1. Kristina

    RMMV SumRndmDde Alt Menu - Move Sprite

    I'm using one of SumRndmDde's Alt menus, the one called KH (kingdom hearts) I love it because it got just the style I needed! However as seen on the picture below the actor sprite is cut off. Is there a way to move it so you can see the whole sprite?
  2. CardeMaker

    RMMV What is the "simplest" ABS Plugin for MV?

    So, i'm trying for long implement ABS System on my project, and the majority of ABS plugins are HUGE, like: you have to download the demo, you have to copy and paste all the things to your project, the pugin requires his own HUD, you have to put the HUD on you project, there's A LOT of...
  3. RMMV Custom Battle Button Sprites

    So, I am trying to make a cool looking Turn-Based Combat Screen for my game and what I want to do is get rid of the classic RPG Maker choice window for selecting Attack, Items and etc... With my own button sprites. Like a custom button sprite for Attack, custom button sprite for Items and etc...
  4. remainderstudios

    RMMZ fog Plugin doesn't work for me

    does not work for me, help me please. Plugin of gabe: I follow each of his steps on youtube tutorial, the picture fog is 816x624 png but when I start the game, it does not show the fog, What am I doing wrong? thanks.
  5. HalcyonDaze

    RMMZ Monster Capture

    I've searched high and low, but there doesn't seem to be any TemTem/Pokemon-esque plugins made for MZ - even paid ones. Is anyone working on one, or knows of one in development? I'd be glad to support it.
  6. Kurtkakes

    RMMV Help with ordering the character sprite

    Hello! im looking for a plug in that can help me make a coustom order for the sprites (going from left to right) this is the default order of how the stepping animation plays and i want to change that to this for some sprite sheets BUT only temporary, in other times like for example...
  7. RMMZ Action Button Text like in other RPGs

    Hey, guys! I'm not sure if there's already a simple plugin for this or even a manual way to do in-game but, I'm basically looking for just a small text pop-up option? A way to make it so when a character is near a door, a chest, any item, there's a text that just says "Check" or "open" while in...
  8. Carogui1

    RMMV Show Buff Animation on Character - Act Sequence

    Hello, It's possible create a buff animation on character with act sequence by Yanfly? But, a animation that persists on actor during some turns. I cannot discover how to make that. I using RPG Maker MV.
  9. RMMV How to prevent $gameMessage.add() texts from stacking?

    Let's say I need to make two characters talk via plugin function (not via script call). for example, the code is this: $gameMessage.setFaceImage('Actor1', 1); $gameMessage.add("I love pudding!"); $gameMessage.setFaceImage('Actor1', 2); $gameMessage.add("I hate pudding!"); I need both of them to...
  10. Vis_Mage

    RMMV MP Bar Layers

    Hey there! I was wondering if someone could help me with a plugin request. What I'm hoping to do is to create a layered MP bar for both in battle and in menus. By layered, I mean that for example, I have an actor with 200 max MP. The first 100 MP would fill the bar fully up with the normal blue...
  11. Froggo32

    Plugins for equpping weapons?

    I mean, I want to create a system where you can equip, for example, Power Crystals to your weapons to make them equipping rubies in Epic Conquest or smth like that. Is there a plugin for that?
  12. ferallag

    RMMZ visuMZ MainMenuCore icon and text

    hello , i'm making an arabic game and was trying to use VisuMZ main menu core ... however the icon and the text is made for left hand writing .... right now i am using only text . but is there a way to fix the alignment issue between icon and text? as you can see in the picture the test is...
  13. orochii

    OZZ's Actor Summoning

    Actor Summoning v1 by me (again) Introduction This plugin implements a very complex but powerful (?) actor summoning system. Originally inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei series, it lets you add and remove characters in battle through the use of skills. But wait there is more... This plugin...
  14. Problem with RPG Maker MV "ActorVoicesInBattle" plugin.

    So, it seems like this problem is something that only I've experience, because I have not seen anyone talk about this anywhere else. It seems like the plugin is working as intended, however, when RPG Maker tries finding the correct audio file, it's destination uses "%2F" instead of "/". There is...
  15. Kristina

    RMMV Move status windows

    Hi game makers! I'm looking for a plugin that can move the status menus in battle. I use the front view battle system and I want to move the status windows (I think they are called) of my actors to the corners of the screen. I mostly got four actors, sometimes just two so I want an actor in...
  16. RMMZ Looking for a programmer to put ads in game

    I am looking for a programmer to create a plugin or whatever to be able to show ads (admob for example) in my RPG Maker game that I then export to Android and Play Store. I only need that because it would be the way to make money from gambling. This is not a priority but I would also be...
  17. waseverfriday

    RMMV Problem with YEP_EventChasePlayer ?

    Hi, sorry if my post isn't in the right place, please move it where it's supposed to be: I'm trying to use Yanfly's Event Chase Player plugin. I've read through other threads asking for help with the same plugin, but they all at least get the event to move--mine doesn't. Even though I feel like...
  18. RMMV Plugin that replaces actor upon death with the next in the queue.

    Hi there, I am working on a rework/rerelease of the old mobile game Dragon Island Blue. I´ve go a lot of people that want this game to be fully playable again without the needs of an old phone and an apple id that did download the game years ago. I´ve already set up a lot for the battle system...
  19. GGZiron

    GGZiron's Time system.

    GGZiron's Time System version 1.1.0 + Add-on Engine: RPG Maker MZ Can it work for MV? Probably can, if the registered plugin commands are removed from the code and one sets timers only via script calls. But didn’t test myself, can’t guarantee it would work even then. And even if it work, would...
  20. RMMV Fixed Enemy Troop Positioning for to adjust individually for each actor.

    Hi, I´m new to the RM Community. I´ve searched a lot through the internet and all plugins I could find changed the positioning ofthe whole troop at once or the positioning of an enemy but that caused problems when you have at least 2 of the same enemies at once. I want to make all troops look...

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