1. PerSonaQQ

    RMMV Help with Changing MogHunter's Chrono Engine CT Graphics

    I've wanted to use the CT meter in my project but would like to change the graphics to suit my game more. Unfortunately, when I tried changing it, the gauge in the meter disappeared. I've tried editing the Javascript file for a bit but I don't understand JS and nothing really changed. I'm pretty...
  2. RMMZ Chrono Trigger battle system?

    Are there any plugins for MZ that add a battle system to the game that allows you to fight enemies on the map instead of going to a seperate battle screen? I've read there used to be such a plugin for MV, but that doesn't help me.
  3. How do I play a sound effect on the Made with MV screen?

    As the title says, I'm trying to make a sound effect play on the Made with MV screen. In the System tab on the database, I have defined the "Magic Reflection" sound with a custom sound since I don't plan to use that sound. Is is possible to play that sound effect on the Made with MV screen?
  4. Byzantiumn

    Galvs Layer Graphics help

    EDIT: Figured it out. Hey there. Looking to use multiple layers at once, the idea is I split my cloud layers and want them running at different speeds. I would think it as simple as using all the layer plugin commands in the map settings or by issuing multiple plugin commands in an event but...
  5. Wendeer

    RMMV Pet plugin for MV?

    Hi! Im in need of a pet plugin for my game. ive tried to find one, but none had what im looking for. my idea of this plugin could be that the pet follows you around, you can feed it and possibly interact with it in other ways. its really simple (i hope) so if anyone knows of a plugin then let...
  6. RMMV Trouble with Multiple Battlers Action Cutin (Irina plugin)

    Hello, been trying to make this work for a while now but still cannot make this work out with a skiil during a battle, i can make it work with a script call on the map but during a battle it's always been a single cutin action. I tried to read the instructions but it still doesn't work, in the...
  7. oftens

    RMMV Some questions of the plugin

    The game I make now is an atb game(using yep plugin),I wonder take the winter sale of Olivia,so will some cause conflict?
  8. RMMV Running into an issue with the Orange Overlay plugin - it is making my character partially transparent. What might be causing this?

    This sprite looks like a ghost everywhere on the map. I've tried to find if it's an issue with a certain layer. It seems like the <ground> layer is the one that causes the problem, because when I deactivate this layer, the transparency stops. But that layer is just a PNG image, so I don't know...
  9. Oswald909

    RMMV How do I use MogHunter's BattleHud_Templates ?

    Hello guys, Oswald here. I'm working on my personal project from two weeks and kinda struggling in learning MV. I've found the Moghunter's BattleHud Templates and fell in love with the Light preset. Thing is: I have no clue in how to use it or edit it. I tried looking everywhere but I can't find...
  10. Smaller sprite size?

    I make my sprites 32x32, but MZ's default size is 48x48. are there any ways to go to 32x32? I heard there are plugins for this but I cannot find any online.
  11. RMMZ Giving weapons and armor multiple types

    TL;DR: Is there a plugin that lets you assign multiple weapon types to a weapon and multiple armor types to an armor? As a fun little distraction to keep myself from going numb working on the same project over and over, I'm trying my hand at making a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon inspired game with a...
  12. Dungeonmind

    DM Shop Core - [MZ]

    Introduction This is an advanced plugin that will help you create highly customizable shops for your game. You can set items to be infinite or have a limited stock. You can change everything, right down to the shop owner’s maximum amount of weight he can hold or the maximum amount of gold he can...
  13. tazzan

    RMMV [BUG][RMMV] SumRndmDde HUD Maker Elements Missing

    I recently started dabbling with SumRndmDde's HUD Maker for use in my game but some elements are missing. Typically, the plugin would have Text, TextEX, Shape, Picture, PictureEX, Gauge, Image Gauge, Image Numbers, & Actor Face as options for elements to be added. However, in my project only...
  14. GarasuNF

    My first functional Plugin: Changing BGM & BGS pitch without replaying

    ¡HI THERE! I made a plugin that allows you to change the pitch of the BGM and the BGS without repeating it. and a screen effect what that does this: And yes, I am the author of this game :) I have called the plugin: Just Battle Modules. Because those modules that you see, I programmed them...
  15. Make character use wrong skill

    I want to give my character the passive effect of randomly using the wrong skill. My char has these skills: fireball, lightning strike, whirl wind and healing. The first 3 skills are all offensive single target skills. Whenever my character uses an offensive skill there should be a chance that...
  16. tazzan

    [BUG][RMMV] TDDP_BindPicturesToMap crashing battles, even battle tests

    I use TDDP_BindPicturesToMap for parallax maps, but it seems to crash the game whenever I load up a battle, even battle tests. I've been trying to diagnose this myself but the original documentation site has been taken down. The crash messages aren't the same but they're all similar, essentially...
  17. yawk

    RMMZ Change message window height?

    Hi! I'm making a project and I need to make the Message Window shorter, I searched but the things I have found didn't worked for me. I was wondering if there is some plugin or script call that makes the message window shorter, like only 2 rows of text.
  18. tylerr90

    RMMV request for a plugin that increases the max amount of skills in the database

    hello everyone! I have a monster taming game for rpg maker mv where you can tame every enemy in the game excluding, bosses of course so you can imagine I'll need more than 2000 skills the database is limited to, so my request is for someone. to make me a plugin that goes beyond the database...
  19. Vegapunk

    RMMV some free plugin to switch weapons

    Hello friends, I'm developing a game since last year and I'm still learning how to make plugins, I would like someone to help me with a free plugin that is to change the weapons of the characters. Unfortunately I can't afford that plugin in dollars, anyway, I'm developing a sci fi game so I...
  20. Define Image-Rendering-Style for different filepaths

    Edit: Problem solved. Found a plugin called MultiTweaks. Hello, my problem is, that MZ does smooth the game, if the resolution is not exactly set to your monitors resolution and if you turn on fullscreen mode. Especially since I use a plugin to Zoom in on maps. I found many solutions to achieve...

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