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  1. how to make earthbound style overworld enemies?

    Hello, I am currently trying to make a game and I wanted to implement an overworld enemies system where if you are close enough to an enemy, it will begin chasing you. is there a plugin that i can use for this? I only saw one of them for MV. If not, can someone give me a script or something I...
  2. Dartonyan

    Weakness Display Plugin

    I am in need of a free plugin that shows an indicator of when an attack hits the enemy's weakness.
  3. RMMZ Behaviour tree plugins for MZ

    are there plugins for designing behaviour tree or is it sufficient enough to only use script in the game ? I want NPC/ Enemies in the game has many different reaction when player approaching those enemies in map or reacting on different environment such as (changing the picture, blend, move...
  4. namfoodleJax

    RMMV Face Selection Window

    Hello everyone!! I came request a plugin for a sort of "face selection window" where the player is given the choice of different Face graphics. I made a mockup to better show what I had in mind: So the player would be able to select a different face with the arrow keys and pick one with the...
  5. Tianura

    RMMZ Requesting an in-game text-message/SMS plugin

    As the title says. If possible, I'd like to ask for help with a texting or an SMS plugin, maybe with an option to send images as well- where the main character can converse with text messages to multiple characters that they befriend on their journey. I have been using images in the meantime...
  6. NarniNarni

    RMMZ visustella main menu core changing portraits in game?

    Hi, I'd like to set up an event with variables to change the character's portraits based on class or item(costume) equipped, is there a way to do so without other paid plugins, or has anyone made a plugin for it already? Thank you in advance. PS. I tried using the portrait notetag on the...
  7. Jade010

    RMMZ I need to see if someone can make a menu plugin for me

    Hi! I'm making a My Little Pony Fanbased game and would like it to have a custom menu screen for when the player pauses the game. I need it to be almost fully customizable. For example: the menu locations for the base menu (when the first press pause) to allow me to edit that background, the...
  8. ScytheX

    RMMZ important question about importing and/or re-makeing yanfly mv plugins to mz / making add-ons for visustella

    so to start off, yes i'm aware of what happened with yanflys plugins and my intentions are not to have a repeat of that or cause any kind plf problems which is why i'm making this thread. i wanted to see if its ok to have them self ported to MZ, the reason why i ask is because the current...
  9. ScaredPumpkin

    RMMV An idea for a lockpicking minigame

    Hi! I'm working on a game and I thought it'd be fun to give players the ability to lockpick doors if tehy don't want to look for a key for something, as long as they have a lockpick. The general idea is that the minigame would show up 3 times and if they get everything right all three times...
  10. Pudding's Box

    RMMV plugin that can/or how to stop window select from stretching?

    Hello! So I'm making a game just for my friends and I to play but I am very fussy on customizing how it looks I'm having an issue with how something looks in my window select and I'm not very sure how to change it nor can I find a plugin that directly changes it. The window select image...
  11. Stuffo

    RMMV A collision that even ignores through

    Is there a way to make a plugin that makes so you can add a tag? For example: you add a tag to an event, then it can stop events with through to go past it. i really need it for something so please.
  12. Stuffo

    RMMV I need help with self variables

    My issue haave been fixed Start: I need a self variables plugin for a game im making. I was gonna buy the YEP plugin but i dont feel like its worth 12,5$ just for one of the plugins. plus im really poor and i'm having a hard time. Plugin: So im kinda small brain and im not good with the script...
  13. GhostCoast

    RMMV Plugin To Allow Enemy To Start Battle With A Random State From A Specified Array

    As the title says: I need to be able to run into an enemy and as the battle starts it immediately has a random state. Ideally, I can specify the array in the enemy note tags E.G: <Random State: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9> or <Random State: 5 - 15>. Then, the enemy will have a random state picked from...
  14. RMMV Gacha Plugin Mentioned at RPG Maker MV Help Page

    I was looking at the RMMV Help Page and i see that there is a gacha plug-in mentioned but there is no gacha plug-in in the files,anyone know how to access it?
  15. CaraPrincess

    RMMZ Undertale / Deltarune battle system plugin for MZ?

    Greetings. Akira Akagi of Akira Akagi Games here. I know and have been using this amazing UT-styled battle system plugin from SumRndmDde for a while: I really love how he brings such an amazing replication of the well-known UT battle system to...
  16. sirkazu

    One enemy at a time?

    I'm currently making a game and i wanted to add a battle system to my game. But currently (as far as i know) there is no way to only make 1 enemy appear at a time in RPG Maker MV. Is there a plugin or script that allows a new enemy to appear after the first one is defeated while in the same...
  17. RMMZ Need help with my data dumping plugin

    Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster here. So here's the thing: I have a webpage that contains my game in an iframe. I want to be able to display variable data from the iframe itself onto the webpage in real time. The game is mostly developed and I just need something to extract the...
  18. JacSkulls

    RMMZ Looking for a previously read/Roll Back Plugin

    Hello, all! Jac here! Since I am nearly done with my Chapter 1 of The Guild of Jasperaian (Should be release in a few weeks now for all to play), I am currently getting ready to start my next project. I want to try going for a more Visual Novel approach with this new project. But in order to do...
  19. RMMZ Animated Battle Back

    Hi! I am trying to find a plug-in that allows me to have an animated battle back using either gifs, video, or whatever would work. My research yielded plugins that only work for MV or VX. Does a plugin exist for MZ that would achieve this? Thanks!
  20. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV Corruption Effect Plugin?

    I'm wondering, is there a plugin anywhere that lets me add a corruption effect? I know about the Horror Effects plugin but is there anything to add an effect that's something more like this video? If not, I guess I can mess around with the settings of the Horror Effects plugin.

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