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  1. RMMV Help With Yanfly's Grid-Free Doodads.

    Hi there, I've been using Yanfly's Grid-Free Doodads plugin for RPG Maker MV for sometime now without any issues, however it seems that I am now unable to add any new Doodads to the folder. I drag a new PNG into the doodads folder, the same folder with all my other Doodads that are working fine...
  2. NarniNarni

    RMMZ visustella main menu core changing portraits in game?

    Hi, I'd like to set up an event with variables to change the character's portraits based on class or item(costume) equipped, is there a way to do so without other paid plugins, or has anyone made a plugin for it already? Thank you in advance. PS. I tried using the portrait notetag on the...
  3. Aratzu

    RMMV help with one image being above another

    so i download a message background plugin and a bust plugin and the message backrground covers the bust art ive been wondering how to fix this ive moved the bust plugin above the message background plugin and its still the same would appreciate some help, thank you very much!!
  4. NarniNarni

    Making MP work the same way as TP?

    Hi, I'm trying to make a game where every character has two resources, chaos and order, and the player would need to use certain actions in order to generate said resources to use more powerful skills/ultimates i.e: using light, water, earth and wind elemental moves the actor would generate...
  5. Laughterofman

    RMMV I can't get Irina's action cutin plugin to work.

    I've tried every iteration of the help section on but I can't seem to make any aspect of this plugin to work. I've downloaded the Speedlines image and placed it into the img/pictures folder. I've tried adding: <Action Cutin> <Action Cutin Image...
  6. kyorin_707

    RMMV HIME PreTitleEvents MapID change

    Hello, I'm using the himeworks pre-title event plugin to make my own custom title screen through events. However, I've been trying to create a script call where it allows me to change the MapID used for the plugin. I am not very familiar with coding, please help.
  7. RMMV Help with fonts and anti aliasing

    Is there any way to make the gap between letters larger so it keeps the pixel look?
  8. RMMZ Avoid players cheating by going into files and changing a file.

    I recently installed this plugin, thanks to some help. (It works with MZ). To use it, you have to make a .cvs file in Data; it's for custom EXP, but I'm wondering if there's a way to avoid people who've downloaded the game going into the data folder...
  9. RMMV QABS: How to make an enemy with the notetag <team:1> fight anything with the notetag <team:2> without requiring to be hit first?

    Does anybody know how to make an enemy with the notetag <team:1> fight anything with the notetag <team:2> without said enemy's event requiring to be hit first? In other words, instead of an enemy event accidentally attacking the friendly event, is there a way in which the friendly event will...
  10. RMMV Mr.Trivel Monster Book discover Enemy with DreamX capture Plugin

    Hi there, I am using Mr. Trivels Monsterbook, DreamX Capture Enemies and Yanflies Level Up Growth Effect Plugin. The following Problem is that if I capture a duplicate of a monster DreamX Plugin will create a new ID for the monster, the note tag effects are carried over though since it is a...
  11. RMMV I cant seem to use custom fonts in SRD Hudmaker

    what could i be doing wrong?
  12. Ravos9988

    Is it possible to assign a class level as a switch/variable?

    Relevant plugin: YEP_ClassChangeCore I have FINALLY figured out the plugin commands. lol. Ive got my first class change event scripted and working, and even switches so the player cannot go back to previous class, or a class not currently in their path (physical/magical). Now my challenge is...
  13. Phoenixsylph

    [Problem Resolved w/ Yanfly doodads not saving, Was a PC issue.] [Will report for removal]

    Just test on hand, an actual file of something I was working on as well as a brand new file. I show the folders, everything is where it needs to be places, File paths, ect. The new game file I have it in is here [the second one I tested, with just the neccessary plugin files in use.]...
  14. ramza

    RMMV Ramza's Plugin Suite Support topic MEGATHREAD

    Greetings folks. Ramza here, and I am opening a thread devoted solely to tech support for my plugin suite. I have released several plugins in the past, and each originally had their own release topics on the forum. I feel now that I have enough plugins to warrant a megathread support topic...
  15. JoePal

    Problem With Yanfly's "Party System"

    Hello all! I've been lurking on the boards for a bit and learning as much as I can from everyone on here (thanks, btw, you're all some impressive humans) and now I have a question that I cannot seem to find an answer to. I'm using Yanfly's Party System Plugin and, for some reason, I'm...
  16. RLFHOG3

    Skill Cost question

    I'm using Yanfly's Limited Skill Uses plugin and I have an idea for a class that revolves around guns and the fact that you need ammo for them. Each weapon will have a note tag that determines how many total bullets the gun can store and each skill or limit the gunner class has will draw from...
  17. Tyrael79

    Yanfly Item Core - Random variance of individual stats

    Hey Guys, I'm using Yanfly's item core plugin, and it's really good. I especially love the random variance function, however I'm running into issues where I only want to apply the random variance to specific stats on the item, but still have other stats on it thats are not affected by the...
  18. raymi100

    Yanfly Class Change Core Problem

    Hiya! So, I have this problem with Yanfly's Class Change Core that when I put the proper notetag in the actor box for the player to have a class unlocked by default, it gives me the skills of that class on top of the skills of the current class, even though I haven't selected that class yet. ...

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