the commands are. I was curious if there was a way that; depending on the part of the game the last save file is at; I can have the character art change? I guess; The...
  3. palatkorn

    Create Window Rpg Maker MV (Plugin)

    My window layout is a clean build so it doesn't conflict with any plugin. All windows can be expanded, modified or moved freely. You just need to reset the original settings. The process is simple but not easy, it took me a long time to create this plugin. to make it compatible with the mobile...
  4. Editing Plugin Command through Script Call

    I'm using Mewgles' " Show Event Names and Icons" plugin, and I wanted to use a variable as the "Image" parameter on the "Set Event Sign" command. Since I cant do that with the built in command, I tried to use a script call. Before I could get to the variable idea, I realized I didn't know how to...
  5. Mercedes90

    RMMV A Plugin similar to "Autosave", like a Checkpoint Save?

    I'm looking for a Plugin that makes saves in the background through a Plugin Command rather than forcing the Player to make manual saves from the Main Screen. What I mean is a Checkpoint Save rather than an Autosave - Like as if when the Player has started/completed/failed a quest and the game...
  6. Mercedes90

    Need help with something similar to the "Erase" command.

    What I'm trying to do here is make the illumination turn on/off along with the event lamps according to the Plugin commands (as shown in the screenshots below the gifs). In the gifs; the left lamp event has no "Erase Event" command, but the right one does. That is why you see the illumination...
  7. TheDrifter

    RMMV Changing game font during gameplay?

    Hi! Is there an event command, script call or plugin command that lets you change the game's font during gameplay? Essentially, I would like to create an event that, once interacted with by the player, does the following: 1. Change the primary font to a secondary font. 2. Bring up the...
  8. How to make current active battle member condition?(hudmaker)

    This question was asked by another guy back in 2019, and the responses in his tread are close to what i want to do. Basically i'm using SRD hudmaker and as the tile says i want to show a image based on what battle member is active, so there is this : &&...
  9. OcRam

    RETRO Plugin Command UI

    Hello all RPG Makers out there! One day Drakkonis came up with an idea that MV should need plugin command UI similar to MZ! AND NOW IT DOES! Please note that this tool is made for RETRO (v0.10 and above) link to thread...
  10. Gilles

    RMMZ Plugin Command Specifications

    Hi everyone. I saw that MZ allows some Annotations for Plugin Commands inside the Plugin and i saw that i can define the arguments including their type. Is there any Spec/Documentation for this part. I couldn't find any. I curious which types are possible. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks in...
  11. ovate

    Help Scene Window

    AB_HelpScene - 1.01 (2020/10/21) Creator name: ebi (ヱビ) Introduction You can create help scene with pictures. Could be organized for a tutorial, objective, journal, etc. Creating a help scene 1. Prepare a help image and put it inside img/pictures folder. (640px*tall 360px*wide) 2. Set the...
  12. ovate

    Glass Breaking Picture Effect

    NGT_Shatter - 1.0.0 (2019/03/17) Author: Velfare Nagata Overview Effects are applied in the plugin parameters- Picture can have glass breaking effect by picture ID upon a plugin command Features - There's six different sample effects to choose from. - Try using them or modify parameters...
  13. ovate

    Align Choice Text [MV & MZ]

    MPP_ChoiceAlign - 2021/01/07 (ver. 2.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Adds the ability to align characters to the choices. Note: This plugin is for RPG Maker MV and MZ. ▼ Plugin command - In MV, the variable N is referred to by writing v [N] in the item for inputting a numerical...
  14. ovate

    Kido's Picture Plugin Commands

    PictureColorChange - 2018/08/16 To change a picture with hue and tint. Feature You can change the hue of picture with a different color as shown in the preview. Based on the hue-ring around 360 degrees, as shown below. For white/ black and monochrome images- changing that color won't be...
  15. ovate

    Dice MV

    KURAGE_Dice - 2017/08/03 Creator name: Y.KURAGE Introduction Dice plugin with pictures and rolling animation. img/pictures is where 6 dice images are used. Note: Picture 1 is default for dice picture from plugin parameters. Pictures and sounds are included in project download. Features -...
  16. DoubleX RMMZ Plugin Command Lines

    Purpose Lets you use plugin commands in the RMMV styles by typing them as scripts Introduction * 1. The RMMZ editor has changed the plugin command from entering a * single line of string command to selecting plugin commands among * all plugins having plugin commands *...
  17. Your regular expressions on parsing your MV plugin commands?

    While I don't find much value in the MV plugin commands personally, I'm told that it's more friendly for non coders, and I'd assume so for now. However, if a MV plugin command looks like a script call and is written in the way similar to writing a script call, then it seems to me that it's just...
  18. nintendowii111

    Add plugin command to show/hide

    The attached file is the plugin I'm using. I want to add plugin logic so that i can show/hide or enable/disable the plugin with a plugin or script command. I have no knowledge of java and would love some help. Thanks!
  19. ovate

    Trb - RestoreBattle (Battle Save)

    RestoreBattle - Version 1.00 (2017/1/14) Creator name: Trb Overview Allows you to save in battle and resume the battle from the battle save. Features - Save and restore is done through plugin commands. - To reset the battle save, run the script $gameSystem._battleSaveData = [] <Plugin...
  20. Ravos9988

    [MV] Need help using plugin commands w/YanFly's Class Core

    I am currently testing out different ideas and aspects of the class system. I decided to use YanFly's Class core because it provided the closest result to what I was looking for. So far, I have the note tag commands down and working (class level requirements, unlock, etc.) My Issue: I have...

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