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  1. RMMV Yanfly Event Chase Player plugin - chase music

    Can I set BGM to start when the event starts chasing me and end when the event stops? The plugin does not have such an option built-in, and it would be very useful to me.
  2. RMMV Help with Event Hitboxes

    Hello, I've been working on a school map for my upcoming RPG Maker MV project, and have run into an issue regarding event hitboxes. I've been using Yanfly's Grid Free Doodads plugin in order to have objects in my map that dont adhere to the RPG Maker MV's grid, but because of this the hitboxes...
  3. RMMV Need help with game over mechanic! (Kath's Custom Gameover Behavior)

    Hey there! I'm using McKathlin's Custom Gameover plugin, and I'm having trouble with it. It allows me to play a common event after a player dies. I'm trying to make it that the player either loses half of their money, or has to lose a level in order to reactive their last save. Most things work...
  4. yiggityyo

    RMMV Creating actor specific and limited capacity inventory, mostly done just need some help please

    I'm currently working on creating actor specific inventories that have different capacities. Im using Draconis Inventory Limitations v1.2, Multiple Inventories by Himeworks, and WAY_StorageSystem by waynee95 to try to achieve this. Plugin links below, event and menu pictures attached. What I...
  5. RMMZ Help Using Visustella Skill Containers

    I've been trying to figure out how to use the skill containers system for hours. I haven't been able to get it working properly and there's nothing online that can help me other than the already made instructions that don't seem to help me at all. This skill container itself appears and the...
  6. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    Slight Problem with VE Fog and Overlay and HIME PreTitleEvents

    So I'm using the VE Basic Module with the VE Fog and Overlay and HIME PreTitleEvents plugins and I'm using a map as a title screen and I'm encountering a slight problem. When the title screen shows up, for a second the map is flipped upside down before reverting to the actual title screen. This...
  7. RMMZ Need help with my data dumping plugin

    Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster here. So here's the thing: I have a webpage that contains my game in an iframe. I want to be able to display variable data from the iframe itself onto the webpage in real time. The game is mostly developed and I just need something to extract the...
  8. RMMV Alternative to YEP Battle Status Window

    Post title. Yanfly's plugin is the only one i could find that can do what i need for my game, that being showing animations on top of the character profiles in a front view battle system. Unfortunately, i cant afford to buy any of yanflys plugins at the moment so ill need to fins an alternative...
  9. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV Enemy's HP Bar Isn't Full In YEP Battle Engine Core

    So I'm using the Yep Battle Engine Core plugin and I noticed that when I use a plugin to give an enemy an HP bar and the enemy's HP is lower than the actor's, it's HP bar isn't all the way full. I thought it might have just been the other plugin I'm using but it does this regardless of what...
  10. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV Olivia Horror Effects Problem With Beast Masters Plugins

    So I'm trying to use the Olivia Horror Effects plugin with the plugins that came with the Beast Masters plugins, which are the Menu and Trainer plugins and I'm getting these errors Is there any way to fix this or are the plugins not compatible?
  11. FirelordMaria

    RMMV Chrono engine enemy issue (ABS mode)

    I just did a battle test and apparently my enemies don't deal any damage (but the playable character does), the project is based off the Chrono engine demo and the enemy I used was the sample slime, so I didn't change anything. This is the move route. I already removed any move-route related...

    RMMV Problem with larva's animated pictures plugin

    Hello, this is my first post here, so I hope I'm not breaking any rule :LZSproud: Here's the thing: I followed the plugin's instructions I believe, yet RPG maker throws error screens at me :( Some screenshots; (I tried both ways of accomodating the pictures to see If it worked like that)...
  13. Calico_Bee

    RMMV Is there a plugin for this?

    So I'm looking for a plugin that creates a little slideshow in the intro. Something like this?
  14. Is there a way I can change the title command position mid-game, using a plugin?

    I have different title screens which are, for the most part, uniform. However, I have one title screen that would have the command window look best directly in the middle, which is rather unfortunate. Is there a plugin out there that lets me do this? Is there something I can do in common events...
  15. Event Sprite Appearing Black Durning Playtest

    Hello All, Recently ive been having an issue with a specific scene in a project i'm working on. A cutscene required a sprite with more than the usual 3 frames, so i'm using Shaz's More character frames plugin. However, whenever I playtest the scene the sprite is black. Attached are the sprite...
  16. RMMV Attachable Augments (YEP) Text Color Help

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. So with the Attachable Augments plugin, the text when selecting an augment, will take the color change from like the image below. But once...
  17. ArcanoTheDarksmiler

    RMMV How to implement a own Battle System with Plugins?

    Hello Guys Im very new here an i hope i get some help, thanks at this point and sorry for my bad English. Okay First i Show you a Picture that i create with Gimp it shows only my Idear for my own Battle Sytem. This is only Conzept art But my system work with Attack Circles based on a Grid...
  18. SilverEagle

    RMMV Yanfly Name Box x position issue

    Hey everyone! I've had a look around and I can't seem to find an answer to this issue I'm having. I'm using Yanfly's awesome message core plugin in a RMMV project and I'm having a name box X position issue. As some of my message windows will be using busts and some won't, I want the name boxes...
  19. Victor's Critical Effects plugin isn't working?

    First time posting here. I want a skill in my game to change elements during a critical attack. For that, I made a copy of the skill with higher damage, different element and animation, and used Victor's Critical Effects plugin. I made everything as told by the plugin, but it doesn't seem to...
  20. Alkaline

    Failing to initialize the game data/Map001.json

    Hey RPG Makers, I just finished installing Yanfly's plugins, however when I went to test my game I keep getting this error... Any ideas what's causing it/how can I fix this? Thank you all, Alkaline

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