plugin conflict

  1. RMMV Dragonbones & Yanfly - Conflict Solution

    Hi everyone, after having some issues with the dragonbones integration plugin made by Yanfly in a complex project and after several test made to resolve the conflict, I publish this thread to help the community in the case that somebody in future may have the same bug. I am not a forum expert...
  2. goldrat1

    Khas Ultra Lighting and Parallax Mapping incompatible / lighting 'glitch'

    Hi, RPGMaker Forums, I've been using Khas's Ultra Lighting, and it's stunning, but I noticed that the lighting doesn't affect the overlay pictures that I'm showing from my parallax maps on the 'Above Player' level. Below are some examples of this: These are parts of the map that go over the...
  3. Midnight Kitty

    RPG Maker Game won't close

    I am having some recent problems with my game that go beyond certain features not working as plugins have described. Now the game cannot be shutdown unless I close it with Task Manager. I think it started to occur when I installed this plugin. I should also mention I do have a few of Yanflys...
  4. Ras101

    Request to fix bug from Bobstah's LevelUp Bonuses or create similar

    Hi all, I've been using Bobstah's LevelUp Bonuses plugin but it has a small problem with Yanfly's Equip Core. The problem: Bobstah's plugin prevents removing equipment when paired with Yanfly's Equip Core. Choosing "remove" from the equip menu does nothing and the equipment remains in place...
  5. <SOLVED>Getting YEP Itemcore to function with Mog's Chrono Engine

    I read in a thread elsewhere that this is possible and that there is a conflict with independent items that can be fixed so that these two plugins are compatible. I have very little javascript experience - is this possible and where is the issue in the code? I would like to run the Chrono battle...
  6. SaucissonSec

    YEP_ItemSynthesis conflicting with HIME_MenuMusic?

    Hello! I have a problem with some menu music. I am using YEP_ItemSynthesis and HIME_MenuMusic. ItemSynthesis and MenuMusic work perfectly separated. The problem is, I have a BGM auto-playing in my blacksmith. When I open the Synthesis Menu, the BGM from the blacksmith is still on. But once I...

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