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  1. AxoloStories

    RMMZ DDR/FNF outside battle mechanic??

    Firstly, I know there are several threads about this, but in my game I want to integrate several musical puzzles in game that only one character can solve, but also in the prologue I want to do a type of battle like FNF (reference down below) where two characters decide what kind of music to...
  2. bookco

    RMMZ Plugin to make skills have more than two required weapons

    In my current project, magic users need to hold an arcane focus in one of their weapon slots in order to cast spells. I'd like to offer a variety of these, possibly up to ten: a spellbook, an orb, a wand, a staff, a rod, a small or large crystal, a geode, a grimoire (yes I know that's a...
  3. Dream Syrup Games

    RMMZ Question about Porting an MV plugin to MZ

    Hello! I'm fiddling around with MZ for the first time and I just realized that there's basically no different menu plugins available? I was hoping that FOSSIL would let me use SRD's Bust menu, but it didn't work. I tried to find an MZ menu plugin thats similar, but it just doesn't seem to exist...
  4. RMMV Load the last save automatically on Continue

    I was wondering if there's a plugin I can use that automatically opens the last save file without opening the save menu when you select 'continue' on the title screen.
  5. Dusk_Funa

    RMMV "Auto dialogue" like a visual novel? (MV)

    Most visual novels have an auto feature that makes the text play by itself; automatically going to the next text box after a certain amount of time has passed. None of the engine's built-in message-handling functions seem to do the job. Does a plugin that does this exist? The "plugin masterlist"...
  6. RMMZ MZ pixel movement with diagonal sprite's

    So recently i came across some diagonal plugins and i thought it was a good idea to mix it in with a pixel movement plugin. but sadly it's quite wonky and there should probably be a plugin that has both as bundled. does anyone know of a good plugin that do both together?
  7. Earthbound/mother3 battle back animated by webm for mz?

    i've been looking at some plugins, there was this one. but it's paid if you wanna use the ''battleback'' function. so i was curious if there was a free alternative. here's a reminder what earthbound battle back looks like : earthbound battleback website
  8. Earthbound style rolling odometer plugin request.

    Heya. i'm a huge mother3/earthbound fan and i really want my game to have rolling odometer in my game. here's a link for a example The example I want the numbers to roll up/down just like in the example. I saw a really well made recreation for rpg maker vx ace maybe that could be help Here it...
  9. ItsNex

    Negative MP plugin?

    I'm trying to make it possible for actors to have negative MP. For example: A skill costs 8 mp but the actor has 4 mp. The actor can use the skill but it puts the MP at -4. I want it to be impossible for the actor to cast any more magic skills until the MP number is positive. I did see one...
  10. RMMZ A battle system involving 1 large action or 2 small actions

    I've been looking through turn battle systems in plugins but I can't find what I'm looking for so it just might not exist The turn system is simple enough: Actors take their turn instantly, and actors and enemies intermingle with turns determined by their AGI values (like visustella's STB...
  11. Sardonic

    RMMZ Tooltip on text hover plugin for MZ

    Hello, does anybody know of a plugin that displays additional information about a given word in the message window when that word is hovered by the cursor? Something like this but for MZ: I did some searching and wasn't...
  12. RMMZ "Increased attack, lowered defense" based on Proximity

    Hi! I'm new to the software and I'm searching for one or more plugins that could fit the description of my game's combat mechanic. It doesn't have to be precisely how described, something similar is okay too :) I'm looking for a system for a turn-based RPG that allows the player and the enemy...
  13. Smoothbrick578

    RMMZ Undertale/Deltarune battle system

    Hi, I would like to have a battle system like undertale or deltarune in my game where you have to dodge attacks from the enemy. I know there is already a plugin for of it for RPG Make MV but I would like one that works with RPG Maker MZ because that's the version I use.
  14. Ivory_Immersions

    RMMV Yanfly Subclasses will not change my equips!

    I have a script request but unfortunately cannot pay at this time and do not know if I'll be able to. The script is to bridge the Yanfly Subclass and Equipment plugins. Yanfly_Subclass Yanfly_Equip_Core Equipment changing is an important part of my game and I have primary classes, secondary...
  15. leee

    RMMV DDR/FNF like minigame

    The minigame would be like friday night funkin's or Dance Dance Revolution's gameplay, there are two note scrollers where notes would go to and you would need to press them at the right time. This is also something that would happen outside of battle, so not like...
  16. Ajx5

    RMMV RPG Maker 2003 Skill Animation

    Took A Look At this Video Recently: Then Looked in the Game Files(I Would Show A Spritesheet But that would Probably Be Breaking the Rule About Sprite Rips) So I'm Wondering if Anyone Could Make A Plugin Based off It Game Link:
  17. Mouradif

    I'll make a MZ plugin for your game

    Hi there, In an attempt to extend my knowledge of RPG Maker MZ plugin development, I'm offering my time and dedication to develop cool open source plugins for the community. If something seems simple but can't be done with the editor If there's a way to trick your way around using native...
  18. Battle command & information being top of the screen

    Is there a gui plugin for that? I've been seen some for mv etc but havn't been able to find a plugin like that for mz since hud maker ultra doesn't allow you to adjust the position of anything.
  19. Mother3/earthbound battle engine plugin for mz?

    The title says it. basically your health drops/heals in real time. heres a short gameplay video of it
  20. Somnus

    RMMV Weeping Angel type enemy (Resolved)

    I'm looking for a plugin that will make enemies move towards the player when not being looked at, essentially just like Weeping Angels from Dr. Who. I've tried eventing using conditional branches but the results have been janky and inconsistent, and I've been looking for plugins for a while now...

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