1. Guardinthena

    Shop Categories Add-on

    Good day everyone! I was hoping someone could help me with this. I am looking for a plugin to be created that adds a new shop categories window to the buy command to help with organization purposes. I would appreciate it if the window could have the ability in the parameters to move its x, y...
  2. Binel

    Please, help with this plugin

    I am using Jiffy's inventory plugin and for some reason one part doesnt work. (RPG maker MV, I am using yep core engine, but I dont think this is a proble since everything else works) The plugin is amazing, but there is only one detail that isn't changing: "windowItemCategoryY" Doesn matter...
  3. Kristina

    Breathe Effect?

    Hi, I don't like that NPC just stand completely still and I don't like the stepping function. I rather want some sort of breathing effect and also on player (if possible). Just when they stand still. I have tried MOG Character Motion Plugin but can't make that one work. I'm kinda hopping...
  4. Animations on top of window in Front View

    I'm using Yanfly's battle status menu plugin (MV) in a front view game . That plugin has an option to turn enemy attack animations on (they are usually not visible in front view systems). I want the enemy attack animations to play on top of my actor's face portraits in the battle menu, but...
  5. WASD Combos

    I'm... not sure if I can post this here (If i Can't just tell me and ill delete it or something) anyways there is a Yanfly Engine Plugin for VX Ace that allows you to chain attacks together. Unfortunately, I Use MV, and Since i'm just a really worried person I'm reluctant to buy another version...
  6. Captain_Joshua

    Yanfly Armorscaling not working properly? Possibly ignores Damage Formula?

    I have added the armorscaling yanfly plugin to my plugin list, together with the damage core that is necessary for it to work. I have not changed any of the default setting of the plugins beyond setting a damage cap of 9999. However now I am running into an unusual glitch. As you can see, I...
  7. Yawgmoth

    Yanfly's Attachable Augments Questions

    Hi all, I'm using Yanfly's Attachable Augments Plugin along with Yanfly's Equip Core. I was wondering if there was a way using the augments to change a weapon's type to another specific weapon type. EX: Lets say you have an Axe but your rogue can't use it he only uses daggers. You now have a...
  8. Poryg

    #8 - save handling of custom data

    Hello, fellow rpg makers! Part 8 of the tutorial series is up. In this video we will save and load custom variables as well as custom $dataFiles. I forgot to plug in my microphone, so I made up for the bad sound quality with subtitles. Required: An IDE (some of the most popular ones are Atom...
  9. nahubun

    Help with Plugin Battle Animation SV

    Using Yanfly Battle engine and its extensions. Want to use different side view action animations for different skills with the same skill type. ex: Character Mary has the skill type magic. She has two magic skills, 'Abrakadabra' and 'Alakazam'. These are both in the magical skill type and...
  10. Captain_Joshua

    Yanfly Message Backlog crashing? Also possibly some other plugins crash because of it?

    I installed the yanfly message backlog plugin. However, it just was not doing anything for some reason when I pressed shift, which is the default button for opening up the backlog. So I changed it to U. This also did not yield any results. Otherwise I ocmpletly left the options the way they...
  11. Captain_Joshua

    Yanfly Button Common Event not working right with Yanfly Keyboard config?

    I have both the button common event as well as the keyboard config plugins from yanfly installed. Unfortunately enough, these two plugins don´t seem to like each other very much. I have tried turning off the keyboard config one, and the common event one worked perfectly without an issue...
  12. p0_boy

    [SOLVED MYSELF] Galv's MV Message Styles & MV Event Spawner

    Howdy again, folks- New day, new challenge. I hope that you can help :) I have been using Galv's MV Message Styles plug-in- here are some excerpts from the plug-in help to give a better idea of how it works: In addition to the examples above, \pop[0] will "target the event [that] the Show...
  13. Kristina

    Yanfly Smart Jump disable to learned

    I've been trying to make this work, but I'm now lost... I got the plugins: Smart Jump and Button Common Event. Now, I want the players to only be able to jump after a certain situation: in this case, a character who teach the player how to jump by a press of a button. So I want to only make...
  14. Almightypebble

    SRDude Timed Attack Core for regular map events?

    Hello, everyone I've been looking for a plugin with a timing bar for some on-map events and the closest thing I've found is SRDude's Timed Attack Core. But the problem is that it works only during battle. I'm wondering if there is a way to change it to work with event scripting or if there is...
  15. Almightypebble

    Possible to disallow actor equipment menu?

    Hey everyone, I just have a quick question about the equipment menu. I am wondering if there is a plugin or a script I can use to disallow a party member's equipment menu to be brought up at all. I don't want to remove the actor's equipment, I just want to not be able to change it in-game. I...
  16. Gabenslair

    Any Alternatives to the Input Skill combo Chain script for MV

    Given that the most prominent plugin request for said ace script had alot of controversy, I wanted to see if there were any alternative ways I can replicate that endorphin rushing satisfaction of attacking enemies. If you want to ask, I am planning to try out making a short LISA-eque test demo...
  17. Almightypebble

    [SOLVED] Issue with Show Choices and Galv's Visual Novel Choices

    Hey everyone! I seem to have some kind of problem with the show choices command and Galv's Visual Novel Choices plugin (LINK) where if I open any kind of menu from the choices and then close it, the choices text multiplies on the screen. HERE's what I mean. Not sure what is causing it, but it...
  18. GalacticGod

    YEP.150 - DragonBones (Issues using ShadowHawkDragon's DragonBones assists)

    Every time I try to use one of, ShadowHawkDragon's DragonBones assists; when the battle first starts the Dragonbones battler is static until one of the party members attacks it; then it no longer becomes static and starts moving the correct way. I do not have this issue when I use Ækashic's...
  19. Vaschak

    Dynamic Title screen

    Does anyone know how to make an dinamic title screen ? or a plugin that would let me do so I was thinking of making one like super mario super saga video example :
  20. Omega Weapon

    Updating States without exiting the main menu

    In my game I sometimes update states through common events and variables using some plugins. Is it possible to update the state display in the main menu without having to exit and reopen it? Say from the equip menu to main. I'm using Galv's Magic Shards and Victor Sant's Passive States, along...

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