1. RMMV Skillcore custom requirement

    I'm working with Yanfly's "skill core" plugin. I need to make sure that for a skill to be cast by the character, the character must have armor. I saw that in the guide there is the following code to insert in the notes: <Custom requirement> if ($ gameParty.gold ()> 1000) { value = true; } else...
  2. kattongues

    RMMV HELP how to have two inventories in MV? ((kind of like a secondary storage))

    ((im not sure if i posted this to the right place. my bad if not)) So the game I'm working on is focused around a school during Halloween. The plot is that there is a serial killer that attends the school and you need to find clues to figure out who it is...yadda yadda Well basically, I...
  3. Entity that protects party members from damage (Satellite summon)

    This took me a long time to figure out so I thought I would share a tutorial so that anyone else wanting to make something similar can. What it does: This is the satellite, basically what it does is each turn it protects the player and takes the hit for them. It also rotates around party...
  4. BlitzMalachite

    More Party Members

    This Will Allow You To Change The Amount Of Party Members. Maximum Party Members : 10
  5. mpurnell

    Show picture at 2nd from 2nd called variable(hard to explain)

    pretty much im going to be showing 6 pictures showing the latest things that have happened in the game using 30 variables. so for example, in spot 1, i want it to show whichever is the latest called variable(so say we r up to stage 13) so spot 1 = 13 spot 2 = 12 spot 3 = 10 spot 4 = 9 spot 5 =...

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