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  1. lebees

    RMMV Help on state stacking (YEP/Yanfly plugin help)

    This is a rather simple question but I am currently trying to recreate a state from another game called "Protection". It originates from Limbus Company and how it works is. 1 Stack of Protection = 10% more damage reduction. Now what I am trying to recreate is the actual stacking property...
  2. Need help with learn skill system.

    Hello, i need help with increasing stats in learn section, i using visustella Learn skill system. I recently used the rpg maker mv and used the skill learn system plugin from yep. When I needed to increase, for example, an attack by some stats, and I didn't want the skill to be learned and I...
  3. furple

    trying to get an image to show on title screen with common event, won't work-

    sorry to bother y'all again, but ive been experimenting with the SRD_TitleCommandCustomizer plugin, and i saw that i could use common events on the title screen i wanted to implement a mechanic where you can look at your character before you start the game, but when the event starts, it doesn't...
  4. SoulBlade32

    Change Menu Icons/Text

    I'm trying to change the menu icons (using VisuStella Main Menu Core) I'm trying to change the controls. I want to add controller controls, I downloaded an asset pack with the icons I'm going to use, but when I go into the menu, on the bottom it says Z:Select X:Back" I have no clue how to change...
  5. Kay_ande

    (MV)Change picture when hovered on

    Is it possible to make an event that can detect if the mouse is hovered on a certain image?I'm trying to create a HUD with custom options in it,but most of the picture-event plugins i've found only have the option to change it on-click only (added MV cause there is an identical thread to...
  6. RMMZ Hover Picture plugin need help

    This here is the code for a plugin I'm trying to make to allow a common event, Variable Id and a variable value to run when a mouse is hovering over a picture. It's similar to the ButtonPicture.js plugin that came with RPG Maker MZ. When I run the code I don't get any errors but it doesn't seem...
  7. Noree

    RMMZ Is it possible to do compatible MaskPlugin for MZ?

    ❖ Hello, I was looking in the forums for a plugin that would help me to use clipping masks in RPG MAKER MZ, luckily I found one, but unfortunately this plugin only works for MV, I tried to edit the code to add a parameter to it to be able to use it with MZ, but it didn't I have knowledge on how...
  8. Noree

    Is it possible to do compatible MaskPlugin for MZ?

    ❖ Hello, I was looking in the forums for a plugin that would help me to use clipping masks in RPG MAKER MZ, luckily I found one, but unfortunately this plugin only works for MV, I tried to edit the code to add a parameter to it to be able to use it with MZ, but it didn't I have knowledge on how...
  9. RMMV Player Attributes Plugin

    I've been trying to make a plugin that allows the player to distribute 'Skill points' between 6 different attributes, but I can't really code haha. Variable 0001 = Strength Variable 0002 = Dexterity Variable 0003 = Constitution Variable 0004 = Intelligence Variable 0005 = Wisdom Variable 006 =...
  10. Earthbound/mother3 battle back animated by webm for mz?

    i've been looking at some plugins, there was this one. but it's paid if you wanna use the ''battleback'' function. so i was curious if there was a free alternative. here's a reminder what earthbound battle back looks like : earthbound battleback website
  11. PerSonaQQ

    RMMV Help with Changing MogHunter's Chrono Engine CT Graphics

    I've wanted to use the CT meter in my project but would like to change the graphics to suit my game more. Unfortunately, when I tried changing it, the gauge in the meter disappeared. I've tried editing the Javascript file for a bit but I don't understand JS and nothing really changed. I'm pretty...
  12. How do I play a sound effect on the Made with MV screen?

    As the title says, I'm trying to make a sound effect play on the Made with MV screen. In the System tab on the database, I have defined the "Magic Reflection" sound with a custom sound since I don't plan to use that sound. Is is possible to play that sound effect on the Made with MV screen?
  13. tazzan

    [HELP][RMMV] Trying to make State Icons appear w/ custom battle HUD using HUD Maker

    I'm using SumRndmDde's HUD Maker to make a custom battle HUD for my game, and I'd like to show the state icons within a custom field (not necessarily a text field, whatever works) but I have no idea how to do that. I tried inputting ${$gameParty.leader().states()} into a text object, which is...
  14. RMMV [Help with Yanfly's Critical Hit Effects] The paste code seems to be not working.

    I want to introduce passive states that can be obtained through out the game that give different benefits, ranging from stats to unique effects and one of those I want to do is Critical Hit Effects and I found yanfly's example and for some reason it is not working. Other codes from his...
  15. Tonedawg181

    RMMV idk how to delete this thread, problem resolved

    disregard, old post
  16. How do I make Yanfly's elemental testing take elemental states into account?

    As the title states, I am trying to make the AI continue with elemental testing while taking states into account that change the target's elemental rates. For example, I am trying to make one of my bosses use the skill "chill", an ice spell, if the target is immune to lightning, and the spell...
  17. ZodiacStories

    RMMV Bullet Hell Plugin?

    I'm looking for a plugin that can help me with making a Bullet Hell/Shoot Em' Up game. I have found this one by HashakGik but I can't seem to find a good tutorial on how to implement the Plugin. Any thoughts would be great! Thanks!! (Side Note: I don't know how to code or use a script, hence...
  18. Ratatattat

    [Poll] Formatting/Organizing Plugin Command List in Help Section (see description)

    And/or script call list. Specifically, for a plugin that has a lot of commands/script calls, many of which may require more than a couple lines of explanation for usage. As a plugin USER (not creator), please choose any and all characteristics of such plugins' help sections that you feel grant...
  19. valerieplanets

    question about SRDude's menu background plugin

    Hello - not sure if this has been asked already, but the aforementioned plugin sometimes malfunctions and I want to know if there's a fix for it. Basically, the plugin allows you to add a background image to the menu - but sometimes it doesn't load properly and results in a black screen. This...
  20. yawk

    RMMV How can I change a party member graphics with this plugin?

    So I'm making a pokemon style pokemon and I'm using SumRndmDde Copy Actors plugin. In my game, you have some kind of "megaevolutions" but I tried changing the sprites by events but, this don't change the actor graphics. There is some way to do this? and obviously that this changes only the...

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