plugin commands

  1. Sparky89

    Plugin commands in MV but where to find in VX ACE?

    Looking at simple plugin commands... but it would seem the Open box for this i can't locate it in VX ACE am i right in assuming, it's now somthing else ? Where can i enter simple Plugin commands?
  2. Eliaquim

    Break lines in plugin command

    Hi people! I'm doing a plugin command that puts a text in a help window. However, I can't make this plugin command put a text with more than one line. When I insert \n or \\n, the line won't break, instead, the text continues. I can use a script call to put this text too, and it works fine...
  3. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    Change The Title Screen Music From An Event?

    Is there a plugin that lets me change the title screen bgm with an event or using plugin commands? I really want this for something I want to do for a game I'm making. I've tried researching this online but no luck.
  4. Galenmereth

    Wait Extended - Use minutes, seconds, variables

    TDDP_WaitEx 1.0.1 Galenmereth Introduction This plugin allows you to call Wait events using minutes, seconds, variables, and more. Useful when you need to time waits to music, sound effects, or other units of time that make converting -- and reading -- frames inconvenient. Using variables as...
  5. marbeltoast

    <Solved> Yanfly's Damage Core - How do I implement "scratch damage"?

    Hello all! I recently installed yanfly's damage core plugin because I thought it would let me implement "Scratch damage", which incase you don't know means a base damage across all attacking actions. Simply put, I want my game's system to be similar to how pokemon works, where even a level 1...
  6. OmnislashXX

    Yanfly's Button Common Events

    Yeah, so while Yanfly was kind enough to give us this Plugin, he really didn't give us any Scripts or Plugin Commands to open up these main menus. Where would I even start? I need Common Event Commands for Item, Equipment, and Status menus.
  7. LUKElcs

    Action Command MV Plugin

    Does anyone have an Action command plugin for RPG Maker MV? It's not a huge deal since I can make one without any, but I'm making a game and I love the gameplay syle of the Mario & Luigi/Paper Mario games battles, so if anyone's made an MV Pluggin simaller to that, I'd appreciate it if they...
  8. Blackjack488

    Switch Party Member on KO

    So...the game I'm building has a lot of actors who can join the party, each filling a fairly-niche role, and so the main strategy of the game comes from figuring out who needs to be in the battle when. To that end, I'm using Yanfly's Actor Party Switch plugin, and the party-switching it provides...
  9. Script command for MOG Char Poses plugin

    I'm using MOG's Char Poses plugin ( I'm trying to make the player recover MP when the idle pose activates, by setting a common event with a conditional branch. How should I type the script call for this condition? Tried searching in the .js...
  10. Cosmro

    Is there a way to set a time for GALV's Character Idle Animation ?

    Hello ! I'm looking for a way instead of triggering a event when the idle animation expires, but to trigger the idle animation after a certain amount of time. I've looked everywhere and there seems to be nothing to support that. Is there a code I could use to set the amount of time standing, to...
  11. Script for plugin command

    Hello! I'm hoping to execute this plugin command through Java script, so that I can replace the arguments (I think thats what theyr're called) with game variables. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think plugin commands support java script or text-based variable calls... The plugin command...
  12. Sarlecc

    \n doesn't work in plugin commands?

    Okay so I am working on a plugin and I decided to have a long text argument as one of the arguments. Example: "" // this is what the argument could equal for example. This would get displayed on a window on one line but what if I wanted it on two or more lines. Well if the...

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