1. LadyIceheart

    RMMZ Gacha plugin

    Good day all! Tell me, please, is there a plugin for MZ with the implementation of the Gacha system (drop out of various items /actors with certain levels of rarity)?
  2. SRD's sequence input 0 damage

    I'm using SRD's sequence input, following his videos and everything, but no matter if I press early, on time or late as suggested the damage I dealt is always 0 or miss, any ideas? Just below is the skill and plugin order
  3. Myzhuk

    Zoom Plugin for 16x16 and 32x32?

    I'm looking for a zoom plugin to use 16x16 and 32x32 in the new RPG Maker MZ update! I've already tried MultiTweaks, but unfortunately the edges of the maps look ugly with the free camera on (and there's no way to turn it off). Does anyone know an alternative? Unfortunately it is a simple...
  4. residntevl

    Varied Encounter Rates

    Varied Encounter Rates 1.0.0 Resi Download Right Click this link and "Save Link As..." Introduction This plugin allows for modifying how many steps a player takes until an encounter occurs through the use of Region IDs. The editor by default has little ability to modify how many steps you can...
  5. RMMZ looking for plugin that does the same as Event Chase Player (YEP) but for RMMZ

    i need to have enemy on the map see me if i get in line of sight then make a sound/show balloon icon then follow me and on player touch start a battle Event Chase Player (YEP) did this but i cant seem to find a decent replacement
  6. RMMV Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined

    Hello there, so I was doing a tutorial to learn the maker programmation, and at a moment in the tutorial than I watched. I fall on a error , in the dev tool (f8) this is the message : TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined at Window_Custom (tutoMenu.js:28) at...
  7. bluechuii

    Editing Player name and selection for the Game menu

    Hello, could someone possibly tell me how to move the name more to the left above the face art, please? (this is in the main in-game menu part before going into any 'Items' or 'Options'. Image: And also Could someone possibly tell me how to make the selection smaller in the Items menu (when...
  8. Raith

    Raith's Graphics Stretcher

    Raith's Graphics Stretcher v1.01 by Raith Introduction The new RMMZ v1.5.0 provides 16x16 px tileset support, but it is rendered as is - no upscaling - so it looks very tiny in HD monitors, which may affect gameplay. This plugin fix that to a certain degree. Features v1.00 - Stretch...
  9. RMMV Help MOGHunter battle hud

    Is there a way to scale the entire interface to the resolution I put in my game? 1366x768 Ignore the gray and black background interface made with Hub maker.
  10. sailingCartoonist

    RMMV More Self Switches file or Alternative

    Howdy y'all. I found a plugin I think would help my game a lot, but the link for the file is bust. Anyone have the file for this? I can't seem to find it anywhere. If not, is there a free alternative? I've looked but haven't found anything beyond the Yanfly plugin. Any help would be...
  11. RMMZ Text SE Question (PlayMsgWndCharSeMZ.js)

    As far as I know, PlayMsgWndCharSeMZ.js gives you only 2 SE options. Is there a way to increase that number?
  12. Synchromystic

    RMMZ Horror FX plugin makes map tiles disappear.

    Pretty sure this is a bug, unless there's a more optimal way to set up my events: I made a tiny mock-up scene to test out some tiles and plugin combinations, and had three separate character events that were just standing there with the glitch and TV Screen effects from the the Horror Effects...
  13. m1y4mura

    RMMZ Zoom plugin for MZ

    Is there any good Zoom MZ plugin? What I need is a plugin that let me set a default zoom that follows the player around and is blocked by map borders so that the black bars don't show. Something like MBS_MapZoom from MV, but for MZ...
  14. Parallax Panda

    RMMZ Plugin for Cloning events?

    Back in MV I used Yanfly's Event Copier: http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Event_Copier_(YEP) It was super useful to set up template events that could be easily changed in the future without having to go through every map and change every single event. Now that I've moved on to MZ, I can't seem to...
  15. Omarproductions

    How to use conditional branches to check a value of a variable, and set a number for another variable, then use Yanfly's Event Call to call an event.

    Hi guys, how are you doing today? I'm having trouble figuring out how to use conditional branches to check the value of a variable, then set a number for another variable. I tried earlier with a different event, using nested if else conditional branches, but to no avail, it would only show the...
  16. BrandyMoon

    RMMV How to write conditions in Super Tools Engine?

    Hey, I'm trying to make conditional elements in SumRndmDde's plugin 'Super Tools' but I keep getting the syntax wrong. I only want to show elements when a check on certain variables or switches returns true. What's the right syntax for this plugin to ask a condition proper?

    RMMZ Prevent Fast Forward (MZ)

    Hey Devs! Hey guys! Me again. Is there anyway to stop players from, being able to fast forward through text and speed up autorunning events by holding enter or z? I want my players to get the full experience and not skip through anything.
  18. bluechuii

    RMMV Is this possible with the MOG_TitleLayers plugin?

    So, With the plugin; I have the background that scrolls, a layer for the character art, and then the layer with a logo and where the commands are. I was curious if there was a way that; depending on the part of the game the last save file is at; I can have the character art change? I guess; The...

    RMMZ Remove 'item' access during game?

    hey devs, I'm making a game where there is a sad final boss where you shouldnt be able to use any items. Is there a way I can remove the 'Item' button during gameplay or a battle?
  20. RMMZ Plug-in that add custom settings options and plugins that add title screen modes

    I want a plug-in that add your own joke settings, with variables and switches tied to them. Also I want a plug-in that let you add new custom “modes” on the title screen, they functions like the new games button, but starts you in a different place. Any plugins there that let me do these things?

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