1. DadGuyDrawing

    RMMV YEP Quest Journal Plugin - button to exit?

    I'm using YEPs Journal plugin for MV, but I've found players are a bit confused with having to press escape multiple times to exit. is there a way to make a picture common events "x" button to exit it in one click? YEP's picture common events dont seem to show up during the journal screens...
  2. Psychoholic42

    Vehicle Passage

    I'm looking for a plugin or way to prevent the ship from going into shallow water on the world map. I'm using RPG Maker MZ with the 8-bit retro all in one pack. I'm using the plugin CGMZ_CustomVehicles but I keep getting an error message. I've attached a screenshot of the message.
  3. Draemorin

    Raindrop effects on the ground, how do?

    Hello all, I have been wanting to add rain drop graphic effects in my map since I believe it'll help a lot with a stormy scene that I am creating. However, all plugins and effects that I am seeing are long gone and there are no links that I can find for the life of me. Can anyone point me in...
  4. Undermax

    RPG MAKER MZ Plugin: Dynamic Temperature Stats

    Transform your game into an immersive and interactive world where every temperature change shapes the player's journey! Key Features: - Temperature Dynamics: Experience the thrill as the environment reacts to changing temperatures, from the heat of a blazing desert sun to the chill of a snowy...
  5. Stable constant zoom in- suggestions

    I want my game to be zoomed in at about (1.5-1.7) or be about the same size as Yume Nikki. But a lot of plugins seem to be unstable if you have parallaxes on your map, which i'm using. The problems also arise when using plugins, as you can't really zoom in at 1.5 and have to use complete numbers...
  6. RMMV TypeError "Cannot read property "scene" of undefined"

    I was trying to test a dialogue command, but instead i get a TypeError "Cannot read property "scene" of undefined" and i don't know how to fix this. The problem arose when i tried to use plugin Eli_NameBox, before everything worked just fine.
  7. MrPepeLover44

    Write to External File (MV)

    Write to External File v1.00 Introduction Just a simple plugin that writes to an external file in the game's root folder. Could be useful if you need to write a text file for any reason. Needed it for debugging, but figured I'd just release it in case anyone needs it. I don't really plan on...
  8. Raycat2011

    Do I have too many plugins?

    I got a lot of plugins from caspergaming.com I was trying to playtest the plugins, but it didn't work. Did I do something wrong? Should I get rid of some? Why did it happen? Please help.
  9. Raycat2011

    RMMZ I need pixel movement.

    I've tried a plugin like it before, but it was in RAR and I couldn't find a RAR to JS converter, so I need a JS pixel movement plugin.
  10. Text in a text box continues offscreen

    I'm very new to the engine and mostly learning, but basically, when i type in text, a half of it simply continues onward and gets offscreen and i don't know how to fix this.
  11. RMMZ Looking for a high-end plugin for customizing menus/HUDs etc.

    Hi, looking for a good "one size fits all" kind of plugin where you can customize (do from a scratch) menus, HUDs etc. without a need to learn coding (I'm more of an artist then a coder :). Doesn't have to be free, i can purchase it if needed. I found HUD Maker Ultra Pro which has lots of...
  12. abcight

    DotgMZ Weakness Popups

    DotgMZ Weakness Popups 0.13 ◆ Plugin Overview A simple plugin to display ineffective / effective / immune / crit popups when dealing damage to enemies. The premise is simple — popups are displayed accordingly when elemental damage is dealt to an enemy with a corresponding element rate. For...
  13. Drewster237

    RMMZ Good Timed Attack Plugin For MZ?

    Hey guys! Just was wondering if there was a timed attacks plugin out there for MZ. By timed attacks, I mean something like mashing a button , or like the Undertale attack system. I've seen the "no plugins required" tutorial, but it doesn't work. Does anyone have a plugin like this? Thanks! :D
  14. HamHus

    Using a sprite sheet for front-view animations?

    Hey! I was wondering if it's possible to animate the fv enemies via a sprite sheet or at least if there is a plugin that can do that I'm not aware of? I've searched for a while and cant seem to find one for fv. Anyways ty for your time!
  15. NichnotFound

    New Sounds Section(i found post thread button)

    sorry, i found the post thread button XD anyways, i'm going to dub a game, so it would be really helpful if something like this picture be possible
  16. RMMV i fixed it and dont know how to remove my post

    I tried to fix it myself but i just can't do this... i really don't know what happened, becouse it was working very well just yesterday, and it all broke now :(
  17. BDruid70

    Is There A Way To Reduce A Target's Attack State Rate?

    Hi, quick question. I wanted to make state that when applied to the battler, prevents them from applying states of any kind to allies or enemies. I know you can reduce a chance of receiving states by lowering the state rate using traits, but is there a way to reduce a target's attack state rate...
  18. Symbol??

    Hi everyone! As in the past, I'm trying to insert the icon for the "YEP Stat Allocation" plugin into my rotation menu (made with SRD_AltMenuScreen_IconCycle) that adds a window to the menu to distribute statistics. As you can see in the first screen, you need to enter the "Symbol" of the...
  19. JJbone

    Multiple Characters

    So I'm making a game where you swap between the pov of 2 different characters. The difficult part is that they each have their own parties with different characters. Does anyone know how to change characters easily? I've been taking everyone off the party and then adding a different one, but I...
  20. BDruid70

    RMMV A State That Stacks Independently From One Another?

    Sorry if the title is confusing, but I'm looking for a plugin that let's you stack the same state but independent from one another. Here's an example. I saw there was already a plugin for this, but it's only for MZ. I wanted to know if there was a similar one but for MV?

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