1. DarkadeGames

    Spell in Menu plugin?

    Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone knows of an MV plugin that stops the menu from leaving the character select after using a spell on the menu screen. Example being if you use a healing spell in the menu it kicks you back to the main menu screen. It's pretty annoying if you want to use it...
  2. Ispguy

    Trouble With Saving Using Plugin

    I am currently making a short rpg horror game. I felt inclined to add a stamina system so that the player can only run for so long before having to let it recharge. I used Silver's Dash Stamina to achieve this. The problem is when using the plugin I can no longer save the game. I've tried...
  3. Poryg


    Just as the name suggests, the plugin encodes your database files. Or in particular all JSON files it finds inside the data folder of your project. That means any JSON files that are outside of this folder (and hence any plugins that use them) are incompatible with this. The purpose of it is...
  4. CyberAxl

    Isometric 2D Game Realistic?

    Hello! I have been going through this forum for the past month or so looking at posts about isometric 2D games and seeing how realistic it would be. I used to fairly code literate but haven't touched it in years and have no desire to relearn due to life outside my game, I am also a pixel artist...
  5. Demi_Fiend

    SMT-Like Fusion System

    Hello everybody! So, I'm looking for a character fusion system, similar to the Shin Megami Tensei series. The fusion menu should be accessible through an event. There are two basic kinds of fusion: 1) Normal Fusion: The game gives you a list of your characters (not counting the lead...
  6. nio kasgami

    Emerald Engine - Advance Currencies

    Emerald Engine Advance currencies Introduction This plugin allow you to have more than just one currency in the game. It also allow to break the editor limits gold. Functionality Planned Features : Help Download BE AWARE that the plugin is still in dev and isn't ready to use this...
  7. ReeledTiedBTH

    Fishing Plugin?

    So...I saw this video called Gauge plugin...I forgot the name. But you can use that plugin to fish. However, the video was old and it doesn't work anymore :/ So is there another easier way to make a fishing mini-game using a gauge?
  8. atma505

    Yanfly's Row Formation - Grid & Positioning

    Hello! So I'm interested in making an (MV) RPG where the battles are set up something like this: AKA: first-person perspective, three rows, three columns. Enemies can go on any of the 9 spots on the grid, but if there is no other enemy in front of them, then they are forced to move forward...
  9. ZoeZero

    Orange Greenworks - Steam doesn't say I'm playing a game

    I have followed this tutorial and at the end it says "Everything should be ready now. Run the nw file and your steam status should indicate that you’re running your game. If it is, then everything is working.", but it didn't for me. I'm using nw.js 0.42.0 SDK, and I'm pretty sure I did...
  10. Xyonel

    how to obtain coordinates from a picture used as map?

    Hello, I'm wondering if someone could help me with a parallax world map that can indicate with a cursor my position in world, I found a solution(with a hidden blank message , the arrow works as an indicator for player position) but if I change resolution of my game, the coordinate stretches. I'm...
  11. ReeledTiedBTH

    Event Chase Then Breaking Free When Caught While Timed

    Sorry for the bad title but I couldn't figure out how to make it easier to say lol. Anyway Is there a way or a plugin that when an event or a person chases you and catches you, you have to break free under a certain time. And if he catches you again you get a game over. I hope I broke that down...
  12. How would I create a mid battle minigame system script?

    If the title seems a bit weird, take it at face value. I'm trying to learn how to create a script that'll allow me to spring a minigame during battle. Why? So that I can have unique situations like "if you tap Z over the moving target enough times, the enemy will take more damage". I've heard...
  13. ReeledTiedBTH

    Unlockable Title Selection Plugin?

    This is my first time using this site, I'm trying to get used to it so sorry if I'm not doing something right. Now onwards to the point of this thread. Is there a plugin or...anyway to make extra selections unlock in the title screen after you accomplish something or have unlocked it. I've...
  14. Questions about plugin making

    Hello, I'm trying to make some plugins plivately for my project and I have 2 questions 1. When I try to use $game, $data or any other command that starts with "$" in my js file it throws the "cannot read property ... of null". But if I put it inside a Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand it...
  15. karinthefox

    Failed to load img/doodads (PLEASE, HELP!!!)

    Hello, everyone! I've tried everything to solve this problem with the doodads plugin from YANFLY but, whenever I export, the game keeps failing to load the doodad when I reach the map that has it. I tried replacing the doodad file in the data folder, I tried renaming the folder with the doodad...
  16. Baka123

    Messages reacting to ANY button input

    Well, hello there. I'm making a game where at the beginning the player needs to input a password. I'm using Yanfly's MessageCore plugin to stop the message and wait for a button input but it only works for z, x, Space, Esc, Insert, Enter and mouse click. Is there any plugin that will allow...
  17. UnderYourCloset

    Terrax Lighting action key for on/off?

    I'm using Terrax lighting, and I figured out how I can make it look like a flashlight. Basically I wanna be able to press a key to turn it on, then press the same key to turn it off. I was experimenting with conditional branches but the problem is it only works if I have on as one button, and...
  18. Makai Object Variables

    Hello all, first time posting here i think. Not a native English speaker here! So i'm a newbie in JS but i'm loving it and i created my own plugin for RMMV. It's called "Object Variables". Enables variables to hold infinite values (in the form of properties) Simplified code for "Show Text"...
  19. Starbird_Resources

    MVQuizzer - Multiple Choice, Short Answer, True/False Engine

    *NOT FOR RELEASE IN ANY GAME OR PROJECT UNLESS EXPLICIT PERMISSION IS GRANTED* I've wrapped up an alpha for my MVQuizzer system. Essentially it's an engine that makes it easy to create Multiple Choice, Short Answer, and True/False questions. Questions (which can have audio and image components...
  20. Yawgmoth

    HIME_RandomEncounterEvents Plugin Setup for MV

    Hi all, I am trying out a new plugin that allows me to call a common event before a random encounter. In this case I am calling a battle intro. This plugin requires me to set a variable id in the plugin's parameters and create a common event. During test play it tells me to press F9 and alter...

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