plugin parameters

  1. Eliaquim

    Plugin Parameters: boolean / eval

    Hello people!! :D I 'am thinking if there is another way to set a boolean parameter and not use eval on it. I have this parameter, to that function: @param Cancel Two Fingers @type boolean @on Yes @off No @desc @default true Eli.Param.Utilities = { CancelTwoFingers...
  2. firststef

    Can plugin parameters be variables?

    Would it work if you would put a variable instead of a number in the parameters?
  3. SumRndmDde

    Color Picker - Plugin Parameter Type

    Description of the Feature: This would be a feature that adds the capability for plugin developers to set up parameters to use a "Color" input type. The parameter would function by having the users open the parameter, click a button to open the color picker, customize the color, and return once...

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