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  1. RMMZ Skill Tree Plugin

    I’d like to make a plug-in request for RPG maker MZ. This is for a skill tree plug-in, like those found in Etrian Odyssey. The key feature in this game that I would like the most is, like in those games, you can spend skill points to level up already learned skills.
  2. nintendowii111

    Simple plugin to edit Equipslot Window height?

    My game is 960x720 for iPhone and when trying to equip a weapon, you cannot select any due to the selection window not being large enough. Please see this -->Image<--! If someone could make me a plugin that ONLY modifies the select equipment window, that would be amazing! (Or if you could remove...
  3. Shattering transition effect Outside of battle

    I would like to know if any plugins have this feature, but not for transitioning in battle, just for use in scenes. Thank you in advance.
  4. KrimsonKatt

    Boost Points for Extra Actions Plugin

    Hello. I would like to request a battle system plugin. The main function of this plugin is to allow the battler to use a "boost" in order to allow them to preform additional actions. However, this isn't like an extra hit, you can select a completely new action and then execute that action along...
  5. Multiple Music Saves

    I would like to try to find/request a plugin that allows multiple songs to be saved. In the base system you can only save 1 song at a time, and Ill need something that allows me to save 2-3 songs. Thanks in advance!
  6. ItsMeSam

    Input Combo Skills MV

    About a year ago now, someone started a thread asking for Yanfly's Input Combo Skills plugin for VX Ace to be ported to MV. However, due to his rudeness (and other issues that I will not mention in order to not be verbally destroyed by the mod team), no one ported it. Here's how the plugin...
  7. MRD256

    Deleting the Save file after Game Over?

    Does anyone know if there's a plugin that can delete the current save file if you Game Over? I know I can just not allow the player to save, but the game is kinda long, and I'd rather not have the player play several hours in one sitting, unless they want to of course. So I'd at least like them...
  8. Gabbypie64

    Looking for a plugin that will allow me to overlay an image on the black borders

    Looking for a plugin that will allow me to overlay an image on the black borders on the sides of the screen that appear when in fullscreen. I'm trying to achieve something similar to what the Super Game Boy and a lot of modern arcade ports do. So kinda like this If you do make it give me your...
  9. Seed based RNG

    I would like a seed system that makes it so the RNG is consistant if you replay the game with the same seed. I guess the RNG needs to be specific to each event. Is this even possible?
  10. Ink Dialogue System in RMMV

    Hello! I'm trying to introduce a scripting language called ink—it's described as an interactive narrative engine, mainly used to write and create choose-your-own-adventure games—into RPG Maker MV. It's a great tool used to create dialogue-heavy, story-rich games. Paired with RMMV, I thought it...
  11. Davox

    Making a tree dialogue

    Hey guys, I've been trying to improve my project's dialogues and i thought about a dialogue tree, but I've been struggling a bit, mostly, because i have no idea on how to make one lmao :aswt::aswt:, so i was wondering if there's a plugin that can make things easy, then again, i totally depend on...
  12. J-G

    Plug in request: Counter with skill upon death.

    So I've been looking for a way to make an armor i made that works as materia from the ff7 game, where a character equips said materia into armor, each armor has a certain amount of slots, some slots are linked and some are independent. Now when a materia is placed in a linked slot, certain...
  13. Need help with Dual Wielding

    In my game I want to be able to dual wield on the fly so I made the weapon dagger when equipped will switch his equipped type to dual wield. This created a problem because he can then equip a sword in the other hand but I only want other dual wield type weapons to be equipped. I want to know if...
  14. MRD256

    Alternate Basic Attack Skills

    Does anyone know any good plugins for changing what skills certain actors use as their basic attack skill? For RPG Maker MV
  15. SOLVED: Can't find a plugin to show a picture in shops

    Hi ! I'd like to add a large picture of the salesman/saleswoman & his/her shop when you're in the shop menu (preferably an image that you could change for each different shop) , but I think I searched everywhere and couldn't find it. If it exists, it would be great if it was compatible with (or...
  16. Mooshry

    Power Meter

    So, i want a feature for my game that's a bar that appears over a battler and fills up a bit whenever they deal or take damage. When it fills up, the battler unleashes a special attack. Here's a small mockup. EDIT: Instead of the battler releasing the attack immediately, because that would be...
  17. Jesstful

    Enemy Level EXP Difference

    Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read this request. I'm looking for/requesting a plugin that gives enemies a simple static level (for example all slimes are level 2) and places a modifier on how much EXP they give each party member after the battle depending on their level difference...
  18. [MV] Affection Values

    I pretty much want to rip off of Tales of Symphonia. For those who haven't played that game, usually you have 2 or 3 dialogue choices (Like slight approvals or disapprovals towards characters), every character who isn't the protagonist has one, and the choices increase them. Eventually, if the...
  19. FeliPereira97

    How to vary word according to a switch?

    In my game, I have multiple treatment options besides man/woman. As an alternative to creating multiple "If switch X is on" before each message, I'd like to choose the one specific word (maybe added to a dictionary of something like that) according to the player's option. In portuguese, the...
  20. Mooshry

    Silence Thing

    So, in my game, characters cast magic by drawing a symbol in front of them, and instead of Silence/Mute, the Debuff is called Sigil Break. It gives magic a 50% chance to fail, and if it does, the battler would use a unique 5-7 frame motion showing their magic sigil breaking and them looking...

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