1. OktoberLove

    TYPE ERROR: when loading file through script call

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I'm using Alpha ABS and whenever I load a game file using script call I get Type Error: Cannot Read Property of "length" undefined. Regular loading is fine however I don't plan to use the default loading menu in my game. I will rely solely on script...
  2. Dreadshadow

    How to set a pixie filter and blend it with the screen using a plugin?

    So, to start simple, I want to make a plugin that targets the whole game screen and blends a pixie filter with it. Pixie filter code can be found here: FYR: Please show me how things glue together, so I can build upon it. :)
  3. More Keys - For tests

    Download: Language: English/Portugues Version: 0.1 - BETA License: Not yet defined why it is being tested. There are three types of events for conditions with keyboard buttons: js_keyDown When you press the key, if holding the command will not repeat...
  4. waynee95

    waynee95's Achievements Plugin

    WAY_Achievements by waynee95 Create Achievements for your game. Features Uses the new MV1.5.0 Plugin Parameter Create many different categories Notification popup window Compatible with YEP_MainMenuManager Use any JavaScript code as the condition for your achievement How to use Put this...
  5. Inamortus

    Question About NeMV's Tags Plugin

    I've tried contacting the author of the plugin about this but unfortunately had no response. My question about the plugin is would I be able to use this plugin to create 'item pools'? As an example, say I have Common, Uncommon and Rare as different tags on items. So, when the player opens a...
  6. PrismPoint

    Player Recording Detection

    Does anyone know if a plug-in exists to detect if the player is using window recording software on the game and affect switches/variables? I want to make some quality of life options for people recording and streaming my game, and would like a way for my game to know automatically if it's being...
  7. Parallax Diagonal Collision

    Hey guys, i've been searching everywhere but i wasn't able to find the thing i need. So i'm using Galvs Diagonal Sprites and pixel movement ...
  8. CalebW

    Poll on Timed Attacks

    This poll is in reference to the plugin by @SumRndmDde : Time Attacks Clocks + Timed Attacks Action Sequences +Timed Attacks Core Between these plugins I have the closest way to having a "Legend of the Dragoon" Battle system, however... I wanted to see the communities thoughts. As I can always...
  9. atoms

    Encrypt Plugins/Few Resources Only?

    I'm planning to make an Adventure/Exploring type of game in RPG Maker MV. I think I'd like it to be unencrypted. Almost everything is fine since it'll mostly be entirely RTP and etc. The only problem is, I may decide to use a plugin I purchased. I don't want everyone to be able to open the...
  10. chaucer

    Simple Character Popups - Version 2.2.1

    Simple Character Popups : 2.2.1 Author : Chaucer Introduction : This plugin gives the user to create popup messages above a characters head in maps. It's rather simplistic, and can only display text, but it does come with the ability to adjust font size, and text color per message. The plugin...

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