1. Renboo

    RMMV MBS Map Zoom plugin conflicting with other plugins?

    I'm trying to make a visual novel type game, and so I purchased the Visual Novel Bust plugin by Irina. I have no trouble at all displaying the bust, or adjusting the co-ordinates. But I didn't like how small all the sprites and such looked on the map screen, so I decided to run the MBS Map Zoom...
  2. RMMV Error in SRD_SupertoolsEngine

    Hi everyone! Recently i was trying to use Supertools Engine in my project, but when i try it, THIS happens So, when i was searching for help, in the internet, because my programming knowledge is ZERO, i notice that a very few other persons had any problem, and nobody had the same as me, i...
  3. Narch

    RMMV MOG Char Particle Effects - Particles priority (layer) tied to event. Seeking help to make it independent.

    Hello. As said in the title, I'm seeking help from someone to modify this MOG script to allow particles to be displayed on one of the 3 layers, independently of the event layer. Plugin commands includes: "EVENT_ID : MODE : POWER : BLEND : X : Y : POSITION : FILENAME", but there's no option for...
  4. SirLegna

    SirLegna's Choice Location

    Another plugin, this one allowing you to place the choice box wherever you want! Term of use, Playable Demo, and downloadable file can be found here:
  5. HikariHason

    sanity bar on upper corner of screen

    I'm new at rpg maker mv, I wanted to know how do I make a sanity bar (withou the stats numbers) to be always showing on screen I actually wanted to draw my own bar to match my style but if i cant do that, its ok
  6. RPG MZ Item Reinforce Plugin Support

    Hello, just got MZ and I'm already encountering a problem with one of their base plugins! Their Item Reinforce Plugin which is essentially their crafting system is the only plugin i have installed (and I have tried using it with other ones as well) but when i go into the menu to click the option...
  7. SirLegna

    Sir Legna's Math

    Finally made a demo for this plugin, so let release it to the wider audience! This plugin allows you to use plugin commands to adjust variables with the JS Math Library instead of having to script them out yourself. Sorry, for no pretty pictures but basically it just lets you use the JS Math...
  8. RMMV System abandoning a mission?

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know if anyone knows of a plugin in which when the player is doing the mission, but for some reason they want to abandon the mission and then come back later to do it, make all the events and maps that are within the mission reset from where they were, is that...
  9. Kristina

    RMMV Yanfly Item Synthesis Can't Craft

    I can't use the plugin at all. There's no option to craft or anything at all. Does anyone know the cause of this? I got Item Core, I've tried to disable it to see if that was the issue but it remains the same.
  10. Gabe

    Gabe MZ - Followers Interaction

    Gabe MZ - Followers Interaction Introduction This plugin allows to interact with followers, calling Common Events that can be freely configured. How to Use Just insert the plugin and read the help section. Video Plugin FAQ This plugin...
  11. SirLegna

    Sir Legna's More Dynamic Sprites

    Finally after an extra week just to come up with a demo... I finally got the plugin ready for wide audience released. Please sit back and enjoy my new More Dynamic Sprite plugin! This plugin allows you to have custom idle and jumping sprites for both the player characters and the events. As...
  12. SkottyTV

    STV Plugins - ItemRarity

    STV_ItemRarity v1.1 This plugin adds a simple Item Coloring to your Game. Changelog: v1.1 - Added Script Command v1.0 - Basic Functionality Terms of Usage: Credit -> SkottyTV Non-Commercial Games -> Free To Use Commercial Games -> Contact me via mail eMail: Script...
  13. OcRam

    OcRam -plugins

    Introduction This is the main thread for all of OcRam RMMZ -plugins! Terms of Use: Click here OcRam_Core is required by all other OcRam (MZ) -plugins. Purpose of this plugin is to keep code base minimal, optimize memory - and CPU usage. OcRam_Time_System will add highly customizable Time...
  14. SkottyTV

    STV Plugins - CraftSystem

    STV_CraftSystem v1.4.1 This plugin adds a simple Craft System to your Game. You can learn Recipes with script commands and set up the needed ingredients and crafting speed for each item. Also includes own leveling System! Changelog: v1.4.1 - Bug Fixes v1.4 - Added possibility for Rolling...
  15. Hexmedia

    RMMV Yanfly's Grid-Free Doodads - doesn't work?

    Referring to this resource: I have followed the instruction exactly, but the plugin does not appear in my Plugin Manager because there is no .JS file in the download. The only thing in the RAR file is a file called doodads.json (which goes in...
  16. Formulas using self variables

    So, in my game I'm making upgrade-able skills, where variables are used to change the cost, potency, number of hits, etc. I quickly realized that this approach under normal means would take up a most of the variables in my game (about 20-25 skills took around 100 variables between them), so I...
  17. RMMZ More granular control for fonts' border: Outline, Shadow, opacity and size

    I would kill for having more control over these. Currently there's a transparent 1px outline that I don't like, I need something like 2-3px and be completely black or almost (like #222 or #333). Also, could try with some non-aliased shadows. The GOD MODE would be total control over every side...
  18. Monkeynugget

    Foldering Pictures & Variable Dependent Clothing Parts

    This is a simple something whilst we wait for somebody far better to come up with the onscreen breathing avatar plugin I have seen many game examples of an on-screen character avatar that breathes, blinks and changes outfit but these to my knowledge have always been bespoke and not part of a...
  19. Dangime

    RMMV Yanfly Conditional Prices for Selling?

    For any of you familiar with Yanfly's Conditional Price script, I am designing a game where commodities are traded on narrow margins for profit. I've made massive conditional changes to all sorts of buying conditions. I just got around to addressing the selling prices, I wrongly assumed the...
  20. RMMV issues with chrono engine (ABS) enemies

    Hello everyone, I am doing an ABS type mechanic with the Mog Hunter plugin which is chrono engine, everything is fine, but I have a strange problem, I don't know if it is a plugin problem or I am doing something wrong, when I use the script: this.touchDamage (true) on an enemy, the attack it...

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